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MAY 19, 2010 11:00AM

How Bristol Palin Inspired Me to Explore an Income Stream

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Bristol Palin, from the former first family of the great state of Alaska, is now available on the lecture tour. Her charges for a speaking engagement are between $15,000 and $30,000, per event. Although that sort of endeavour might involve some travel, it is inspirational.

Certainly, other people must be considering the speaking tour as a means of supplementing their income. For example, there may be sure-hit speakers like the following:

Tiger Woods - on Motor Safety During the Holidays

Governor Mark Sanford - on Argentina as a Tourist Destination

John Edwards - on Key Elements in Creating a Presidential Web Site

Lindsay Lohan - on Understanding the California Court System

Bristol Palin is a guide. Before she is even twenty years old, she has her own public relations company. The home office seems to be in Anchorage but is there any doubt that branch offices, throughout the country, are in the plans?

Bristol Palin's entrepreneurial spirit has me thinking. If I went on the lecture circuit and did a couple of presentations a week, that would augment the present income significantly. If I charged only a modest $15,000 per engagement initially, that would be $30,000 a week. That's a million and a half for a fifty week year. It's important to take holidays.

And I gave some careful thought to the topic. Whereas Bristol Palin's expertise with teenage pregnancy is obvious, mine is removing stains from stainless steel travel coffee mugs. So many people drink coffee. Thousands - perhaps millions - of those coffee drinkers use stainless steel coffee mugs. And what coffee drinker would not want a perfectly sparkling travel mug? It is just such a timely topic. 

I don't want to sound immodest but, in the area of coffee mug stain removal, I considered myself an expert. It would be selfish to not share this skill with a wide national (and perhaps international) audience. And I have Bristol Palin to thank for the motivation.  

 The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All Sposored By The Candie's Foundation

Bristol Palin: May, 2010

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]

some links:

Can You Spare $30,000? Hire Bristol Palin!

Bristol Palin: Speaker for Hire

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol to earn US$30,000 for speaking engagments 

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Noggie this is brilliant.
I wrote about Bristol Palin last month.

How much more relevant her speeches would be if she was honest with herself and her audience.
I see you on the lecture circuit one day, talking about a heck of a lot more than coffee stains. I have benefited from more than one of your particular areas of expertise, which is more than I can say about Bristol Palin.
Hmmmm - I do have such stainless steel mug from Starbucks. It is dirty. Would you care to share your knowledge with your OS pals?

*agreeing with 'OEsheepdoggie'*
What is it with these Palin women and their Bump-Its?

Of course, I guess we can expect the usual suspects to come out of the woodwork and ask why we are insulting Bristol Palin. But, really, I'd like to ask her defenders: What is her area of expertise? Why should she be able to command that kind of money to give a speech? And do you think that, if Malia Obama has a baby while still in high school, she will receive the same treatment?
Geesh, we could all become wealthy speakers. When reading the news stories yesterday about young Miss Palin, I couldn't help but think one word--prostitution. A legitimate form of it maybe but prostitution nonetheless--but doesn't that describe us all.
Sorry - The post was entitled:

"Spare Me the Abstinence Speech"
Please stop talking/writing about "them" it just conjures more press.
Few want to accept the obvious- the whole Palin Family act is about motherhood. The white ladies of the south, midwest and other pockets of high school or less education have finally seen one of their own, Mama-Bear Bible Spice, elevated to a position of authority (well, before abdicating anyway) and prestige. In a way, you can't blame them. It is primitive human nature for the undeveloped brain to see role models who resemble what they wish they were themselves. This is all about hormones, they mass amount required to create a new life in your womb. That was little-bear Bristol Spice's skill, the same as her Church Lady Mom ... both before marriage, but, hey, it is cold at night up north.

Public life has always been with us ...
Smart move. I spent four years and ridiculous amounts of research to write my book. I've now with a reputable speaker's bureau and was told I may expect to be offered my choice of a coach class ticket OR a $400 stipend-- EXCEPT for those places that can't manage to pay at all. I wish to hell I was an expert at something useful, stain removal.
Did she even graduate from High School?

That she is paid 30k to say anything is absurd. Who are the idiots that are paying her this kind of money?
I'm jealous and I think the Palin family will forever be rich!

*goes back to searching career builder...
She'll write a book. Then, like her mom, she'll be able to say she's written one more book than she's read.
@Oahusurfer: please be cautious about lumping geographic residents into a stereotype. Doing so only shows ignorance of the subject.

There are a lot of fine intelligent women in the areas you mentioned. You do a disservice to them and all women.
Jeanette DeMain,
I’ll take the bait, I’m bored.

What is it with these Palin women and their Bump-Its? Picking on what people wear is shallow.

Of course, I guess we can expect the usual suspects to come out of the woodwork and ask why we are insulting Bristol Palin. I’m the only one. But, really, I'd like to ask her defenders: What is her area of expertise? Making money. Why should she be able to command that kind of money to give a speech? She’s better at making money than you. And do you think that, if Malia Obama has a baby while still in high school, she will receive the same treatment? They are in grade school. So I hope whoever raped them would be hunted down like a rabid dog. But if you mean when they are older. We would be far far kinder than the liberals have been to the Palin family. And we wouldn't still be taking about it over a year and a half later.
Two Thumbs, of course I meant when they were older, as evidenced by the fact that I said, "...if Malia Obama has a baby while still in high school..."

Clear enough?

And, no, you wouldn't be kinder. No way.
Wow, saw this on the front page...the headline made me read it. I despise Palin and I was getting ready to write something pointed and sharp. Glad I didn't have to. Good work. R.
Jeanette DeMain

oops!! missread that. Sorry for the humor I added.

And yeah, we would be kinder, except for the people that would remember that libs have yet to stop talking about them. So if it's ever on the other foot, you don't have the right to complain.
Bring on the coffee stain removal talk, its way more important than what El Twitto has to say.
yes I need the coffee stain removal info more than advice from Bristol.
gosh, look at that photo! She already looks like a middle-aged woman. something odd there....

And pssst! I could use your help not only with SS coffee stains, but ceramic! Write Back Soon!
"oops!! missread that. Sorry for the humor I added."

You weren't funny. Talking about raping children isn't funny.
Jim, of course you are right about so many good people in the world. 2 things influence my feelings: 1. I spend time in both worlds and there is no equivalent on the left of the hate of the right, none. Abstinence "education" is like "intelligent design" code for control lives, through government, no less!, hypocrisy abounds. 2. Sorry, bro, my own sum of experiences traveling the south and midwest since the 1950s has left me with the clearest picture imaginable of what these code words actually represent.

The good people of these parts, like the majority of muslims, need to step up and disavow dark ages nonsense and fascist hate at its source, and I have stood beside them in those efforts since Free Speech, Civil Rights and Anti-War protests I've attended in the above "provinces."

When you go on tour, perhaps you could hire me as your lead in speaker. In less than 11 minutes I can demonstrate the intricate art of fixing a $100 pair of Birkenstocks with a $2 roll of duct tape. And I come cheap - I'd only charge, oh, let's say $3000 per lecture.

Thanks for a great post!!
Connie Mack said what I immediately thought. She's looking pretty spent. Comes from growing up at light speed I guess. I feel sad for her even though I think the whole circus swirling around her is heinous.
Why do we insist on giving stupidity a platform? As a high school teacher seeing the teen preg problem daily, I am horrified this girl is being paid to speak on a failed notion......why do we let her profit on this stupidity? Oh yeah, that's right, we let her Mom do the same....
Hey Catherine, I'm glad you finally figured out what you want to do with your life! :)
Noggie- I think you missed the real money maker here. You zipped right past it in your intro. You go ahead and become a speaker...I'll manage the entire stable. You, Bristol, Tiger, et al. That way I get a healthy cut (say 60% for my expenses) and you guys can do the little stuff....the actual talking.

Potential clients can message me here. ;-)
Her 15 minutes of fame has gone on far, far too long.