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JANUARY 16, 2011 1:50PM

One Picture of a Dog Says More Than a Thousand Words

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It seems that this has been a new year of unspeakable disasters, human generated and natural. Perhaps the natural inclination is to turn off the news, climb back into bed and pull the covers over one's head. 

Then there comes a picture of a dog. This picture of a dog, Leao, is from Brazil, where there has been devasting landslides. It is a picture of love:

Of course, some people will question the authenticity of the photo. However, if it is good enough for the editors of MSNBC, it is good enough for me. Besides, such love and loyalty from a dog does not surprise me at all. I just hope someone is looking after Leao.

Catherine Forsythe

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Yes, it does say it all.

(it is a safe link to click on)

Catherine.. this killed me it really did.
I am a mess today anyways but this put the icing on.
This picture should be shown to all those nasty people that own puppy mills and mistreat dogs.
Rated with hugs
I hope someone is looking after him as well.
As an owner of five dawgs, 3 of which were rescues, and two of which were gifts... I could see this being any one of them. My dawgs are mine and Michael's children. Their devotion is enormous. This picture made me cry and made me want to adopt that poor little guy whose Mommy has left him behind prematurely through no fault of her own. Thanks for posting this. There are so many who suffer that we don't even consider.
that is so sweet, I know if I were to die today my dogs would to the same. I sit by my dog Missy's grave (who I have written a blog about) whenever i get the chance too. Any person who is not married but wishes for a companion should get a dog or a cat :)
I always get kind of digusted gasps when I mention that I'm not an animal person - (when they invent pets that don't vomit or poop I'll be first in line) - but that photo made even this non-pet-owner well up a bit. It's a good reminder of what true loyalty and love look like.
We could learn so much from these noble creatures, if we opened our hearts to it. What a humbling display of what WE need to find in ourselves.


Oh my heart is breaking but I don't doubt the authenticity.
Dunno how much faith I have in MSNBC, but I noticed the credit is AFP (Agence France-Presse) and Getty Images. I checked, and it's in GI's photo data base. Doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't posed, but it's still an arresting image.

And I hope someone looks after the pooch too.
Oh, such a hard photo to look at!
If only my dog could be so loyal...
Thanks for the heartfelt tears. Well done.
That's supposedly a legitimate photo, Catherine. Just heartbreaking.
Heartbreaking..and even moreso, the empty graves beyond the one she waits by--waiting to be filled.
Stories like this always break my heart. There was that dog Hatchi, I think, in Japan, who always waited for his owner to leave the office and walk home with him at night - and who continued to wait, years after his master had died. So moving. But I hope the dog will be able to move on and find a new family to love and be loved by.
What a loyal pooch - there are just no words for how unconditionally committed dogs are. This picture is magnificent.
This picture says more than a thousand words. Dogs are wonderful, loyal beings. I would take a bullet for my dog.
pets bring great joy and love.