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September 19
I am an overly education young gay attorney who recently moved to Chicago [ed: NEW YORK!]. I became somewhat addicted to blogs during the presidential campaign and just can't seem to let the habit go. So I decided to step it up one ...

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APRIL 28, 2009 11:48AM

"Cheney for President": Brilliant or Hackery?

Ross Douthat, purported bright-light among the thinning ranks of conservative intellectuals (to the extent that such an animal exists), had his debut op-ed published in the New York Times today, entitled "Cheney for President." I think it's worth a read.

Douthat's point can be summed up pretty q… Read full post »

APRIL 26, 2009 6:16PM

The Worst Place on Earth

I suppose I am a little down today, so I somewhat randomly decided to Google "worst place on earth"  in an effort to make myself feel better. It didn't work, but I did learn some interesting things.

First, North Korea is apparently just God awful.  Hitchens says so. So does this rRead full post »

Ok, ok, so I know I'm a little late on the uptake here. But whatever happened to the good Doctor Amy? I read snippets here and there alluding to her (apparently loud) departure from our little incestuous online community. But I guess I was taking an OS vacay when this occurred, because I… Read full post »

MARCH 22, 2009 7:20PM

Top 10 Reasons I Love Chicago

10. Because methamphetamine hasn't yet scourged the gay community here like it has in SoCal.

 9. Because Midwesterners are both nice and genuine, whereas NYers or Angelinos specialize in one or the other, to their detriment.

 8. Because the top job market for newly minted BA's is here. &nbs… Read full post »

I recently watched the new Red State Update (as features on the main Salon homepage) and my initial reaction was that it was the best I had ever seen.  Hilarious, in fact.  I’ve even gone to the trouble of transcribing it (the portion that is called “Dunlap’s Editorial,&rd/… Read full post »

Rush Limbaugh blah blah Leader of the GOP blah blah (Yet Another) High Profile Apology blah blah Faux-Umbrage by GOP Bigwigs (remember how fun that was during the presidential campaign?) blah blah.  Am I the only "left-liberal" who not only fails to see the point, but is getting entirely exhaust… Read full post »