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MAY 3, 2009 10:50AM

Republican’s Nat. Council for a New America -- Jeb’s Turn?

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With the Republican party in disarray and sinking fast, it refuses to loosen it’s grip on all of the policy and political dead weight it’s carrying around. Rush’s power is as strong as ever, but still precarious enough not to have the luxury of party dissent. The litmus tests are only getting stronger and more stringent. The religious right is going through a bit of an identity crisis, with a recent poll showing that the support for the use torture is somehow among the highest among regular church goers. Some religious leaders even openly questioning whether maybe Christians should maybe be a bit more concerned about poverty, genocide, and global warming – than who can marry who. It’s increasingly a party of the radical right with an every smaller and smaller tent. A new poll showing only 22% of American’s identify themselves as Republicans.

So to counter this trend, and I’m sure with a nostalgic nod back to Newt Gingrich’s “Contract on America,” they form the National Council for a New America. Then they hold a big news conference in a crowded little pizza joint in Northern Virginia. I loved the location, obviously intended to project a sense of their new found every man, regular citizen status. However, it also masterfully allowed them pack the audience and minimize the press presence. It seems they were tying to take page from Obama’s playbook and get out of D.C. to appeal directly to the people. Well at least they got to Northern Virginia, out to the suburbs of D.C., which is home to more lobbyists probably than laid-off auto workers. Then to show how they’re the new face of the Republican party they pull out Mitt Romney who has the support of the conservative west and all the Prop 8 crowd, Minority Whip, Eric Cantor (now there’s a voice for change) and of all people – Jeb Bush, yeah like that’s going to happen? They continue to bash the Democrats with the same lines about them being the party of big government and the Republicans the party of independence and the little guy – you know, the little guy – all those people in the top 2% income tax bracket they’re working so hard for. They continue to be the party of "We love American so much, please elect us so we can make sure nothing get's done."  I just can’t get over though that they’re bringing out Jeb as the new face of hope for the Republican Party, are they that desperate? I guess Palin and Jindal were conveniently “unavailable.”

Meanwhile, big brother George continues his exile. I suspect the Republican party is holding him incommunicado, under armed guard in some abandoned oil rig off the coast of Texas. The feeling was that George Bush’s reputation, like previous presidents would mellow and moderate over time. That hasn’t quite panned out yet. His reputation’s still in free fall, after leaving office with a mere 22% approval, his reputation continues to be tarnished and suffer as more information comes out about his presidency and it’s inner workings.

Now I feel for Jeb, I do. The general wisdom is that he’s actually “the smart one”, as opposed to, you know -- the other one. I guess the thinking was they were always holding him back to be the strong closing pitcher in this long, long game that is the Bush Dynasty. What they just hadn’t counted on though that George would allow so many walks, crack under pressure, and allow a couple of really big home runs with the bases loaded. Yeah, I feel for Jeb, getting up to bat, when the other team has an impossible lead and the clock’s running out on the Bush family legacy. I hate it for him that he’s going to the mound with the game not only over, but the stands pretty much emptied out and no one even caring to watch.

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Another Bush? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh.

There is no such thing as a "smart" one.
Poor Mitt and Jindal are the victims of Newt's power grab and his propaganda that we need a "good Christian" President. And if Jeb really is the smart one he will lay low and hope to outlive the Bush legacy, and that everyone continues to say Neil? Neil who?