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March 23
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JUNE 4, 2012 12:34PM

Asymptotic Love Letter (The Slow Dip)

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The wound on your finger was not quite healed
A pink ring around a tiny drying red lake
No matter, aun así, you twirled me, curled me, upward
Writing yet another, even better, asymptotic love letter
Your body, your proclivity toward infinity curving, penning, pursuing
Until you finally winced and danced me into your lap.

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Delightfully dizzying.
Eso, Mateo, just a slight push and we’re off…
An everlasting lap dance between lovers. It can't get any better than that.
what i love most here is how much better "aun así" works for this than english would have... clever clever idea which i shall now steal! of course my command of any language other than english (and sometimes even english) is questionable.

lovely piece.
Limb ~ I love how you put that. Danka ~

yes, lorianne! take whatever you like ~ we ladronas have to stick together...and I stole all this stuff from a thief to begin with. Gracias ~
your proclivity toward infinity

Could feel the beat of the music, smell her perfume, feel the crisp new dress, and, oh, the curve of the body. . .
No one ever, ever said this to me.
I see this as hopeful and forward-looking for both: the one with the wound (a removed wedding band?) going forth and loving again, and the other sharing and merging on this new journey. A new beginning can be so euphoric and cleansing.
John ~ there's a great expression in Spanish: Que curvas y yo sin frenos! (What lovely curves, and me with no brakes!)

DB ~ well, not yet anyway...

VA ~ You are so right...euphoria is the way to go if you can.
1. Some crazy algorithmic (Google) detour left me with "My Life as a Teenage Asymptote". (!?)


2. Lots of that,,, just pulling the horizon beneath you, over and over again, around a center of earth axis and a mast that feigns pointing towards infinity. But fortunately, I'm mostly in a trance when it happens. Then, what the wind is doing with the sail (when it thinks I don't notice) and the water on the curves can't resist
pulling the horizon beneath you, over and over again...

oye, capitán!! you captured it all, just with that line...and then you set it all free, too. Las curvas te dominan y luego te revelan las verdades esenciales...
(and by 'te' I mean 'me'...) Saludos, siempre y gracias ~
Ah yes, the slow dip. Missed it earlier this week but still catch (22) your "proclivity towards infinity" found here.
Loving slow dip, & lap.

Asymptotics did me in.
Dancing towards infinity..
romantic and lovely.
Hey, Scarlett!'s never too late for the slow dip...

Me too, Kim...well, almost...

hola rita. Sometimes it's a hard call between dancin' in dust kickers and barefoot on the beach...we get the same place either way, I guess.
powerful wince, the laptop penning
this poem curves in itself, just like a caracol, an invitation to dance and to love, se cae uno, claro, el poema también anda sin frenos y delicioso

I will tell you one day, if you know it not, about the time when there were no women and caracaracol men of leathery skin made some out of trees
your proclivity toward infinity curving, penning, pursuing
Until you finally winced and danced me into your lap.

that is one damn asymptotic lover! would that we should all have them but..

approaching a limit..
is there a limit?

i dunno. asymptote=a straight line approached by a given curve as one of the variables in the equation of the curve approaches infinity
spinning, spinning, spinning, jp. Like the Chicken said up above...

vanessa! por favor, tell me any story, cuando quieras, even the ones I think I know...mujeres hechas de arboles...diosas de madera...

hello, james ~ I dunno is sometimes quite a murky business...Thank you again for your Milton/Blake/Father's Day post.
Oh, I love this. I always love it when your rhythms spin, but this one - I think it's the wincing...
sigh, yeah, like that