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MARCH 16, 2011 9:28AM


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Born in Japan 


I was born in Japan in 1948.  I am held by my mother and father on my Christening Day in Tachikawa, Japan.  



The  snowflakes fall silently

making  white frosting.

 A cake of  human despair.



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Me too Buffy and this was done so well.
That picture of your parents..sigh...
rated with hugs
Happy Birthday my friend. Let's hope there will be some good news coming from Japan soon!
I feel for the people there. I feel so absolutely helpless. I am just at a loss for words today I guess.
I hope they thrive again
like cherry blossoms
blooming after winter snow.
I know what you mean, Buffy. It's sickening and so sad. I am reminded of the human frailties and our need of something larger than ourselves.
We are all crying Buffy. I am impressed by the stoicism of the Japanese and the lack of hysteria, looting and crime. I pray for them. America is the only country I see risking their lives on behalf of the Japanese. As an American I feel proud that we are there helping; I fear for our military over there in harms way. And I never thought I'd say this but it comes down to this: I cannot do anything else to help. My country is the one over there helping. And: it is what it is.
your eloquent haiku speaks to the heart of the tragedy.
It just seems that the body blows just keep on coming for the people of Japan. I have been moved by the quiet courage and grace of the people as they struggle to survive all these disasters.
Sitting here in North America it all seems so unreal. Of course it isn't and I feel deep sadness and despair. My thoughts have also gone to Nagasaki and Hiroshima and I wonder how much can a people bear? I too have tears.

Beautiful picture, Buffy.
Your parents must have felt the blows from the WWII Japanese tragedy. What a world you were born into!! Great Pictures.
Nicely done, Miss Buffy.
Sad as it may be, the Japanese are the best prepared to handle such devastation. Happy Birth Day, Buffy!
This is so perfect, even through the tears. Unbearable to watch the news. Love your piercing tribute. xo
Powerful, Sheila. Your drawings and the haiku broke my heart. But you were a darling little baby, and what handsome parents. I believe you favor your dad.
This was so beautiful, sad, oh my.
Linda--Thank you. I'm sorta glad my mother isn't alive to see this all.
Scanner--It isn't my birthday...although I just noticed I missed my 2 year anniversary on OS by 3 days. Thank you though.
Bobbot--I understand, it is very overwhelming.
Surazeus--I do also. Thank you for coming by.
Patricia--Indeed, something much larger.
Deborah--I agree, I too am impressed. They have much to teach us.
Chuck--Thank you.
Torman--It is refreshing not to see riots and all the things we see here. Patience is a virtue for sure.
Scarlett- It sure does. Thank you.
Zanelle--My parents were among the first to go live in Japan after the war. I spoke to my father about this yesterday.
Kathy--Thank you. Loss is universal.
Thoth--Yes they are...if anyone is. Nice to see you again!
Just Kathy--Thank you, I am finding it really difficult to write these days and this is all I can do.
Matt--Thank you. I'll tell my dad...I know I have his eyes.
Sheila--Thank you.
Feeling for you, hope you feel better.
Sigh. I have been trying to think of a way to express in writing my deep feelings of total helplessness this week. I think you just did it for me, Buffy. So, so awful!

This is lovely and heartbreaking, Buffy...xox
This was powerful, Buffy. It's all so unspeakably sad.
Japan is, in a sense, your homeland. Your heart must feel such a pull right about now.
The grouping of the photo and the drawing and the Haiku complete the statement of the sentiment we all share, in our unique ways. I am glad you shared yours.
It is a sad, sad thing.
It's almost impossible to take it all on board, but for those with personal associations it must be extra hard.

Great drawing and haiku. It is a haiku isn't it? Love you.
Feeling this with you, friend. Wonderful art work & Haiku
Achingly beautiful.