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NOVEMBER 18, 2010 1:45PM

Table for One

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As I prepare to turn fifty in just a week's time, I am most struck by how dramatically my views on life have changed, and while I could easily go on at length in vain attempt to explain, I believe a younger woman put it best last evening....

I was dining out, alone, as is my preference of late, when a group of twenty-something year old's walked past my table. A brief look was exchanged, curious on their part, wry on mine, and at one young woman's commenting on how sad that I had no one to join me, another commented that she didn't think I wanted to be joined and she thought that was so vogue

It was hard for me not to laugh given that for more years than I am willing to admit, I too thought it sad when I would spy a woman dining alone in a restaurant, or buying only one ticket to a movie, or even cruising the grocery or department store aisles unaccompanied.

How sad I thought it was that she had no one by her side, no one to engage in dinner conversation, no one to offer an opinion on this matter or that. Surely, she was a lonely soul whose only joy in life was derived from the comfort and company of cats waiting at home. 

It never occured to me that I would one day be her, or moreover, that I would yearn to join this sisterhood of wise women, these independent, self assured, and confidently accomplished females who proudly answer 'One, please' when asked 'How many?' No timidity in their voice, no lowered head, rather a touch of aristocracy as they take claim of their table for one.

Yes... how vogue indeed...and until my preferred companions are permittted restaurant dining, I'll be taking that bit of leftover salmon home for the cats...




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