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MAY 26, 2010 5:09PM

Finally Cool

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Last night I went to my brother’s house to hear my niece read her sixth grade English report entitled ‘When I Grow Up’. I wasn’t sure why this rendition of composition English couldn’t have waited until the weekend when I actually had time to invest in the recitation but smiling and riveted I sat as my niece proudly began.


When I grow up I want to be just like my Aunt Christina. My Aunt Christina is smart and funny and isn’t afraid of anything. She lives with the animals she rescued from people who didn’t want them anymore and she works to pay for their food and she even goes to school for veterinarian nursing. She never listens to people who tell her she can’t do something and she can do anything and she even built a charity named after a blind pit bull called Irving House.  She doesn’t have a husband and that worries Grandma but Aunt Christina doesn’t care because she has her animals. When I grow up I’m going to help her take care of the animals because I want to be just like my Aunt Christina. 


When I was able to find my voice over the lump in my throat I asked my niece why? I didn’t bother to mention that everything aside from animals scares me, why mar the image? She said her teacher asked her the same thing and that I was the coolest person ever and she wanted to be cool just like me.


I asked her if I could have a copy of her report and I put it in a silver frame and hung it in my office. I’d never been one of the cool kids in school. I didn’t dress cool or act cool or do any of the things cool kids did, like ski or skate or smoke. I still don’t and for it I’ve been duly recognized …I’m finally cool.

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Awwww! For the record, anyone who rescues animals is cool with me....
And anyway who reads my posts and offers up such support is cool with me! Thanks W!
If you dare, when the twenty or 25-year high school reunion is upon you, let your curiosity off leash and observe some of the cool creatures of your past. I doubt your cool niece would draft any glowing report on these balmy reptiles.
Good post...thank you.
That's wonderful!

Hey you're cool in my book too! (Sure I'm a 30 something science geek war vet, but I can be...hip..sometimes) and I say you're damn cool for being good to animals, which is an instant ticket into the best parts of the afterlife.

Or your money back.
what a great tribute from your niece! i think she's right. you're way cool! :)
That is cool. I hope one day I get to be cool too!
definitely cool, uh-huh uh-huh. ;;
Great.... a child's respect and pride is something to be proud of..
OMG, I'm sitting here with big crocodile tears in my eyes! That is so sweet!!!
Well done, as well as moving. I was particularly moved by your statement about being afraid of everything but animals. I know how that feels and it goes back to my childhood too. I was the new kid at school 14 times before I finished High School and I cannot say that it did wonders for my social skills, though it was great for my left hook. And I have a track record dealing with dogs other people consider aggressive and scary. I am not sure that I am ready to admit that people scare me now, but it got me thinking.
How right you are, Mr. Fawkes, I have attended one or two reunions (including my own silver) and how interestin git was to see how the tables had turned indeed!

Thanks, Doug, in my book you are way cool and pretty damned hip all the time! About the money back thing...that's a guarantee, right? :))

Thank you lp, who knew? lol!

Bell, you already are!

Femme, uh-huh, uh-huh!! :))

Rita. I shall always count it among my greatest accomplishments for sure!

Johnna, me too, me too.

Marc, maybe I should work on my left hook. Whatta you think?