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MARCH 19, 2011 8:28AM

It's Super Moon Saturday

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"What's Super Moon Saturday?" you ask?

The moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical orbit, so sometimes it is closer than others. Once every lunar month (28 days), there is a full moon. Sometimes the full moon occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth (at it's perigee). 

 This is called a "Super Moon" .

Watch for it tonight. The moon will look fuller than normal. If you have even a drop of werewolf blood in your pedigree, you may feel the urge to howl. 

"Super Moons" can occur up to 4 or even 6 times a year, but many people only use the term to describe extreme super moons which are less frequent.

Today's Super Moon is the strongest in18 years.

Because the moon affects tides, expect tides today to be more extreme than ordinary. There is however no scientific support for the belief that Super Moons affect earthquakes or tsunamis- after the recent Japan quake, some pundits blamed tonight's Super Moon, but that is not likely.

The full moon in March is also commonly called the Storm Moon because of the typically unsettled weather. This makes some folks believe that today's Super Moon  will have special significance. Beyond that, however, I have found conflicting and vague theories as to whether or not this Super Moon, or Super Moons in general, has or have particular mystical pagan or Wicca significance.

 Anybody out there who knows more? 

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i just heard about this moon on the radio. i can't wait to see it. ya know, since our bodies are mostly water, the moon affects us too. A study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine found that 80 percent of ER nurses and 64 percent of physicians agree that the moon affects their patients' behavior. Murder rates also go up during full and new moons ... I'll let you know how it affects me.
I love the full moon and track the waxing and waning on my desktop..
here's to it tonight.. yeooooowwww...
Thanks for the info BB. I can only imagine how it will affect the lovers around the world. Just Jali Smiling and rating of course. :-)
Cin: I did a post some time ago on "moon madness".
rita: just don't leave evidence :)
Jali: passions flow with the tides?
Thanks for this. I am really looking forward to seeing this tonight...
guts or guilt, you pick.
Last night we had tornadoes, waterspouts, hail and massive rain.
Wonder if it had anything to do with it?
rated with hugs
Oh goody!!

Another "Flavour of The Month" cause of all disasters. It'll be fun watching all the "knowing & knowledgeable people" who show up to blame the moon for everything from sunspots to hangnails.

(*wanders off to find a drink of 'Super-Moon Water'*)

So that's what super moon is? I thought it was when a rather obese person dropped his/her ..... oh never mind. : ) R
It's in my sign too! HOOooooooWWWWWLLLL.
joan: hope for clear skies
rita: never guilt
Linda: hope its clear tonight
sky: but great fun...
trudge: *snortle*
SS: evidence
The super moon is seen in the Pagan tradition of sxky sea. It is a signal for all Goddess loving pagans to take up whatever arms they may have and bring forth unholy bloodshed upon all the other religious believers. Total fucking holy war from the Pagans.
Good luck world.
Good luck.
Wow. Full Moon. Lunatic/Divine - Stricken.
I heard this Moon is 20- X's bigger - Shinier.
Rumi a Persian poet wrote - The Full - Moon.
Your old Life was frantic running from Silence.
he Speechless full moon comes out new. Rumi.
When asleep - Listen. The Moon scolds to yell!
Wake Up! Stop Loitering in your Bedroom. Ah!
Then - de'
Full Moon!
I hope it will be a clear night, Brian. I've been noticing the moon larger and brighter than usual alst couple of nights.
Thanks for the links.
Doug: a good night to all be pagans?
FusunA: here's hoping!
Art: thanks for the rhyme
Weirdly I feel strange today, different than normal. More introspective....hmm or maybe it's just another day in my strange household :)
Hoping for clear weather tonight so I can try taking some pix. I thought that had a good article explaining the moon's orbit. It included photos of the moon at its furthest and at its closest, for comparison. Yeah, it'll be a tad bigger-looking tonight!
If you look at the Super Moon low on the horizon, with a tree or some object in the forefront, it will look especially enormous.
What Linda said. We live in the same area and are due for more nasty weather tomorrow.
lunchlady: if your paws grow hair, you know...
snippy: great link. thanks
lea: good idea!
sweet: stay dry
I'm going to a Wiccan full moon ritual tonight - I'll report back. (I doubt that there will be a wild attack on the cowans [non-Pagans]. But watch for headlines tomorrow if I don't check in.)
glad you are on the prowl, Myriad.
Okay, back home. We didn't go wild and attack the neighbours. We had a big bonfire and watched a very brilliant and, yes, large but not abnormally so moon rise behind the bare trees. We did some boogah-boogah, drank some wine, went home (checked our computers...) It was/is a beautiful still warm (for March - above freezing) night. People are boiling down the maple sap...
alas, too overcast here.
Thanks for the update, Myriad.
Missed it last night, alas: we had friends over and and then crashed after they left. But we saw it in its near greatness Friday night. Pretty cool!
I'm back again to let you know that I posted about the Extreme Super Moon too! R
glad you saw it, Pilgrim.
great post, Trudge. Love the pics.
Thanks for all the moon links. I think it was super powerful. Im glad we are on the other side of it now.
some people enjoy the pull of power though, Zanelle...

and we jump over the moon..
Take my hand
Some friends and I drove out into the country to take some moon pictures. The digital images don't do it justice. Someone had a film camera. We're waiting to see how the film pictures compare.
Yeap it was as exciting as that which you wrote of too.
I found this blog entry really interesting and I like your writing style a lot. Keep it up! :)
-Simply Simple