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JULY 17, 2011 1:22PM

Five Minutes of Impending Doom

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After a stressful day, sleep finally comes at 2 am. Crashing storms and a panicked dog wake me two hours later.

Then the power goes out, and my anxious mind spins into a frenzy.

There's an extreme heat warning for the next few days, what if we're still out of power all the while? I wouldn't last, we'd have to go to a hotel. One that allows dogs, and is not too expensive. Or too cheap. But we couldn't stay here!

I need the comforts of my middle class life. I am soothed only by a full fridge, mindless sitcoms replaying at midnight, cool air coming through vents in every room.  What if I lose the ability to pay for these things?  What if I were homeless during a heat wave? I would not survive.

I need electricity: a/c, fans, tv, internet, refrigeration......what if our culture's and MY greed for power, combined with lack of sustainable sources lead to widespread outages--in my lifetime?  Or my child's?

Furthermore, how will I survive the catastrophic effects of global warming: droughts, geographic alterations, unwavering heat? I will crumble.

After five minutes of suffering these thoughts, I remember the elixir that sits in a cabinet downstairs. I make my way through the darkness, and find the bottle I'm looking for. The veterinarian had given us valium to ease my dog's panic during thunderstorms.

It works for humans too.  I know this because when I was a child, my mom had a stash of valium from the vet.
Twenty minutes later, I'm sleeping soundly, dreaming of a beach vacation.

The power is back on by the time I wake up.  All is well -- for now.

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tell me I'm not the only one with crazy thoughts like these.....
You are definitely NOT the only one with thoughts like that...
But sharing your dog's Valium? Did I read that right?
Glad you power is back on but your thoughts are scary, because they could come true.
Not crazy I think a lot of us worry about what is to come possibly in our lifetime but for sure in our children's...
I had one of those nights but because I kept hearing someone sighing and the sound like they were suffering. I never found the sound after getting up at 3 times searching my house and yard..
I think I am like you I could not imagine not having my swamp cooler and fans going...I would melt away..
We're all so spoiled, aren't we? You're not alone in your worries and concerns....
You sound like me when a hurricane is in the Gulf, headed our way. At our most crowded, we had two cats, four dogs, a rat, a goldfish and two teens. Even now, with only three dogs and a rat, it would have to be a Cat5 bearing right down on us for us to evacuate, so instead I just fret and imagine how I'd get us all into the ark, how I'd parcel out the food and water, which warm body we'd eat first...if we HAD to, I mean.

Now I feel like I really must get some pet valium. Is that the stuff they call "ace"? I mean, I DO have a dog that panics during thunderstorms. I've slept on the couch for the past three nights to keep him from whining, pawing and breathing hotly on my face. Which he still does, but at least when I move to the couch, one of us gets to sleep. If I had that valium I'd take it and then I wouldn't even notice his distress! ;)
Nothing like living in the here and now

Rated worry free from Di
Nice piece. Scary, but nice. Our thirst for oil that is not going to get any cheaper or easier to find may make your fears come true.

But peace be with you and all of us now. Thanks for posting this story.
Indeed you did, Joan! Works wonders.

Hi trilogy! but that last part of your comment? I can't hear you, I can't hear you...

LL, sighing and suffering..that gives me chills

we are patricia, thank you for reading

I can't imagine living near hurricanes, bell...but you & your pets living on an ark would make a GREAT reality show, don't you think?

Oh and Bell --it's actual valium: Diazapam. Nectar from the gods...if used only in moments of extreme distress.

I'm working on that Di -- but clearly not there yet, esp. in the dead of night.
Are you kidding me? You are soooooo NOT alone! :)
I know how you feel about needing your creature comforts - especially air conditioning. But I know from personal experience that you would find a way to get through the deprivation. Here in Paris, almost no one has air conditioning in their home. You learn to adapt in really strange ways: keeping the shutters closed, using electric fans or ceiling fans (we just got one a few months ago and it has changed my life!), eating cold food like salads, mozzarella cheese, fruits, ice cream if possible. All this to say, it's amazing how human beings adapt. Still, live without creature comforts is hard. I'm glad the power didn't go off. I do wish you hadn't neede the Valium, though!