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November 14
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A Work in Progress. When not doing the devil's work, I'm the single parent of two great young men, living playing and working in beautiful Thunder Bay Ontario. That's at the western end of Lake Superior - the North end of Highway 61. from here, you can just drive all the way to New Orleans, though I have yet to do it.


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MARCH 14, 2011 8:54AM

Happy Pi Day!

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My son who I call Mid-sized B is a Math fact, he carved Pi as the design on our halloween pumpkin... pumpkin pi(e) , get it?

 He's excited that his university Math dept. is serving pie today. And holding a contest to see who can recount the most digits of Pi.

Because Pi is not just 3.14... it is a seemingly infinite number, yet it is, as Lucy Mercer points out this morning in her delightful post, a constant

Some of us struggle with the whole concept of infinity, which underlies my entire struggle with mortality, finite humanity, and the search for this thing we call the soul.So to have a perfect constant AND infinity all at once boggles my brain. I guess that's why it's Mid-sized B, not his father, who is the math guy... 


Excuse me, my head hurts. Maybe some Pie might help.

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Brian, you must be so proud of your sons taking after dear old Dad..:)
rated with hugs
taking after Dad? I'm anything but a Math Guy, Linda... but they are still great sons. I am proud of them for being who they are.
what a great thought for the day. you're raising a great son. and now, i think i'll get me some pie .... with lots of whipped cream :)
I recommend apple cheddar pie. That and a strong cup of coffee help math headaches. Thanks for the shout-out!
be careful of the whipped cream Cin...
mmm.. Lucy... strong coffee... I love strong coffee...
see you to infinity
disappearing into a black hole, Elijah?