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JUNE 25, 2009 7:33PM

Farrah, Michael, Walter Cronkite and me

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They’re all older than me. Walter by many years (like, almost 50 years-- who's not dead but dying), Michael a handful, and Farrah in between.

Farrah’s death today at 62, is the hardest hitting, since it’s she whose hair and body had the biggest impact on my way-younger self. It’s her hair that kept me forever-devoted to a big purse, although big hair and butane-powered curling irons are long since gone.

I still love to curl my hair. And if I date someone long enough, a curling iron (a good one, from a salon, a salute to Farrah) will show up at his place, and remain there until (or if?) break-up time.

My nearer-contemporary – Michael Jackson, who was announced dead tonight of heart failure – had moves I tried to mimic but never could, a circumstance I wrote off to a combination of genetics, race, gender and luck. I loved him so – even when he was accused of trying to turn white and longing to love youngsters.

I will always be a wannbe-clubber at heart, if for no other reason, but for Michael Jackson’s video memories.

Walter Cronkite’s been ill and it’s only tonight – June 25, 2009 – that his family says he’s not expected to recover. WC was the talking head, the voice of news, the sound bite of all things important to hear. He spoke to me, even when I didn’t care to listen – and sometimes I didn’t. I never imagine he’d be dead anytime soon, any more than I thought Farrah or Michael dead now.

Walter Cronkite snapped me out of Farrah and Michael world – and wherever else my head was buried – and reminded me of the news and all things not hair, dance, pop and TV.

Thank you Walter Cronkite, for setting the tone, and the stage. And for setting me straight.

Tonight -- June 25, 2009 – my youth came round to smack me. First Farrah, then Michael.

Walter hovers, as the dying do, straddling the past and present in such a way the future reveals itself in pieces of the past.

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Cindy this was superb. Rated for wisdom and perspective.
Thanks OE. I feel like it's a nite of losses.
Well said Cindy. They each inhabited their own niches, both died too young. I can't help but wonder that, if the tv is on in Walter's room the newsman in him is alert to these deaths that have "stopped the presses." I doubt you ever lose our ear for a breaking story and hearing is the last to go.
you're so right ablonde -- i didn't even think of that. i wonder if he has a last report in his head right now...
Great post. I never had Farrah-hair, I couldn't do the moon walk, but I could write and I went into journalism. I mourn the loss of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson (gosh, his music was so great). Walter Cronkite is a hero.
Farrah I'll miss. Michael I won't.

Walter Cronkite, although I was young, we watched the war and Walter was the trusting, calm, thoughtful man who brought this into our home.

There is no news like that today. The war is not broadcast, we are not to think of it. We are to think of how bad Iran's leadership is, so we are shown that.

Walter Cronkite and the news of the day played a MAJOR role in getting people fired up to protest the war.

Watching your countrymen die forces people to give thought to the value of war.

Also, trusting the person delivering the news is something foreign to me today. As the corporate juggernauts control what we hear and see.

Glenn Beck or Walter Cronkite?
maria, it's never too late late to have farrah hair. i feel a revival coming ....
Wonderful post and great tribute to all three. Yeah my younger days came and slapped me today too. Love how you worded all this. Thank you
I relate...every day the end of "my" era gets closer. May all the departed characters who have had parts in our lives rest in peace.
dagnabit Cindy, I'm boycotting all things MJ - never did see the appeal of either the pathetic wretch or his music. Always felt the attention just encourages more bizarreness. Can you guess yet that I eschew reality shows too?

Farrah on the on the other hand... *sigh*...always made me feel like a boy again...
jay, you're right, walter was the man, a true tv journo in a land of today's tv pretty faces.

thanks FE. is this going to keep happening to us are we --gulp-- aging?

It's true CW.

Bri, I'm watching a marathon of MJ videos right now -- he was so talented, so ahead of his time. without him, music videos today would be no where.
A side show act and a poster. Self indulgence and exploitation. Moments in time.

Can't imagine Cronkite wanting to be the news, only to report it.
I wasn't aware that Walter Cronkite was ailing. He is a class unto himself and have personally not found another who could replace him.
Excellent post.
A nice way to put these three very different personalities in perspective. Rated.
Good post, Cindy.

Nice that you were able to find a common denominator.

Ed McMahon's death saddened me also.

We're all getting older. Life is a fatal disease!
thanks for the perspective - your last line was especially moving.
a sideshow and a poster, sg? tho MJ became one, and FF will always be known for hers, each left a mark on pop culture history.

thanks renaissance, there truly is none other like him.

procopius, thank you. and they are very different personalities whose common thread is their uniqueness.

you're right frank, life is terminal. Ed McMahon didn't affect me so much -- i never watched the Late Show, not even once. Wasn't a late nighter. i know i missed greatness.

Thanks 1Wv, i appreciate that.
I thought of the three, for certain Walter and Michael would be immortal. The one advantage they all have is that their memories will live on in the many forms of media in which they were captured.
Oh, and great post btw - and congrats on EP!!
Great piece. But damn, I've been outta circ all day - didn't know the part about Walter.

He, like Johnny Carson, was a tele-mentor of my youth.
Nicely done. I am so sad to hear about Cronkite -- I didn't know. Yes, he helped us know what was important. Thanks for this.
Dcv, they are immortal -- and thanks (and let me know the next frying pan meet-up -- if i have afew days notice i can get a nite off. And i'm always off on sundays -- day and nite!)

Thanks connie . ya know, i;m so sorry i missed the whole johnny thing. i know i missed greatness.

Seattle, thanks as always. Walter is still hanging on. i only wish he could pass on a parting wisdom to journalists on his way out ... we can only hope there's a secret late-stage memoir.