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Christine Geery

Christine Geery
February 17
I've never played by the rules. I was absent the day they handed those out. I believe in being kind, playing fair, laughing often, not judging others and drinking red wine. And I always kiss my Sweetie goodnight. It may lead to other fun stuff. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Life is short!  Break the rules!  Forgive quickly!  Kiss slowly! Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably... And never regret anything that made you smile. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Always remember that stressed spelled backwards is desserts. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. ~ Mark Twain


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DECEMBER 21, 2011 12:51PM

The Rebirth of America

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Taking care of your home is not unlike taking care of the country you live in. Both are based on principles we were presumably taught at a very young age. I am reminded of the book by Robert Fulghum, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

Fulghum lays down the foundation for living a fulfilling life. Sadly, many of us have forgotten the basic guidelines. Here are a few, for reminders:

Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't yours. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.

Some children who were taught these basic principles seem to forgotten a few along the way. Maybe they were exposed to other children who were not taught the same principles. Perhaps some were raised in a household with few or no rules to prepare them for the world. A world without rules or principles may have appeared appealing when you have had to clean up your own mess all your life.

Some parents may take more of a dictatorial role in child rearing, leaving children with few or no principles or problem solving skills for living. In the end, these children may suffer the most in life. As adults they are may be more likely to follow the crowd, usually the wrong crowd, because they believe these people have all the answers. They give off a false but extroverted attitude. They may act like they have all the answers, yet more likely be those who know little of what it takes to keep their own house in order. They are also likely to be the bullies of the world.

Maintaining a household is hard work. Ask anyone who does it, and especially one who holds a full time job as well. If there are children involved, multiply the difficulty ten-fold.

If you want to be comfortable in your home, you pay your electric and gas bill on time. Whether you own a car or not, transportation must be provided to get where you need to go. Clothes must be bought, food put on the table, repairs made routinely. Many chores must be performed to get the job done.

It comes down to rules, and principles and fairness in their application. Rules must be followed to maintain your home. If not, relations in it fall apart like a house of cards. Stability must be present for the home to stand.

No one wants to see their home fall apart. No one wants their children to go without the basic necessities in life. Health insurance comes to mind. Who doesn't want health insurance for their family?

On a personal note, I have been informed that my doctor of six years is switching to what is called a “concierge or boutique” healthcare service. The service is being billed as helping patients in a more personal way, without assembly line treatment. Doctors joining this service say they are tired of being dictated to by insurance companies, regarding how many patients they must treat per day. For this “service” a patient must pay an additional $1500.00 per year! Add that to a $300.00 monthly premium, and a $5000.00 deductible—such as my own--and the whole arrangement is too ludicrous to contemplate. My doctor is cutting her patient load from 2400 to 300. In other words, 1,100 people are left in the cold to find other doctors, making even the assembly line more inaccessible. When does the lunacy end?

It could end now--really!

Last week came the announcement of “The Justice Party.” Which you probably never heard of, but even as I write these words, the party is getting into full swing, with a remarkable man named Rocky Anderson.

Who is Rocky Anderson? I’m so glad you asked!

Rocky Anderson was a two term Mayor of Salt Lake City and is now filing with the FEC for candidacy as President of the United States.

Examples of his platforms include climate protection, immigration reform, restorative criminal justice, GLBT rights, ending the war on drugs, and many other seemingly common sense platforms that any human being ought to be happy with. He also happens to be the only Mayor who advocated the impeachment of Little George.

Although a former member of the Democratic Party, he fully understands that have become no better than the Republicans. He is a long time critic of the Bush and Obama administration and the Iraq war.

Some of his awards include: EPA Climate Protection Award; Sierra Club Distinguished Service Award; Respect the Earth Planet Defender; National Association of Hispanic Publications Presidential Award; and many others, which I encourage you to look up (references below).

According to Wikipedia: When he was practicing law, Anderson was affiliated with several non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting civil rights, providing educational opportunities for economically-disadvantaged children, improving the penal and criminal justice systems, and strengthening legislative ethics. He served as president of the boards of the ACLU of Utah, Guadalupe Schools, and Citizens for Penal Reform, which he founded. He also served as a board member of several other community-based, non-profit organizations, including Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, and Utah Common Cause. On behalf of Common Cause, Anderson lobbied for stronger legislation pertaining to ethical conduct by elected officials and for campaign finance reform.

Anderson was quoted in the local daily newspaper as follows: "Do you think that lobbyists do this stuff [giving lawmakers everything from courtside Utah Jazz tickets and breakfasts at the exclusive Alta Club to graphite golf clubs] out of the kindness of their hearts?' he asks. “They do it so they can influence the legislator, and that's a bribe."

More ideas, direct from Rocky himself: “Imagine a party and candidates who will fight to finally eliminate the corrupting influence of corporate and other concentrated wealth from politics -- who will work toward universal health care coverage -- and who will hold everyone accountable under the law, regardless of wealth and power. Do you recognize the real possibility, especially at a time when most Americans want to see major changes?”

Who is not tired of the horrible mess our country is in? Who would not want our country to be run like an efficient and just household? I encourage you to check out the following information on Rocky and draw your own conclusions. You just might find yourself “ready to Rock!”



© Christine Geery 2011


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fascinating extended metaphor :) r.
"My doctor is cutting her patient load from 2400 to 300. In other words, 1,100 people are left in the cold to find other doctors, making even the assembly line more inaccessible."

Bullwinkle for VP!
the first paragraph says it all to me. If only people would remember.. With love an d sharing everything else falls into place.
Touche. Great piece. A number of physicians I know are moving to this conceirge practice model which is great for the 1 percent but not the rest of us. I am almost positive, however, that our family will be moving to a high deductible HSA model this year as the traditional insurance takes half my husband's paycheck and we can barely afford coverage and I of course as self-employed have none. I pray that the Affordable Care Act provides something for the middle class also.
Interesting. Yep, I think that pretty well sums it up.
I could get really interested in a guy like this. Says the kinds of things that so very many of us believe.
But, how do you change the system? It's not going to evolve. Do you have to tear it down in order to build it back up?
The two party system is a dinosaur, that just just hasn't fell over yet. I've been looking into this too, and while it is too late now to put a viable candidate in this presidential election, the time is now to start on the mid-elections, to build this Justice Party, or another, and get this country back on the road to a real "democratic" nation. We are not stupid people, we know these lobbyists are bribing our representatives, yet we elect them over and over again. We are like sheep, and to fix this, it's going to take Lions! Great Post my friend!
Great comments to this thought provoking post, Christine. I am with Scanner on this one.
I'd vote for Rocky in a heartbeat. I remember when another Anderson, John, a liberal Republican congressman from Illinois ran for president in 1980 as an Independent. He seemed to be an honorable, progressive man who sparked a wide-ranging popular appeal, but not enuf to prevail against the anointed candidates - Reagan and Carter. I like Rocky's ideas best of all.
The American health system is just insane! And cruel.
These tiny flames of hope are really important. We have one here too, our Alderman---Ameya Pawar. We need to encourage this! Thanks for writing this. Go Rocky!
Hmmmm....Christine! So much to ponder. We just live day to day.
Sorry, but I can barely get through my daily mail, make deadlines, plan dinner and get the proper exercise etc. Our Dr. visits now 15 minutes..one topic! Gotta fool them. Tell them it is your knee...no, no...you forgot...it is your wrist.............Oh, my..........I miss my family physician. I miss him so much! "Thank you Dr. Pressman for all the time you took to make me whole."
If you hear Rocky talk, you will understand that this is not a flash in the pan. Nor is it too late. There are many ways for a "latecomer," as we recently heard Rocky explain.

And look at the "early birds," if you want to see how they're doing. Rocky is a lawyer by training, and a damn good one--just look at his record. He is Kucinich on steroids.

He was the best thing that happened to Salt Lake, since I got here in 1974. Keep your eye out for him, "thinkrocky.com" and hold your hat. Just check the aforesaid link, ponder the essence of this guy, and pull out all stops. The time is right for a third party if ever there has been.

This IS your man. Prepare for amazement, and get on board--YOU are the echo chamber that needs to work.

Your action, multiplied by a million others, makes all the difference in the world. So said the late great David Brower, the most amazing person I ever had the honor to meet. And he was never wrong, to the best of my knowledge.
You are so right, and you put it in such an intriguing piece. Excellent post, Christine. R
Great thoughts and hope, Christine. Especially about teaching basic principles to ALL youth.

Rocky sounds great. But how does anyone get elected who doesn't pander to the 1%?
My doctor stopped accepting Medicare two years ago and went on a quasi-boutique plan that she charges $300 per year. When I freaked out, she spent the better part of an hour explaining the reasons to me. I decided to stay with her because she has 14 years worth of medical history on me, so is least likely to screw me up if I get sick.

Rocky sounds great, but so did Obama. I'll need to bone up on how the entire government would work if there was a third party, and how long it would take to implement it.

Great job of laying out the proposition, Christine.

DP: Good question, indeed a critical one—how does anyone get elected who doesn’t pander to the 1%?

I would rephrase the question a bit differently for starters: What will happen if a Republican or Democrat gets elected? Answer: More of the same, only on amphetamines. What will happen if we sit on our hands? We give the game away. What will happen if everybody does nothing? Earth continues its descent into the bowels of hell. What will happen if we don’t speak out for our kids and their progeny? Civilization will continue to collapse, unless there is some miracle in the wings that the brightest amongst us fails to see.

In the same vein, the revolutions that have been occurring around the world have occurred because people saw what was coming down, decided life under such conditions was unacceptable, and used social media for change. Rocky is doing that, and he has also been on many TV and radio shows already, even making a monkey of Bill O’Riley; we are getting him on many more existing media shows (please do check Rocky’s website and read his bio, as Christine noted above).

Margaret Mead said something to the effect that it is the 2% of the population who change the world, and that in fact, it has never been otherwise. RA has the brains, courage, speaking ability, connections, and charisma to be one of the greatest Presidents who ever lived. I have personally witnessed this while watching him for eight years as a mayor in this remarkably red state of Utah. I consider him to be Dennis Kucinich on steroids.

Taking the bully pulpit and using it regularly, loudly, and clearly seems to me critical. Dealing with past crimes will be “on the table.” If you saw Rocky give his anti-Bush rally, the day before that clown came to town, you would know he can do this. His campaign converges completely with the OWS campaign, not that he wants to preempt it.

Again, check his Wiki reference to see the allies he has been steadily building over the decades, and the homework he has done. If ever the time was ripe for a third party, this is it, and Rocky is the man to do it (I regularly follow politics, and do not say this lightly).

People said I could never live off the grid, back in the eighties. I did it in southeast Idaho for 15 years (my “pre-Christine” days). People said I could never design a water toy or an airship, yet here they are: www.aquaglider.us; www.hyperblimp.com. People said slavery would never end, that women would never vote, that child labor would never end, that we’d never have social security, that heart transplants would never happen—I happen to have one of the latter and just got a six year excellent annual report.

So my executive summary is to look it at it this way: We can get off our couches and spread the word, or sit there in paralysis watching “reality shows,” etc., or we can come up with our plan of how we are going to personally get the word out in our own little garden.

That upper 1% is most definitely scared, as bullies always are, when they see a change in the wind. They don’t use pepper spray and lock up little old grannies because they think it is fun. We have the power, in fact we have just about as much as we assume, and it is high time we assume and use it. The time has come, at least for me, to pull out all stops, stop worrying about “splitting the vote” between little asses and bigger asses, and do the right thing. Your actions, multiplied by a million others, makes all the difference in the world.

I figure I’ll be able to sleep with myself and at least make it ultimately to the grave knowing I did the right thing. I have a grandson who deserves it, and so does the rest of his generation. I can’t make up anyone’s mind but my own, but there you have it, about as succinctly as I can put it.
Home is where the heart rocks.
Fascinating information---thank you Christine!
Christine, the aliens are watching all of it . . . watch Alex Collier on YouTube . . . Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice.
Thank you for all your comments. Time does not permit me to answer each of you, but I am grateful for your words. Happy Holidays to you all.
You have my attention!
This is so interesting! I had not heard of him. He sounds too good to be true. He could be the long shot that wins the race!
Christine, your doctor's new plan reminds me of a balloon seller I know. You can buy the balloon for the regular price-- or you can pay ten cents more, if you want it to stay inflated. This is madness.
Excellent post, Christine. Decency starts at home. For those who didn't have loving, caring parents or guardians or lived on the streets or prisons, it's a bit rougher, but the metaphor stands. Here's hoping to a brighter 2012 for all of us! Rated.
So many good points here, Christine. We should all be reminded of these things on a regular basis… I had not heard of Rocky. Thank you for introducing him to me!

I thought it so sad recently when I had to have physical therapy on my hand. The receptionist there does not have health insurance…in a big medical facility. She cannot afford it. So, she watches others get treatment that is at least somewhat covered while she must go without. It really bothered me. My own private health insurance is now over $1000 a month with a $2500 deductible. I have not had major inpatient surgery, heart surgery, cancer, or diabetes. The miracle is not that I haven't gotten these serious things. The miracle is that I can maintain, for now, my health insurance.
Great post, Christine!

Will be keeping an eye on your man, Rocky from this side of the big pond.

Unfortunately the system is so broken qualified candidates, however worthy, have no chance in hell if they are unknown and unfunded by the very entities that eventually corrupt them...
Loved your piece. I was especially happy with you finding away to put forward Rocky. I'm ready for vast changes in our political system. We, the people, need relief. It worries me that the very principles he stands for get trodden under the routine amassing of political clout. To attain that which he decries he must embrace and then change the conditions bit-by-bit. Can he do this. Obama is trying and the time is here for change, but how?
Rocky was a fine mayor of Salt Lake City. To achieve a major party realignment is a huge task and in my opinion, will also require a powerful social movement that is not tied to partisan politics. The Justice Party organizing on the partisan side and the Occupy Movement on the non-partisan side? That could get very interesting.
Sounds so promising. Just hope the voting public gets to hear him enough. This post is a step in that direction. Desperately crossing my fingers here that some candidate like this steps forward.
Excellent post. Thanks for catching me up on Rocky. Wouldn't it be cool if the answers to our political problems came from Salt Lake! My relatives would be so proud.

Health care...don't get me started.
About concierge doctors.

I had afriend who went that way several years ago. He charged $5,00 per family annual fee. He found his life to be tormented by as his patients evolved from treating him like a learned professional to treating him like a servant.

He lasted two years. Now he works for Kaiser Permanente Medical Group.

You never know about these things.
You nailed this and how true so many of these rules are.Thanks for the reminder.2012 will really be better because of this.
Anderson sounds interesting. There's plenty of need fo a third party. But nader and the Green Party and their various offshoots have shown that you can't build a viable alternative party on a bunch of good ideas, or good intentions. It's a huge undertaking. And the recent history of third-party movements headed by attractive-to-some individuals -- Nader, Anderson, Perot -- has been far from inspiring.
There's absolutely no chance of a third party candidate getting on the ballot this year. None. But if people are serious, they'll start looking to the long-range picture, as, believe it or not, the Goldwater conservatives of '64 did in the wake of their electoral debacle. Four years later, those people gave us Richard Nixon.

As for health care in this country, the status quo was an abomination. Obamacare might not be all it could be, but God help us all if the Supremes strike it down or a Republican majority finds a way to kill it.
So happy to hear about a new shot at a third party. I'll check out this Rocky feller. I'm up for someone who's been a good Mayor of Salt Lake...when all the leading Repubs are Mormons...thanks for posting this.

Why do we talk about universal health insurance instead of universal health care? Me, I'm very mixed about modern medicine. I don't want to be lining more drug company pockets with federal dollars...I want more natural, proactive, holistic solutions to health...cover my dang gym membership, will ya?
Jeremy: Anderson is not only interesting, he is a fireball to contend with. Check his bio on Wiki for a fuller account. Nader, the Green Party, and offshoots have shown that they didn’t make proper use of resources that are available today. Also, the Greens have been splintered within since I can remember, and they are perceived as having a relatively narrow focus. Nader has yet to learn to smile and show some personal charisma, if he wants to get folks besides myself to vote for him. For myself at least, it’s way too early to toss in the towel.

There is absolutely no chance of a third party candidate getting on the ballot this year, IF we reach that apriori, self-fulfilling conclusion. However, there is absolutely no chance of change if we vote for “the lesser of two evils”--namely because the Ds and Rs are equally evil, or at least equally ignorant, gutless, and beholden to powerful interests.

Christine and I met Rocky three times in the last month or so, and at one of those meetings he laid out several ways to get on the ballot. Look at his legal background and connections and you might reasonably conclude that he has some tricks up his sleeve. Write-ins have succeeded on a number of occasions, to cite one example.

And take worst case: Issues will be raised into the public spotlight and awareness that desperately need to be.
Daniel: I respect and admire your idealism; much of what you say I agree with.

If I had to summarize my argument here it would be this: a third-party candidate for president cannot happen this year. It's not merely a question of mobilizing the millions of people it would take to make this happen. It's also a question of what those millions would be up against. If Anderson could somehow make a name for himself outside of Salt Lake City, if he were seen as a threat to the Democrats, he'd be up against the money and power of the corporate elite we both abhor. The best he could hope for would be political martyrdom.

I'm OK with the lesser of two evils, especially when I look at the very dangerous people who comprise the extreme right at both the national and local levels. If a third party is going to rise, it will take years and require more than a single charismatic person to "lead" it -- something the Occupy movement has demonstrated rather forcefully. It would require candidates from across the country signing on and running as Justice Party candidates. All this could happen, and I would to see it, but it won't happen in nine months.

If I wanted Rocky for president, I'd target 2016, make local issues Justice Party issues, organize around the party and not just the man and hope the republic is still standing by then.
Not sure of any of it. Fought hard for President Barack (sp) and absolutely adore the First Family. Currently looking at St. Anthony's Messenger July 2010 www.americancatholic.org Just saying that the seriousness of a third party at times can appear constitutional and history has shown (as articulated above) third parties can have the
OPPOSITE FLICKERING EFFECT what's ever left of the 20 minutes to the hour 'left' is subject to more infighting than the Hatfields and McCoys. Allow me to recall the so-called Children's Milk Campaign of 1968. Legitimate debate of been rightfully altered with our instantaneous digitized memory--and other aspects of truism.

Never bunt with a splintered bat.
Jeremy: I respect your views as well; they are most assuredly based on paying attention over a long time.

Anderson has made a name for himself outside Salt Lake, however, and continues to do so. He was recently on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman, AlJazeera, and many others. Before that, he was on FOX at least twice, and again, many other MSM outlets. Several folks in the campaign are extremely savvy in social networking and computers generally, and things can and do viral quite commonly. I would point to other countries for recent examples.

On the lesser of two evils, one of the main authors I recommend for pointing out that there isn’t any “lesser evil” would be David Michael Green, a political science teacher from Hofstra University. Remarkably articulate writer who has repeatedly and from different angles shown there is no difference between the Ds and Rs. My only hope is that more people look deeper and reach their own conclusions; you have obviously gone farther than most.

The Justice Party converges remarkably with OWS principles, and will open the door for many local offices to be occupied by folks such as yourself. Aim for the stars, maybe we’ll hit the moon. As for myself, I intend to go down trying.

P.S. There have been about 2300 views of Christine's column so far, which I like to believe says something about the time being right for sweeping change.
Looks like another long-time asshole from Control to me.
Christine, I'd not heard of him until your post but if he is the real deal, then I'd vote for him. He sounds like the kind of leader this country's been hungering for. If enough people want change they'll seek out candidates like him and buck the system. My fear is that this will never happen. Why can't sommon sense ever prevail?
Sorry; that should have read "common" sense.
I love this Rocky guy, I wish the media would pick up on him.
rated with love
Thanks for the introduction! Rocky seems worth watching. Social Media has been accomplishing things in the Middle East and Asia that I never imagined I would see in my life time. It has given voice to people who have never had a voice. It has allowed people to contradict the lies their leaders are telling the world by providing a way to get the truth out. It has helped people send ruthless dictators running. Why can't we imagine a social media uprising here? I had never heard of the Tea Party and then it seemed as if it were overnight that they had representatives in Washington. As with so many things, it can happen if enough people work together to make it happen. It gives me hope just to see someone talking about things that I care about and can agree with!
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