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MAY 18, 2012 1:38PM

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini: through the houses

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Garipata Trail, Big Sur Coast Eclipse fever has started, particularly on the West Coast and the Southwest of the U.S. where the path of the Solar Eclipse will pass this Sunday late afternoon.  Parties and viewing gatherings are planned, and dire predictions are being made (typical), but what is the astrological significance of the Solar eclipse? This solar eclipse coincides with the New Moon in Gemini, so how might it affect us?
On May 20, 2012, the annual solar eclipse will take place as the  Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Because the eclipse occurs when the diameter of the Moon appears to look smaller than the Sun, the Sun appears to have a ring of fire around it as the Moon blocks it in her passage. While this is not a total eclipse, due to the Moon’s proximity to Earth, it will be a spectacular one. The eclipse will be visible starting from the northern coast of China and spreading south and then eastward across the western coast (Canada and the Pacific Northwest) and southwestern part of the U.S.A., and then continue its path completing its 5 minute 46 second journey shadowing the surface of the Earth before ending over New Mexico.  For more amazing thoughts on the moon, visit the Live Science.
The eclipse will begin at 5:30 PDT. The greatest coverage (that 5 min. 46 sec. shadow and ring of fire time) occurs at approximately 6:30. Remember not to look directly into the sun, but use a solar filter of some kind or look on the ground or at a computer screen showing the eclipse in real time to avoid harming your eyes. As KATU meteorologists suggest, “ just stand under that tree. The sight of a thousand ring-shaped sunbeams swaying back and forth on a grassy lawn or sidewalk is unforgettable.”

What significance does astrology give to grand solar eclipses? Eclipses are wild cards meant to shake us up to move in our personal evolutionary and maturity process. The archetypal energy of an eclipse activates energy for us to move, change, alter, or manifest that which has been building, growing, or seeking release in our lives. There was a time when people expected the passage of the Moon over the surface of the Sun to cause catastrophic events, but the energy of the Moon on the tides of the Earth, and the blocking of the Sun’s electromagnetic field, other than causing higher tides and some interference with electronic communications, have a more long-lasting effect on our lives than the immediate spectacle of the eclipse itself.  Eclipses act like a New Moon or Full Moon on steroids. There is a tendency for events and changes to seem to come on suddenly or in an unexpected manner. Depending where the path of the Solar Eclipse falls in your chart, this solar eclipse will probably unveil some fated types of experiences that will have a dramatic effect on your life. As Mountain Astrologer writer Mary Plumb notes, “Tis the season to be growing!”

Wherever the Solar eclipse hits in our lives, we will become more aware of whatever has been suppressed, hidden, forgotten, left out, or stashed away for safekeeping. Depending which area of our lives is most affected, we will no longer be able to ignore or sweep dreams, desires, and plans aside.

The Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 occurs at 0/21 (0 degrees, 21 minutes) of Gemini.  Those affected most significantly are those of us with planets, aspects, and house cusps at 25-30 degrees of Fixed signs--Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, and those of us with planets, aspects, and house cusps at 0 to 5 degrees of the Mutable signs--Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Notice what areas of your life these planets fall in and what aspects the eclipse (for both the Sun and the Moon are hitting that part of your life), as these are the areas where you might expect to be most affected.  For example, if the energy of the eclipse is touching your first house (that aspect of our personality that relates to how we appear in the world, the mask we wear, or the image we project most strongly), we might be paying more attention to our appearance (both how we look and what we are telling the world about who we say we are). Whatever changes are operating in that particular area of our lives, we will probably be spurred on to make changes more rapidly. Events may trigger the need for change, or we may be motivated to act on opportunities with greater speed and intention.

For those whose 2nd houses are affected, the changes and transformation may come in the area of your personal self you have come to value yourself.  What am I worth personally, and how have I come to understand and accept my worth and value as a person? Many people read this house as personal finance, but it is much more than the house of money. It is the area of our lives that relates to what we have internalized with our own value and worth. Often we are operating on worn out, incorrect, and negative ideas, borne of unhealthy conditioning, and lack of reflection on our true worth.  For many of us, when our 2nd house issues are out of whack, we feel worse about ourselves than at other times, and this is something we must address by getting professional help (hire a CPA, see a lawyer, hire a bookkeeper or get some financial counseling.  Get professional assistance in an area where you are not equipped to handle a situation and where you lack the knowledge and expertise to deal with issues that are blocking you.  If it’s  is no disgrace to hire a professional to hire a dentist to work on our teeth, why do we think we have to be an expert in everything else?  Seeking assistance or viewing a situation that is not working in this area of your life, is vital to making the necessary transformation that opens opportunity and a clearer path.

Third house areas that may be affected by transformative events and issues, pertain to our mode of communication, the life and neighborhood or community we inhabit, our neighbors, sisters and brothers, and our mode of communication.  We may now notice changes or the urge for movement and release in this area. We may find we have a stronger need to improve, enhance, or change this area of life. We may find ourselves desiring different ways of expressing ourselves, or we may find that we can finally create and communicate in ways that had hitherto not been possible. There is a greater need to bring opposites, polarities, and differences together into a coherent whole. If the third house is aspected by the eclipse, expect to receive messages in unexpected, sudden ways, and on different levels of your being (watch dreams, pay attention to intuitive feelings, listen to what your body is telling you, and watch for signs that confirm and affirm you).

The fourth house, being where you feel at home as well as where you dwell, is an area that is strongly affected if the solar eclipse moves across this part of your life.  There may be a strong urge to make major changes. If things need to be fixed, they will manifest in forms that demand your attention.  If you have been considering a move, there may be news on this front now, moving you forward to make whatever changes are necessary for your home/sense of well being to come into harmony.  Old issues may arise that call you to resolve, abandon, release, or otherwise settle any conflicts that have been suppressed. 

The Fifth house represents our capacity for love and pleasure, our children and creative projects. The fifth house is about learning to have fun and remembering how to experience life through our senses. The fifth house is our inner artist who longs to paint, dance, dream, create, and express pleasure and beauty.  For those of us who have had our noses to the grind stone far too much of the time, we will begin to nourish our creative spirit more. Pleasure experienced with our senses also includes our need to create, give birth, seek union, and nourish our souls, minds, and bodies. We experience an awakening  call to  greater sensual urges, creative passions, and the fertile imagination to feed our desires and visions.

Sixth house issues deal with our physical bodies (where we spend our time, where we work, and how we treat our bodies). Our health is crucial to our living productive, harmonious, balanced, and fulfilling lives. This house often signifies the workplace. Our life work, how we spend our time and energy and creative urges has a significant affect our physical health and well being. The solar eclipse can provide us with a wake up call to find greater peace, alignment, and meaning in this area of our lives. If we are in balance here, we may find we desire an expansion of our work life, we may accept the challenge to push our physical limits, and expand our awareness, experiences, and boundaries in ways we had only dreamed of in the past. Now is the time to take the leap of faith and take the risk to make changes. If we have not been happy with our work or have been in poor health, we will need to address the underlying issues that keep us from our highest good and excellent health. Movement, stretching beyond limited thinking, and visioning a new future require an awareness of what is not working and how it is affecting our overall livelihood and health.

Seventh house issues relate to marriage and partnerships.  The Solar eclipse affects those relationships that are in need of transformation or are already in disrepair.  A time of reflection or regaining perspective in whatever partnerships we are involved in will be on the list of things to do. If communication and connections are no longer in line with one’s life, it is time for repairs, redressing major blocks and issues, and remembering what sparked the partnership first. All contracts, sacred or civil, are based on a set of agreements and a system of rewards and consequences, blessings and curses in the Biblical sense.  Our covenant agreements are sacred contacts, and must be adhered to or the partnership moves outside the original bind two people and their interests, dreams, and needs in a mutually rewarding partnership.  The Solar eclipse will bring to light what is no longer working or where vows have been broken, disregarded, or forgotten. We will seek greater connection now, and be more forthright about the conditions and agreements that we keep.

The Eighth house has to do with how we are valued in the greater society.  What is our role in the world, and how are we regarded in our lives by those in society?  This is also the area of our service to others, other people’s money and resources, and inheritance and goods of the dead.  It’s also an area that rules our sexual/creative energy.  The eighth house is about transforming on a grand scale, so one might expect that issues in this area will be hard to ignore. There may be major announcements, changes, or movement that affect you and your life choices, and how you handle this depends upon your preparedness and willingness to grow and mature. Whatever we have grown comfortable with, may disappear or change form in some way so that we realize what we’ve always known, that change is inevitable. Our perspectives and how we deal with change are the tools which will enable us to build, create, solve, and work with the substance of life that we have been given.

The Ninth house deals with higher education, institutional types of learning, different cultures and ancient wisdom, metaphysical, philosophical, religious, and spiritual development and ritual. Someone or some form of knowledge unfamiliar to us may  have an impact on our lives now.  We may travel long distances (through time or space or both) to discover a part of our identity and destiny that had been hidden. We will learn more about who we are and how we are connected to one another, and there will probably be something of earthshaking proportions that will bring change to help transform the world at large, and our lives in particular.

The Tenth house, the house of your Soul’s call, relates to the inner calling and purpose you have within you. Often this appears to us through the work we do, and our work is a part of the process that leads us to answer this call. Whatever you are destined to share, express, create, or manifest in some way that transcends your own personal fulfillment, now rises higher into your conscious awareness. Whatever has fallen away (either through a felt loss, lack, or missed opportunity sometime earlier in your life--recent or distant), now reappears as opportunity on the path you are walking. You discover you need go no further...what you seek is before you, and all has led you to this moment of creation.

The Eleventh house is the house of how we relate with one another in groups. This could be your circle of friends, coworkers, community, church, guild of artists, union, or whatever social and institutional groups you belong to. Your identity in this area of your life may either be shaken up quite a bit (before now but now it is evident) or you may find that groups are shifting, changing, evolving, falling apart, or disappearing). Group connections are reflecting the dynamism alive in us individually, and it is only a reflection and consequence of the movement of all people and society in flux and transformative change.  There may be more upset or sudden movement in these areas, and you may find yourself in new territory, trying to determine boundaries, position, and identity for the first time in a long time.  Our roles are changing as our groups and institutions evolve, break apart, or transform themselves to meet growing needs and circumstances.

The Twelfth house represents your subconscious and that which is hidden and mysterious.  This is the part of both ourselves and the world in which we live that is unknown to us on the conscious level. This area has been moving beneath the surface for many of us for quite some time, and now more than every, our dreams, intuition, imagination, inner senses, reasoning, drives, urges, and desires, make themselves known. Whatever is unresolved, unhealed, or in need of your attention now knocks on your cognitive and intuitive doors to spur you to pay attention and act on your own behalf for that which must be addressed for your development and journey ahead.

There may be more than one area of your life (and of course all areas affect and interact with one another), so look at how the houses where the Eclipse hits and see if you might discern some of the tools, gifts, talents, and memories you have to make the necessary changes that are being accentuated through the energies of change taking place at this time...including the eclipse and the energy it sets into motion for the next few lunar cycles, and also the other major transits that may be triggering or blocking change, awareness, or understanding.

Enjoy the celebration of the Solar eclipse as this eclipse packs the power of its New Moon in Gemini and then some. As the eclipse is on the New Moon, we are propelled by the intentions we set at this time. We are in a time of reflection and planning, and now is a great time to listen to our inner voice, put our plans in prayer, turn our desire over to the Divine for an alignment with our true nature and in tune with our beliefs. Allow yourself to be brutally honest about what you need to do, be, and create in order to follow your journey to the True North of your soul call and identity. Discover a way to enter into a ritual seeking alignment with the Divine, and asking for support, guidance, and blessings that you will receive the grace of God in whatever you do, whatever you choose, with whatever your circumstances or needs may be. Blessing to all, and embrace the journey and gifts of your life. Be grateful, and release all that distorts or disturbs your heart, mind, and soul from a clear and direct link to that which is in your highest interest and is best for all involved.

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