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MAY 21, 2011 10:00AM

Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz Commenting on the Doomsday

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"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.

Charles M. Schulz [American cartoonist:  "Peanuts"]

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That's right!!!!

(*But then -- who have you talked to in Australia today?!!*)

Sky, I just connected to a couple of friends in Australia via IM. Australia is still there.
Now, great! We can eat peanut butter and jelly without crust and sinful guilt!

On Yom Kipper's Day of Atonement post-conk from natural causes we can jest go burp!

If hauled to a indoor Privy we can smell, write graffiti, and no leave post-odors for others!

If in Manhattan Salon?
Go be drunk in Bronx?
Sneeze for good luck?
We still stuck on pot?
We merry on earth?
Go marry in Vegas?
Meet drunk. Then?
We say "I duh do?"
Smell up elevator!
I gotta go dooms`
a asap hop horse!
It's Route 40 Day!
Go get in a wagon!

National Pike Day!
Wagon Train Day!
Go to ride a pony!
It is a special day!
Covered Wagons were in a circle and many neighbors camped out at the mule, ox, pony, and covered horse old celebration of sipler Stage Coach Day.

fun... I hope so...
Buy peanuts ....
But at yard sale.
*waves* to Art.

Have a good day, Art!
Hey, it's 12.30 am Sunday here - looking pretty good in the moonlight too.
Hey Kim, when do you take off the helmet?

- glad to hear from you!
Anyway. . . Isn't 2012 the predicte day? What changed the date all of a sudden? :o)
Wait ... what's that noi .....................................................................
Now that is so well said.
HUGG Catherine.. glad you are still here.
oh no, Fusun! Did we have the date wrong... again?!
** making a note to watch for Kim's next post on Open Salon**
Linda, I guess you WILL have to return those library books ;)
The headline from The Sydney Morning Herald reads:Rapture deadline passes, world still here  
Guess this means I have to go grocery shopping for next week.
Doonesbury has it covered this week ... including a Peanuts shout out!
- check the expiry date on the carton of milk, Eve!
Thanks, Brian! I found it here:
Very good point!
rated with love
Did that prophesy guy take into account that we changed to the "Gregorian Calendar" since the Bible was written?
Oh Shit!!!!

Now I'm gonna have to figure out how to pay off those credit cards I use for my pre-rapture spree......!

(*I wonder if the bank will let me have my house back...*)