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August 15
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AUGUST 12, 2009 4:40PM

Shopping for Verbal

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"For what can be more beautiful than the heavens, which contain all beautiful things."

                                                 - Nicholas Copernicus



I'd love to get you a ride on the next shuttle, but the cost exceeds $10K.  A bit.



So, we'll stay a little closer to home, to mother.


Diving at the Great Barrier?


Surfing off Portugal?


Snorkling in Belize?




 Hey, this island thing sounds better all the time!

 I'm In!


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Open Call! Shopping for Verbal, get yer Shopping for Verbal right Here!

(I can't believe they're selling MJ Tribute T-Shirts in the ad above. I can't believe it. I can't.)
I am really ready for an island adventure. I'd like to go on a vacation that didn't include walking for miles, relatives, or budgeting.
Whenever you're ready as long as you're paying...I'm in...:)

Great photos....
Huh...all I'm seeing is weight loss ads. I'm still shopping...but enjoyed yours!
You shop well. Balize is calling me.
Is that a recent picture? Thanks to global warming, I thought the Great Barrier Reef had turned into noodle soup. I could me wrong. It might be lentil.

Actually, I'm considering a dive lesson/vacation in the Gulf for me and my husband, and it's pricey. I think it would be worth the price, frankly, as anything in the water suits me just fine.

Glad to see you doing your part to artificially stimulate the economy, Miss Mack. Personally I'm going to buy some health care insurance just to spite Verbal. (snicker, snicker) $10,000 should last three or four months if I spend it wisely.
don't understand this. but good post. i'll buy what i can.
I don't need to shop. You did it for me. And with these beautiful images in my head I am off to dreamland. Wake me if I start to sunburn, will you?
fun post, wish i were THERE!