Cheshire County, New Hampshire, United States
June 02
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FEBRUARY 2, 2011 2:57PM

My New Hampshire Snowmance

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My snowmance. It might be described as a love-hate relationship.

My front yard, framed in ice. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

Looking out the front door beneath a fringe of icicles, there is the shed with snow up to the middle of the door. I hope I don't need anything that's stored in there any time soon. To the left of it are two grills but I don't believe there will be any cookouts until spring. On the far left is a raised bed garden. The frame is four feet tall.

The yardstick doesn't reach the ground. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

The yard stick doesn't reach the ground so my guess is that there is over thirty inches of snow and ice out there now.

The neighbor's mailbox. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

My neighbor's mail box. He was out valiantly shoveling when I took this.

White Pine. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

A giant white pine living up to its name.

Another view of the yard. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

The corner of Fairview and Roosevelt Streets, near my house. Most delivery services cannot find us on a good day. Today I don't think they are even going to try.

Birds have to eat, too. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

The snow in the yard is thigh deep to wade in. I don't actually recommend carrying a 5 gallon bucket of black oil sunflower seed when you go for a walk like this, but the birds certainly seem to appreciate having their feeders filled. Accomplishing that task led to the inevitable nap.

Icicles! Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2011. 

Ice glints in the shard of sunlight that dare to look down. When it's possible to stop and catch a breath, the beauty is all there around you. Undeniably, nature has her way in our snowmance.

Text and Photos Copyright © 2011  CoyoteOldStyle

All Rights Reserved.

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COS, if there wasn't snow in NH I'd say something is very, very, very wrong! Thanks for posting the nice views around your area!
Beauty! Great photos. And emits the cold... My toes burn now.

You know where I live, but I used to be "there", in the thick of it. Not nostalgic one bit....
loved the ice photos especially.
I swear I was thinking about you this morning.
While the images download I tell why. Coyote.
You'd be fun to walk in a summer woods with.
I recall your past tree photos of burls or holes.
Be careful under ice cycles. You no need horns.
Taxidermist buy deer, cow, goat or sheep horns
They sit in the warm home and play sax if chilly.
I love winter.
Let it snow.
This is free.
It fertilizer.
Poor farmer`
Loves fertilizer`
Barley grass grows`
It grows under snow`
Snow is a winter blanket`
It's natures pure cleanser.
Soon the marigold come.

I have a Coyote hat. It was a gift from a widow.
She's a designer and makes hats and clothes.
I recall her sensitivity to the use of fur hides.

They were tan parts. She knew a taxidermist.
She knit and sew and weave snow garments.
I was told the coyote is slang too. You 100?
whoa, COS. you are one dedicated bird feeder to thrash through that much snow to fill 'em up. great pics.
Truly beautiful pictures of your Snowmance.
Terrific photographs! I did chuckle about the delivery service debacle the snow has exacerbated. Maybe you should invest in some flare guns? :)
I'm starting to see the virtue of metric... A meter stick is going to be needed soon, though that advantage won't last too long...
Beautifully done. We normally don't have delivery problems here, but got no newspaper or mail today. Under these conditions, I wasn't expecting any. I hope it's a little easier to get around your area by Friday.
designator, there have been winters that had very little snow but that's not the case this year when the ski areas are rejoicing.

Connie, I don't blame you one bit for your lack of nostalgia. It's the same as not wanting to go back in time and live in the era of Currier & Ives.

Brian, isn't the ice just beautiful, especially when the sun hits it and you get those little rainbows.

Art, I'd rather stay inside listening to jazz make me warm.

femme, once you make the commitment to start feeding them, it becomes a responsibility. They sure seemed happy after the seed was replenished and I was rewarded with a cardinal sighting!

CZ, wish you were here to experience it!

Optimus, I will confess here and perhaps in no other forum that as I watched it come down it was beautiful and the way the snow changes the landscape is just magnificent. However, having a few days in Florida last week may have colored my perception just slightly.

Susan, I've tried everything with these clowns. I have had a lot of them, from pizza delivery to FedEx claim that my house didn't exist which, you know, questioned my sanity since I was standing inside the kitchen of the non-existent dwelling when they called. Flares might work, though, or maybe Roman candles.

Ah, geeze, Kent, no matter how you measure it, this is a whopping amount of snow.

bike, I've got to drive my daughter back to school in central Massachusetts this morning so I'm hoping it's going to be better now! Unfortunately it doesn't look like the guys who do my snow removal have been here yet. Probably doing something silly like napping. So I'm off to the shovel wars.