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OCTOBER 21, 2010 1:15PM

Is America Ready for This Version of Dancing With the Stars?

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Dancing With the Stars is hugely popular with American audiences. It pairs celebrities with professional dancers. There are award winning entertainers, such as Joss Stone, to raise the entertainment quotient even further. The show connotes wholesome values with a hint of sexuality, which attract an audience that appeals to advertisers. 

In Israel, the presentation of that country's version of the show will have more variety. It will include same-sex couples:

"Israel's version of Dancing With The Stars is to include the show's first same-sex couple in the new series.

TV presenter Gili Shem Tov, who has a female partner in real life, said dancing with another woman felt "natural" to her."

Many women will remember dancing with their female friends at parties and school dances. At certain developmental stages, boys do not appreciate the subtleties of dancing. It would be difficult for most men to recall dancing at those school functions with their guy-friends.  

In the midst of the national discussion of 'don't ask; don't tell; don't enforce', is America ready for entertainment that features same sex couples dancing? Adding such a presentation would be timely for Dancing With the Stars. It would be a poignant reflection of the Zeitgeist. The amount of free publicity that would generate for the show would be astronomical.   

The question is:  'Would America watch?'. And which advertisers would support the show, instead of making a tactical financial retreat?

Catherine Forsythe

"Free Me" by Joss Stone - from her Colour Me Free album

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I'm not a fan of DWTS, but I think that this is a good idea. Why not represent more couples?
Best Wishes,
I wish they would but they will not.:(
High Five for Joss Stone this morning..:)
Rated with hugs
One show with a same sex couple would send that show's ratings through the roof. EVERYONE would want to see this! Not many to offer appreciation perhaps, but they'll want to see it nonetheless.

Tomorrow, around the water cooler, there will be no other topic of conversation. If I were an advertiser, I'd leap at any chance to get an ad on that show.

Walt Disney is spinning in his grave.
It depends. A LESBIAN couple would go over like hotcakes covered in chocolate here (something Americans are also quite fond of these days). A GAY MALE couple...not so much. America is still the land of the "anal vulnerables" (my made-up Freudian term for straight men afraid that gay men are secretly planning to sneak up behind them and...). Rated.
The viewing numbers would go through the roof! I think there would be advertisers, Catherine. They would have free publicity just for supporting the show. It would be a huge PR coup.
why is this an EP and not your far more important piece on dog safety?

Or is it just that I'm not a DWTS fan?
I'm not a fan of that show but I would watch at least once if they featured same-sex partners. That would be an interesting change. I support the idea of same-sex equality in all things-- from weddings to sambas.
I personally think it would be a ratings disaster. On the surface, it would sound like a huge hit because of the major difference, but the American public is not very acceptable of this sort of thing as much as the typical American will claim to be. In the comfort of their own homes, it's amazing how less accepting they can be. I think the backlash alone would amount of horrible ratings for a show that has been capturing most of mainstream America because way too many people would feel they're being used to push an agenda that they're not comfortable pushing.

It's like the L Word. It was supposed to be a lot bigger than it was because people assumed guys would want to watch cause of seeing two girls together. When the guys realized that they were actually watching relationships between two women, and not just "two women" that demographic they were hoping for fizzled up overnight. Doesn't mean the show isn't great and shouldn't be watched. It just doesn't garner the kind of attention that activists think it should because the majority really isn't as accepting as they claim to be when polled in person.
I'm a fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" and remember during last season's auditions, the first same-sex (male) ballroom couple tried out. They did very well, but during judges' critique, all you heard were crickets chirping through air thick with awkwardness. When they finally spoke up, Mary Murphy (the ballroom specialist) said she just couldn't get past the fact that ballroom dance has clear male and female roles and the couple's performance created a disconnect that she couldn't get over. Nigel Lythgoe echoed her sentiment saying that viewers just weren't ready to breach that boundary. I tend to agree and don't think the American network will go through with it. However, if it did, I think viewers would watch. I think certain advertisers would pull out. And I think it would be an important step in changing society's comfort levels with LGBT issues.
I think it's time we looked at dancing as a performance art and not as a sexual performance.
I don't watch it here. Bless you for making me aware of just how open Israeli society is and ahead of ours. I'd watch it there if only to support the openness. R.
orstrya already had a guy couple last year. i averted my eyes and hoped for a girl couple next time...
Oogah. Any Palestinian contestants on DWTS?