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JANUARY 20, 2010 7:32AM


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Less than 24 hours before the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, the Democrats lost the U.S. senate to Scott Brown, a little-known GOP state senator. Brown was swept to victory to fill the vacant Senate seat long held by the late Edward M. Kennedy in Massachusetts.

With 93 percent of the vote counted, Brown won by a decisive margin of 52 percent to defeating the Democratic challenger, Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general.

The loss is stunning for the Obama administration. The president, who spent nearly all of 2009 focused on healthcare reform as his signature issue, must now face a newly elected Republican senator who ran on a campaign to stop healthcare reform from becoming law.

While the finger pointing is underway inside the Obama administration, the meaning of Scott Brown’s stunning election upset is simple. The president lost the support of independent voters who are worried about the economy and jobs.

Perhaps the words of Marlene Connolly, 73, of North Andover, a lifelong Democrat who said she cast her first vote for a Republican on Tuesday, may best explain Brown’s meteoric rise:

“I’m hoping that it gives a message to the country. If Massachusetts puts Brown in, it’s a message of ‘that’s enough.’ Let’s stop the giveaways and let’s get jobs going.”

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I am deeply disappointed in Brown winning the election and am very disappointed in my friends who voted him in, even though I understand the logics behind it. I am disappointed in Obama ... like you said, people are focusing on jobs and jobs and improving the economy. The last time I felt such despair was when I woke up the next morning in 2000 and 2004 and found out that Bush stole the election both times ...

I was a Democrat but not any more. They lost my vote over here in Ohio. Such a shame. R
I think and I believe we would be celebrating this morning and not having a wake if Howard Dean were still the chairman of the DNC and not Tim Kaine.

Remember, it was Dean who argued that Vicky Kennedy, herself a lawyer and an accomplished woman in her own right, needed to be persuaded to complete her late husband's term in the senate.

Sadly, Tim Kaine all but signed off on Martha Coakley and the rest, as they say, is history.
The only disappointment I have, is in the American people! I too am disappointed in Obama. He caved in to the right wingers. He promised us healthcare reform, equal rights, and an end to the war in Iraq. So what have we gotten so far. NOTHING! Get a backbone Obama, give these people the finger once and for all!
It is not the government's function to create jobs, that is the job of private industry. What the government can do is correct the unfair trade agreements, create tax incentives, and reward companies who create jobs especially in depressed areas and penalize those companies who export jobs and expect to import their cheap products back into this country at higher profits.

The government can regulate banks and Wall Street, reform healthcare monopolies, and force the non-profit hospital system to actually become non-profit. They can stop spending trillions on foreign wars, and out of control military spending.

There are thousands of things the government can do, but create jobs is not one of them.
Well said, M Todd. These folks are depressed because they lack a fundamental understanding of basic economics.

The government can pay people to dig ditches and pay other people to fill those ditches. But that is not "creating jobs" in any useful sense.

The government actually used taxpayer money to pay some taxpayers to destroy their cars and buy new ones. Liberals are clueless.
John Knight opines: "Liberals are clueless."

Interesting. Former President Bill Clinton saw the creation of 24 million jobs during his two terms. While former President George Bush ushered in the current recession resulting in the loss of more than 7 million jobs to date.

Yeah, liberals are clueless. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
John I don't think it is a liberal or conservative thing, more of decades of hearing our officials say they are going to create jobs. The conservatives use the same rhetoric.

There are two sustainable business sectors. One is manufacturing the other is agriculture. Combined with controlled usury fees the economy will grow with real assets that fuel future growth. Instead over the last 50 the government and it's policies have destroyed the manufacturing and agriculture base and allowed the banking industry to suck the life blood out of this nation. Much of this has been done under so called conservative Republicans starting with Reagan's deregulation of the banking industry and has continued on with Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama.