MAY 14, 2009 5:00PM

BATZ! - I'll Be Vladimir And You Be Estragon

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BATZ! - I'll Be Vladimir And You Be Estragon

If you clickit how do you know you did? And what is bigger actually? Relativity is so imprecise

I only steal from the best. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. As it was earlier this week when PE just blurted out half of today's punchline.

Thanks pussycat! 

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The chair. You're waiting for someone? And would you recognize him if you saw him?
Waiting for the electrician or someone like him.
A perfect description of life!
Shoes for industry, comrades!
No, it's a mount. Wait - Steve - we cross-posted, right?
Crap, I was trying to "beat the reaper."
Papoon for President!
Papoon, Papoon for President!
There is no one to Blame!
Papoon for our chief President!
You Know He's not Insane!
So much for live-blogging the cobalt testing range. Thus approaches the 4-Runner of familial responsibilities. Later furry one.
It is a poem, a found poem, I found it, so it is. It starts with the visuals, then the kitty's text, then Stacey, who was required for this one (I knew he wouldn't let us down), who knew we were so post-literati?
Oh this was an LOL spot-on message today Caruso.

I felt like I was sitting in that chair as your audience.
Yeah I know godot but still I felt like I wanted to be in that chair
Oh, those tortuous BATZ!