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Where do you start with something like this. I'm your typical white male. I'm married, for the third time. I have 9 kids and 4 grandchildren. Currently I'm an OTR truck driver. I've been doing it for the past year and a half, but I've had several careers. This one is just the latest. In the past I've tried selling cars. That didn't last long. I should say it didn't take me very long to figure out that I'm to honest to sell cars. I've spent lots of years in the restaurant business. Most of that was in the pizza business either as a manager for other or for myself. I also spent 8 years in the Air Force working in ER's and flying Aeromedical Evacuation. I have to say, the biggest mistake I've ever made was getting out. Anything else you want to know, just ask. I'll tell you.


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AUGUST 5, 2010 12:03AM

Stimulus dollars being spent on?

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I seems so long ago that we had to pass the stimulus bill or the country was doomed. We could pass this bill and unemployment would not go sky high. We have all these "shovel ready" projects that all we have to do is have money for and hard working Americans could do things that would help the country while Americans went back to work.

 I've never understood why we had to pass this massive bill "right now" when we weren't going to spend the money for years. Why not pass a bill for the money we were going to spend and pass other bills for years down the road if we still needed it? I don't know. I guess it makes to much common sense.

So now more of the stimulus money is going out for those "shovel ready" projects. How about we look at a few of them and let's try to determine how they are stimulating the ecomony and helping Americans while putting Americans back to work.

Explain these please:

$554,763 spent on replacing windows on a visitor's center in Washington State that closed its door three years ago.

$762,372 was given to the University of North Carolina Charlotte for dance draw. Somebody please explain "dance draw".

$62.5 million for a light rail tunnel under the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh to connect sports stadiums to the casinos.

$11.2 million to convert a tiny closed down train station into a museum.

$1.9 million to fund the study of ants.

$90,000 for new sidewalks in Boynton, Oklahoma, to replace five year old sidewalks,that leads to a ditch.

$40 million for upgraded office space and indoor parking for Kansas law makers.

$50 million for WNBA practice facilities in Connecticut.

$762,372 to a Georgia Tech professor so he can study improvised music.

$144,541 to get monkeys high on cocaine to see how they respond.

$497,893 to quit smoking and get a Smart Phone. They were buying Smart Phones for people so when they felt like they might smoke, they could call someone and they could tell them not to smoke.

$199,862 helping Siberian lobby Russian policymakers.

$298,543 to help predict the weather, on other planets.

$456,663 to Cal Berkley to study global circulation in the atmosphere of Neptune.

$712,883 goes to scientists who are trying to create a joke machine.

$500,000 to Dayton, Ohio, for microchips to track citizens' use of recycling bins.

If you supported the stimulas package or not I don't really care. How can we continue to vote for people who want to spend our money on stuff like this? After spending our money like this they have the cojones to tell us that they need more so they are going to raise our taxes. They are trying to put tolls on interstates that have been built for decades. If you need money for roads, how about you quit taking it from the highway trust funds for other things and use it to fix the roads, or just use the stimulus money to fix the roads. Frankly, I don't care what the weather is going to be today on Uranus.

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Our resident genius has just discovered "pork barrel" spending, which has been with us from before his birth. his total comes to around
War spending since 2001 comes to about $1,025,281,990,825 and growing exponentially.

Do you see any difference in magnitude here? Do you have the slightest comprehension of the difference between millions and trillions?

Despite the fact that you copied the numbers from a Glenn Beck transcript you managed to put them in a format with English a 6TH grader would be ashamed of:

Original thinking, nor the English language are, obviously, not your forte.

Let me guess. Your mother taught you two wrongs make a right. That would make you a Republican. You turn coat you.

First I don't agree that the wars are totally wrong. So we can skip that item. We will never agree.

$170 million of pork. How many lies does that make from Obama? No pork, money used to stimulate the country for "shovel ready" projects, and if I wasn't working I'm sure I could thank of a few more.

Forget the lies. I'm sure there is a child someplace that will be happy to go without a meal so we can forecast the weather on a planet that he really doesn't know much about. Yup, those kids. They don't mind being hungry for pork. Maybe they would rather eat pork. What do you think?

So you can do research and you know who pulled the numbers together. Good for you. However, one more time you attacked me instead of the information I posted. I'll bet it's hell to get a mailman to come to your house. You like to attack the messenger, so what do you do when the bills come in the mail? Do you attack the mailman?

So bring your head back from Uranus and quit with the attacks on me and focus on what matters, the subject. Besides, all the attacks on me, and not the subject, makes me think you need a cranialanalectomy.
Right now there are crews resurfacing my main street, finishing up a highway project that bush and co ignored for 8 years and finishing a bridge project on a major interstate highway that was put in limbo when the bush recession struck.

The fact that you used cajonies in your rant clearly shows that you are a faithful follower of Aleutian Barbie and wouldn't know a real fact if it bit you on the ass.
"First I don't agree that the wars are totally wrong."

Well, strike me dead -- I'm shocked.

"We will never agree."

You ARE the same catnlinon who said he thought Monica Lewinsky is cute, aren't you???

You are right, we will never agree.

Don't you feel like a little bit of an idiot cribbing your stats from glenn beck? Not even a little bit?

Don't you see, it's not you whom I am attacking. I just see that you haven't enough self-respect to think about what you post, and just like your comments on Holder's attorneys concerns, you are totally clueless as to how YOUR government works.

You never answered my comments about how traditional it is for presidents to change their attorney generals at the beginning of the term, as opposed to the partisan mid-term gonzalez firings.

Instead you just went into a drooling frenzy over cum-stained dresses.

I called you an idiot then and think I was being unduly harsh to idiots.

What's traditional has nothing to do with it. You claimed it was illegal. I traditionally take a shower at night before going to bed. Today I took one when I got up. So what's your point? Tradition has nothing to do with it.

Who cares where the info comes from? Does that make the info wrong? They are still wasting taxpayer money on crap when we don't seem to have a lot of extra and people are looking for work. You, as always, are still trying to divert the attention away from another Congressional screw up.

There was no problem with the dress reply. You were making the comment that Bush and company lied and that they were the only ones to do it. I pointed out that what you claimed Bush did was done by others so what he did was the same ol' shit. You also made charges that you wouldn't back up with anything other than your rant. I point to the same charge with facts that everyone knows about.

That was another post awhile back. This is my current post on a different subject. You again are not dealing with the subject here. You want to rehash the last one.

Let's play with the here and now.

You need to talk to you state about the road projects. It's the state that is responsible for deciding with job gets done and which doesn't. If your road work needed to get done, I'm glad it's getting done. All the feds did, if it's even being done with stimulus money, is give it to the states to do the work with. This has nothing to do with Bush.

I've never said all the money was bad. What I said was they were spending it on stupid things that were not going to help the American people as a whole. Doing road repair does.

As for cojones, it not a new one for me. I did a business plan for a bar named C.O. Jones a few years ago. I was going to name it that because I didn't think the city would give me a sign permit for a sign that said cojones. Besides, would you eat at a Mexican restaurant called Tits?
It looks like several people have posted a reply, and I thank you. I just wish I could read them. For some reason all I can see it my last post.