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July 01
A horror afficionado with too many mad thoughts on the brain that need to get out of my skull. I don't necessarily review things, I just spew my thoughts on them out....hopefully it will make some kind of sense? Here I will discuss all aspects of horror and fantastical fiction - TV, cinema, film, literature. I may venture outside the genre on the rare occasion.

JANUARY 14, 2014 9:20AM

UPDATE: A Banner Season for Demons


  pic 1




I have a lot of catching up to do!  In my blogging hiatus there has… Read full post »


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 27: Dream Names, Hues, Silver Shamrocks, Mrs. Brady -- too much fun


How am I supposed to choose between my favorite children?

Let's give this one to The Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf.  Because the title. 

And because Sybil… Read full post »

OCTOBER 29, 2013 2:21PM

Day 26: Horror Movie for A Chicken


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 26: Horror Movie for a Chicken


It was at age 16 when it first dawned on me that movies can be bad, and that the experience of going to a theater didn't always equal magic.  I have since lost that ability to… Read full post »




30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 25: Santa Ain't No Kidder


It's my suspicion that Lois Lane's appeal for Superman back in 1978 was the snarky, earthy sense of humor. 

Perhaps the big blue boy scout could never admit to himself that he laughed heartily at… Read full post »


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 24: This Time, It's Personal? 


This category begs to be answered, The Cabin In The Woods style.



I have been scholar.  A mediocre one and a longtime one.  But I can't apologize for knowledge for its own sake, e… Read full post »





30 Day  Horror Movie Challenge

Day 23: Simplicity Itself

When horror fiction creators struggle to explain their monsters with convulted, cliched idiotic pseudo-mythologies ("the ancient demon of the blablablabla" or whatever they imagined the poor slasher's mother… Read full post »

OCTOBER 27, 2013 7:15PM

Day 22: Best Death Scene


 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 22: What Not Winning an Emmy For Decades Does to You


Clearly the best death in a horror movie can be credited to horror master Wes Craven.  In the second of his two memorable made for TV cheesefests (I wrote… Read full post »

OCTOBER 27, 2013 2:44PM

Day 21: Favorite Horror Franchise


pvorhees 1


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 21: Go Camping!


Favorite horror franchise? My gut tells me it's the Paranormal Activity series.  Yes it's getting old, but its mix of spectral demonism, old school satanic panic and use of unknown actors makes it stand out.… Read full post »

OCTOBER 26, 2013 5:49PM

Day 20: Favorite Horror Character


 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Sweets to the Sweet, and Satanic Cougars!


 "Favorite" is too tough to narrow down.  Today, there is a two-way tie for horror characters near and dear to my heart.

1) Who can take a rainbow?





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OCTOBER 26, 2013 5:11PM

Day 19: Best Use of Gore


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 19: Dangling Eyeballs, Slashed Tendons, Pop Rocks and Wit


Hard as it is to believe, I don't actually care all that much about gore in my horror fiction.  If you don't have mood, tension, suspense and an eerie atmosphere,… Read full post »

 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 18: Favorite Movie Filmed in Black and White


I'm egregiously behind and playing catch up.  Bear with me for the pithiest posts you've ever read.  

 I don't quite get this category.  It's been thoroughly covered in the Favorite Classic… Read full post »

OCTOBER 17, 2013 3:18PM

Day 17: Favorite 80's Horror



30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct. 17: Favorite 80's Horror Movie

Lame category. I can't possibly narrow it down.  In fact, I can only think of it terms of subgenres.
When you think of 1980s horror cinema, what comes to mind?
Is it theRead full post »
OCTOBER 17, 2013 10:38AM

Day 16: Favorite Horror Movie Soundtrack

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct. 16: Nights in White Satin

 (I'm behind and busy - published w no frills, will come back to edit).

I keep gravitating to those few horror movies with a 70s-riffic soundtrack. There is Rob Zombie's southern fried soundtrack for The Devil's Rejects; and his more… Read full post »

OCTOBER 15, 2013 11:02AM

Day 15: Favorite Monster Movie

  DAM 1


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct. 15: Mashed Monsters




Destroy All Monsters ?  NO!  Long may they live!

It really just sells itself.  Take all your greatest hits, the giant monsters who threaten Tokyo every other… Read full post »

OCTOBER 14, 2013 11:03AM

Day 14: Favorite Indie Horror Movie

10-12 3

30 Day Horror Movie Channel

Oct 14: Favorite Indie Horror Movie

Meh.  "Indie" just doesn't stick out to me as a category worthy of much thought for this genre.
That said, I give this one to The House of the Devil , a fun retro/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 13, 2013 8:34PM

Day 13: Favorite Zombie Movie


 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct. 13: In your he-ead, In your he-ee-aad....



So, zombies.  They've ruled the horror roost for the better part of 10 years.  Great movies and television shows have been produced around them - most of them really about what h… Read full post »

OCTOBER 12, 2013 7:52PM

Day 12: Most Disturbing Horror Movie

  LOS 1

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct 12: Their Satanic Majesties Request

 (Source: imdb) Heidi, a radio DJ, is sent a box containing a record -- a "gift from the Lords." The sounds within the grooves trigger flashbacks of her town's violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or areRead full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2013 9:30AM

Day 11: Favorite Horror-Comedy

Yayy! A repost!  Saves me the trouble of writing!


 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct 11: A Comedy of Errors in the Woods 


Sadly, this doesn't involve a magical farce a la William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  I am instead talking about Tucker a… Read full post »

 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

I Saw-ed It, But Did I Like It?


This one was tough, but I settled on Saw .  Really, Saw as a franchise, not necessarily the first one.  I suppose Saw's mini-morality plays are interesting.  I suppose a close analysis would yield… Read full post »

OCTOBER 9, 2013 9:37AM

Day 9: Favorite Supernatural Movie



AH 1


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct. 9: More Than Just Reading Tea Leaves

Angel Heart has its problems, chief among them the groan inducing allegories and secret names ('Louis Cyphre', 'having an Epiphany').  It can be racially problematic if you dig a littl… Read full post »

OCTOBER 8, 2013 9:44AM

Day 8: Favorite Foreign Horror


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 8: Vive la Difference 


I'm willing to bet that J-horror will feature prominently among those doing this silly challenge.  My pick for this category is Honogurai mizu no soko kara, better known as Dark Water in the U.S.  /… Read full post »

  30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Day 7: Made for TV


This was a fun challenge!   I had to sift through my addled memory to pick one, and nearly each time I came to some antenna-TV-only broadcast of my youth.  You see, I didn't have cable in… Read full post »

OCTOBER 6, 2013 1:39PM

Day 6: Favorite Vampire Movie



 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

 Oct. 6:  When I Look Out My Window...


I've taken in a LOT of vampire cinema, as you can imagine.  I've pretty much covered my favorite vampire films here and here.  Yet there is the film (actually TV miniseries) which is/… Read full post »

OCTOBER 5, 2013 1:56PM

Day 5: Favorite Horror Remake



30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

Oct. 5: Remake Redux


And the answer is.....

NONE. Zip. Zilch.  I despise remakes.  They reek of putrid franchise-squeezing cash grabs.  They are devoid of any sort of originality. Ptah! Ptah!




30 Day Horror Movie Challenge 

Day 4: Universally Disappointed




When I first saw the ads for Van Helsing , my inner kid was thrilled.  A tribute to the Universal monster classics?  Hugh Jackman, who'd proven his superheroic awesomeness severa/… Read full post »