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Thunder Bay, Canada
November 14
Devil's Advocate
The Sort of Company your mother warned you about
A Work in Progress. When not doing the devil's work, I'm the single parent of two great young men, living playing and working in beautiful Thunder Bay Ontario. That's at the western end of Lake Superior - the North end of Highway 61. from here, you can just drive all the way to New Orleans, though I have yet to do it.


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FEBRUARY 17, 2011 8:19AM

A Dirty Dawn

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Sun slowly rising unseen

Cloud turns the dawn grey

and the mood blue

Puddles form run off

from snowbanks shrinking

Shrunk, more like

False spring teasing

Unless, perhaps,

Groundhog was right

Which would chase the blues away

Puddles to play in

Childlike joy

Memories awaken

With the dawn.


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Great Poem. Chasing the blues away is right. I long for spring more than ever!
Wow. I feel like coming up to Nova Scotia.
Mu daughter is moving back home in March.
She tossed me the bridal bouquet and smiled.
Christine `a' said`
Catch! Happy Fathers Day! I still wondering tho.
How long must a man wait/why - woman hesitate!
On Father's Day I might have a picnic and date loon!
Loons No keep dueling with canes and wheelchairs!
In Canada Ya can gaze. Sit. See seagull. Puff smoke!
Watch cumulous clouds. Count waves. A day dream.
From morn until dark - play all day - Watch sunsets.

Sip skim milk
If you smoke?
Smoke low tar
cigars or beer
sit there bare
harpoon fish
watch whales
find fish pole
watch woman
get more grief
tease - apology
I loved this post
see buxom cats
wiggle at beach
Art is omcing up to Nova Scotia.. Ya had better give him directions to your house..:)
Great poem Brian.. I have never seen this from you..:)
Rated with hugs
Scanner: Feb isusually my toughest month- it hasn't been bad this year.
Art, Linda: I'm in Ontario, not Nova Scotia, though the weather today is maritime. And, Linda, I've posted the odd bit of verse before (any verse i write must by definition be odd).
thanks, CF. I wouldn't claim to write poetry like you do, but this verse helped me with "I'll be damned if I'll let this dawn make me blue."
nice bri. here's to spring.
You paint an image here that I can well visualize.
You described it beautifully. Keep on trucking my man. Just Jali Smiling and rating.
well, Cin, winter's last gasp is howling today...
SS- thanks, hugely meanigful from you, since you paint such vivid word pictures
Jali...keep smiling
A mighty good one is this Brian.
Perfect word description here.
"perfect"? high praise, thanks mission.