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January 24
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OCTOBER 29, 2009 2:14AM

1st Day of School VS 51st Day of School

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This morning I was doing my usual “get the kid out the door” routine.   The same routine that I’ve been doing  every school morning for the past 18 years. 

Now that I’m down to one child in the high school, I can take a little breather and marvel at the absurdity of this morning chaotic blur.

 As I was having my coffee and recovering from the 23 minutes of madness that I just experienced, I was able to reflect.

 I was amused thinking how different the 1st day of school is compared to the 51st day of school.


The first day of school;

 We collectively rise at the appropriate time (with minutes to spare).

 We eat a tasty and healthy breakfast.

 We prepare a brown bag lunch for child.  We ponder on what fruit and what healthy, low fat treat to choose from the well supplied pantry to go along with the fresh turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat.

 We compliment child for astute sense of style as he models his choice of daywear.  (He chose his ensemble from his newly purchased stack of jeans.  His plethora of crisp, clever, and expensive Tee’s.  His brand new socks, underwear and cologne.)

 We comment on the burden of him having to carry such a heavy backpack.  (Said backpack is swollen with a hundred bucks worth of shiny new school supplies that we dutifully bought per the school’s request.)

 We cheerfully get in the car, chatting about some current topic or event that peaked our interest on morning TV.

 We get to school on time with child carrying packet containing 18 meticulously completed school forms.


 The 51st day of school;


We collectively wake up 19 minutes late.

 We offer child a slice of cold pizza for breakfast.  He declines.

 We search laundry room for clean underwear, socks and Tee.  We assure child that Tee is not too wrinkled to wear.  We successfully convince child (who grew 3 inches from 1st day of school)  that his jeans are not too short and its OK that we can’t remember the last time they were washed.

 We tear through house looking for Athletic Office form that is required TODAY for child to play in this weeks big game.

 We have mini meltdown over the inability to find said form.

 We silently drive to school like lunatics to make a feeble attempt to beat the bus traffic.

 We don’t beat the bus traffic, so child is late.

 We hand the kid the last twenty in purse (nothing smaller)  for lunch purchase, over his objections that lunch lady hates twenties.

We find a working pen on the car floor and give it to child after he returns to car with attitude stating he NEEDS a pen.

 We return home, take a breath, and pour a cup of coffee.

Then we do it all again tomorrow.








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Laughed out loud at the first line of the 51st day. Reminds me of a cartoon about first baby and subsequent babies. Baby 1: Dad sees baby drop pacifier. He picks it up, takes it home, boils it, and gives it back to baby. Baby 2: Drops pacifier, Dad picks it up, licks it, and gives it back to baby. Baby 3: Drops pacifier, Dad picks it up, wipes it on his pants, gives it back to baby. No babies get sick.
Oh what a difference in those days!! ;)
oh i love this!!!! fabulous contrast, girl!! very clever. love love love and gratitude
Oh, my gosh. Been there. Funny and sweet--reminds me also of how quickly the time passes.
Excellent descriptions. Life is full of good intentions we never manage to keep up with. But we survive and so do the kids and it's great to be able to laugh about it.
I was laughing and nodding as I read this, it took me back to my own days of "Mad Rush" as I was intent on getting my own children ready for school.

Perfect - in the midst of a mad dash as I type this. Love this - particularly the search for disappearing forms!!
This about sums up the difference in the two for teachers as well.

On the first day, I was up 30 minutes early, cooked my breakfast , packed a balanced lunch and put on a carefully selected dress and heels. This morning, I ate dry cereal (out of milk) and randomly grabbed a sweater to wear with not too wrinkled neutral pants and hoped that I had on two brown boots not one brown and one black as I left the house in the dark with a randomly grabbed container of leftovers for lunch.

On the first day, I took student handouts from a carefully prepared and pre-copied pile as I taught the perfect introductory lesson. This morning, I ran to the copier during a three minute passing period to copy the worksheet I decided to use at the last minute because the counselor did not take my 4th period kids for a careers session like he said a week ago he was going to.
Harriet, Tink, Teddy & Frank, Thanks so much for commenting. I'm glad you could appreciate the comparisons. Harriet, You're right its very much like the 1st baby vs. 3rd baby. :)

Linda, Torman & DustBD, Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Amy, I can only imagine that teachers experience these adjustments as well. Very funny. I'm sure you see it in the kids as well. :) Thanks for commenting.
Understood! I myself was bemoaning the fact the the honeymoom with the new HS is officially over and the drama has officially begun! Oh well, only 3.75 years to go!!!
Bluesurly, HS certainly is an interesting and challenging time when it comes to parenting. A lot of fun as well. Enjoy. :)
Yep! Somebody just sent me a cartoon that says it all:

Two dinosaurs sitting on rocks in the rain watch as a big boat (Noah's ark, apparently) sails away without them. The caption: "Oh crap, that was TODAY?"
Lainey, that's perfect. Very funny. :)
So funny and so true! Thanks for the laugh!
Sounds like my mornings...Exactly! RATED
Thanks so much MK, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
And let's check in on this same Mom and kid in April, yes? :-) !
Joody, By April we're whole different animals. Instead of giving the kid a twenty for lunch, were counting quarters. :))

Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Great, hysterical, comic, deadly true, before and after! Love this! rated
Thanks Joan. It's sooo important to laugh.:))
We always start off with the best of intentions, don't we??? Fun post!
Thanks for stopping by Tiger. :)
this is hysterical!!!