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August 10
When I figure it out I'll add it, one blog at a time. I illustrated "Travel Tales I Couldn't Put in the Guidebooks" written by Lea Lane. You can get it at Amazon and on Kindle!


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JANUARY 24, 2012 12:40PM

The Circle of Life


Circle of Life Me at age 7 in Athens, Greece. 

Being unemployed.  These words resonate with me…not like they did when I was a young woman, when life lay before you and jobs were plentiful, especially when you had youth, beauty and common sense to count as skills. Ironically the… Read full post »

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APRIL 26, 2011 11:13AM

A Two-Day Road Trip!

I left last Wednesday to fly to Jackson Hole, WY.  I was going to meet Paul and visit one of his sons and not-so-coincidentally meet the two year old grandson.  All went really well, including the on again, off again snow.  (Ok there was a bit of drama with

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DECEMBER 10, 2010 11:45AM

Where is Christmas?



Hard to find

 Drawing by Sheila ©2010



Everyone handles the holidays differently as is very evident by all of the postings about it.  My late husband taught me some valuable lessons about holidays.


Holidays have become something about expectations...not beiRead full post »

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AUGUST 19, 2010 1:21PM

A Life of Lace.


I never figured my life would be delicate strands of tautness woven into a lace, strong yet able to be unraveled by a broken thread.


It’s been a year since his death.  He was the major thread of my last 30 years.  Since then I’ve examined parts of myRead full post »

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JUNE 23, 2010 11:36AM

Life's Many Soundtracks



Listening to music now is really weird.  My husband never liked music, had no frame of reference for songs of his youth...yet you could give him a baseball player’s name and he would, in Vinny’s voice, provide you with the commentary of a particular Dodger’s gameRead full post »

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MAY 13, 2010 11:41AM

Minding My Store to Keep His Hours.

Blog Sky



Last night I was thinking.  I was dancing around my kitchen preparing a dinner salad of grilled halibut, blackberries, boiled potatoes, grill-roasted corn, strawberries and lettuces.  (Yes they went together marvelously tied with a tangelo squeezed over

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APRIL 12, 2010 11:37AM

Separating the Me from Us.


I never gave much thought about who I am, until lately.  To be fair, more like when my husband died.


Things become so ingrained, so subtly infused with “us”, the couple we were it was often hard to see where one begins and the other ends.  Yes,

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MARCH 2, 2010 12:07PM

The Days Grow Longer and Shorter



Six months.  Sunday made six months since my husband died.  It’s hard to think how so much/so little time has passed since my world ceased to exist in the comfortable form it had grown into.


Oh sure, I can review my blogs, my grieving diary, my appointment books,Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 8, 2010 12:40AM

Finding Elvis in Mexico

Red Elvis 



The last time I was in La Paz Mexico was in the early 70's.  I stayed at Los Arcos, the best hotel in town at the time.  It was all white, had a wonderful turquoise swimming pool I laid around in curlers and a blue/green bikini (part ofRead full post »

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JANUARY 22, 2010 11:41AM

Photo Essay of a Southern CA Winter Storm


Thunder and lightning

throwing itself against us

making winter known.

 Mistletoe against the sky 

Raindrops keep fallin’...



 Up the creek without a paddle
  ReflectionsRead full post »
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DECEMBER 8, 2009 12:35PM

Eating Single Again...


It’s been just over three months since I have been a “single”.  To my estimation that would be covering quite a few Tuesday Foodie Posts.  I’ll admit I am not contributing much of anything, but on occasion I will whip up something I have seen on OS.


MosRead full post »

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DECEMBER 1, 2009 11:57AM

Why I Hate Attorneys and Baseball.



Giddy from my “fifteen minutes of fame”, in 1975 I drove to Hollywood from Colorado, as an innocent. Though my “fame” was on the big screen, my true calling was writing.


Armed only with a red VW, laden with my worldly possessions crammed into a few cardboaRead full post »

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NOVEMBER 24, 2009 11:41AM

What Being Single Really Means.


Sunday I got hungry.  I was all showered and dressed and it was 12:15.  I decided I would drive to Ventura to poke around and discover a restaurant I hadn't eaten in before.  It felt like a good time to call my friend Brett and  be spontaneous...asking him to joinRead full post »

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OCTOBER 22, 2009 11:15AM

SEX--When is it appropriate for a widow?


The longing for sex

means I am still very much here

even though you aren't.




Do you get enough?  Sex I mean... I know I don’t.  Of course there might be a good reason I don’t.  I’m just having trouble thinking what it is.  Hah-hah...… Read full post »

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OCTOBER 20, 2009 2:48AM

Tell Me All for $ 25....

Yesterday I had an “astrologer” give me a reading.  Why?  I happen to have a spare $25 I wanted to donate to a worthy cause; the 75 year old, who should spend it on a hair dye (or to get a haircut at the absolute minimum) lady from Europe, just tryingRead full post »

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OCTOBER 5, 2009 11:18AM

Grieving, I Choose to Make it About Living.


 He fades



To ignore things you have to be heavy into denial.  If you are spending that much time and effort to deny something, then you are going to miss the point.  There is no time for denial, only acceptance.  For when we accept that the choice is ours,Read full post »

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 11:55AM

When Your Father and Son are Considerate of your Feelings.



I have only three men in my life, and one died nearly a month ago.  The other two are a tale of things opposite, yet ending up the same, if only for a few days.


Back near the end of April my son confessed to us he wasRead full post »

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 12:16PM

The Appearance of the Blue Man into my Life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009. 


What a day.  You couldn’t make this shit up.  I went to the hospital again this morning  Now my love has blue feet and hands.  I walked into the room and was immediately cold to the bone.  For the first time in weeks I was feelinRead full post »

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 12:47PM

The Class of '69...The Real 90210 High School Reunion.



When people say “truth is stranger than fiction”...well, they know it to be true.  I now add my voice to the mix.


I realize I haven’t written in a week or so, at least for public consumption.  Sometimes it takes a few days to be able to filRead full post »

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AUGUST 29, 2009 12:39AM

My World Would be Emptier Without Each of You...

I know I have been somewhat optimistic here, and metaphorical...but dying is difficult enough without sharing every detail.  I shared what I could at the time.

I have so many things I want to say now and share with you, but I need time.  I don't think it is quite real for… Read full post »

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AUGUST 12, 2009 11:07AM

Popeye Doyle...My very own "French Connection".



Eddie Egan/Popeye Doyle 


Popeye Doyle.  That name mean anything to you?  Maybe, if you are from NY and of a certain age.  Remember the Narcotics Detectives, Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso and a big cocaine bust and a movie called, “The French ConnectRead full post »

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JULY 9, 2009 2:14PM

"America Tonight"-The Precursor of Outrageous TV



Does anyone remember the tv show from the 70's, "Fernwood Tonight", later known as "America Tonight"? It was co-hosted by Martin Mull and Fred Willard.




“Fernwood Tonight”, began as the summer replacement for the show, “Mary Hartman,Read full post »

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JULY 6, 2009 1:42PM

The Heartbreak of Adoption Gone Wrong.


All we wanted was to begin a family, our own family.  Due to my husband’s disease and the probability of passing it on, we thought adoption was the best way to go.  We thought there are so many children without homes, surely we could find one to come into ourRead full post »

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MAY 29, 2009 12:17PM

Mixed drinks, a drunk chick and school.

It all began last year when I was writing a series chronicling 30 years of my life, beginning at the age of 10.  When I got to the early 60’s I began to think of my childhood friend Kathy.  She and I had been thick as thieves, almost from the day… Read full post »

Don’t sleep with people you see on TV if you never want to see them again.

It’s no secret I have had some sex....okay, lots of sex.  But having good sex, in my opinion, takes years of practice.  (Smile.)  A great deal of practice. (Bigger smile.)  It is a good… Read full post »