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APRIL 27, 2012 3:53PM

The April Phantasmagorical, 2012

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 Wherein ChillerPop presents a short, unwordy lazy roundup of the month in phantasmagoric, creepy, spooky, speculative, fantastical, wonderful, science-fictiony, monstrous, psychotronic and strange...and stuff like that...


I almost started this off whining, but whining begets more whining.  And work begets work, so my brother-in-law says.  And blogging for fun begets no money.  Blah.  Let's get to it.

I didn't get to see the movies that I wanted to this month.  Blame a credit crunch.  I'm dying to see Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods.  And yes, he'll have a certain little film opening on May 4th, one I'm sure will make no money at all.

Speaking of Mr. Whedon, I wanted to write a post this month about Buffy trading vampires  for the culture wars.  Stay tuned, even if it will be a little dated by the time I publish it.

The dollar theater (well, $2 on weekend evenings) allowed me to catch up with The Woman in Black.  Effective scares, to be sure, a reason to fear ghosts, even if the story was uneven and thin.  The good thing is that I could buy Daniel Radcliffe as a young husband and father, and didn't expect him to - *ahem* whip out a wand - and vaquish his supernatural foe.

The film, as you may recall, is a production of the newly revived and beloved Hammer House of Horror.  For Record Store Day, they have recently released (in sadly a limited vinyl edition) what promises to be a wonderful treat for fans of 60's/70's music scores: “We decided to focus on the two Dracula films from the 1970s as these scores were enjoyable blends of traditional horror and funky contemporary sounds,” says Silva Screen’s David Stoner.


May is going to be rich in must see cinema......

John Cusack on Edgar Allan Poe:  "“The horror of disease, causal violence of his time. He was always juxtaposing beauty with horror, and that’s why he’s the godfather of goth...Without Poe’s work, there would be no Sherlock Holmes, no CSI: Miami and no Souxsie and the Banshees"

RIP Jonathan Frid.  Nineteen hundred and eighty two, I believe it was.  I was in fifth grade, and just the mere thought of a vampire still induced night terrors.  The NBC station began airing  a black and white soap opera, with eerie theme music, and the wizened, fanged form of Barnabas Collins getting up from his coffin.  I couldn't bear to watch, yet I couldn't bear to not watch.

I remember having very vivid dreams about vampires during that period (including one about vampires playing freeze tag in my backyard...huh).

Thank you Mr. Frid, for bringing the elegant, tortured, vengeful and romantic monster Barnabas Collins to  - well, life - in Dark Shadows.

On second thought, don't rest in peace.  I need to know you're still haunting Collinwood manor at night. 

I hope Bauhaus records a single titled "Jonathan Frid has Risen From the Grave".

And yes, Depp will be awesome in the role.  Is anyone expecting otherwise?

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I recently saw Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and was so frightened I couldn't sleep. Also watched The Grudge recently. The Japanese do it right.
Mr. Chill! Good to see you! I am looking forward to Dark Shadows. I hope you get to see Comic-Con. :)
"Is anyone expecting otherwise?"

Sarah - one I need to catch one of these days. Thanks for stopping by
Muse - I'll have to wait on the DVD/cable release on Comicon, but am looking forward to it!
Tink - I can't wait for the film!
Okay, so NOW I have to see Woman in Black. I gotta go search the couch for loose change...Nice post, as usual by the way. I would be cinematically disoriented without you!
1982? Was this the remake of the soap? I remember the original was much earlier than that around 1966 - 1971
Btw, I dig that sly allusion to that old Blue Oyster Cult song about Joan.
Trudge! This was a 1982 syndication of the original soap. I do remember that slick 1991 remake though. And I'm afraid you have me stumped on my unwitting boc reference!
I'm quite looking forward to Dark Shadows. My teenage sister was obsessed with the TV show in the late 1960s, and as a 5-6 year old, it scared me --- I wouldn't go in the living room if my sister was watching it, and hearing the theme gave me the chills. I eventually overcame all that and started watching Barnabas Collins and the gang myself.

It seems as if Burton is playing up the campy factor for the film, which would be one of the two right ways to go. On the other hand, I can't help thinking what David Lynch might have come up with if handed the same project.

The other big thing for me is that Burton has set it in 1972 ... I don't think I could truly do justice to a clear explanation, at least not in a few words, but anything that even so much as mentions "1972" or "72" is instantly funny among a certain group of people I know. Therefore, the movie will have an extra built-in treat for me.
KC - I'm concerned I'll steer you down the wrong cinematic paths - don't listen to me!
VA - 1972??? oh man, have I got a recommendation for YOU! Watch your inbox!
Well now all those who wander are not lost...I like surprises so I'll take my chances!