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APRIL 29, 2012 10:14PM

Meeting EL James

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I want to make it clear, I hate 50 Shades of Grey. My friend Lacey loves it and encouraged me to read it. The writing was so awful that I still haven't made it past page five. So when I heard she was having a book signing I jumped at the chance. Why? Because I spend almost every waking moment either thinking or working on my book. A paragraph can take me an hour to perfect and lines like "she was like putty in his hand" send me into a fury. Yet she is a literary superstar and I am still a middle school teacher.

              Did she have a secret? I think the adage sex sells applies here. I can't even get to the smut part. But I got up at 8 am to wait in line for two hours for her 11 am signing. So did a lot of women in Miami. They were older, younger, fat, skinny, and hopelessly in love with the book. They squawked about how awesome the book was and how excited they were to meet her.

     I was a bit of a wet blanket and tried to read the book. I added a new paragraph to my reading.The girls in front of me bonded with the late middle aged women behind me. One had a book club and they excitedly talked about meeting up again. A woman flew in from Barbados others came from Naples or West Palm It is truly badly written. But when she arrived people clapped. I alone did not.

     She was actually v.friendly and the nicest writer I have ever met. I asked her to take a picture with a trinket of mine. I may never reach her level of success, but I can at least try.


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and she was wonderful

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She obviously has tapped into some mainstream niche and that is what sells books. Sex sells; but sexual taboos really moves merch. R
Good writing does not sell the most books. I think it is more of who you know what you know, how you start out, and if you can pull in an audience that begins to love the characters as if they are real people and you if you are some kind of deity. It is all wrong, but you have been through college so I am sure you realize this a bit, even if you don't want to admit it. For me, I will admit something here. I like books that have a totally happy story. You see mine was never but it is my dream so therefore, it is what I like to read. But I rarely read for fun. Although, I did join a book club and am now reading, "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. I just started it so I will maybe write a blog about it later on. Good luck though on writing a book.
The girls in front of me bonded with the late middle aged women behind me..
well that is progress i guess.
sex sells, but it's gotta be shiny and real for any
realistic person (67 percent of which are chicks)
to take it so far into their heart that they
would spend money on it.

listen, loosen up your grammatological and syntaxical
means of expressing all yer catholic girl stuff.
the market for smart sexy catholic girl
words is pretty wide, i might imagine.
i myself think that they are too
erudite and good .

my opinion. how many shades of gray?
fifty? my gawd.
i hope to Jesus mary and joseph that that aint
an accurate description of catholic gals.
then again..
sounds like a nice challenge...
for a black & white guy like me...ha.