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November 14
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NOVEMBER 26, 2010 8:11AM

Black Friday Grooves

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I commented somewhere yesterday that I don't understand the appeal of lining up or even camping out just to stampede for "bargains".

 And I'm a rare guy who, at the right moment, can enjoy shopping.  That may be why I have too many clothes. (though i think that's more about wanting to look good). And I love giving more than buying for myself, so I must really love giving. Lately, mostly truck parts for Lil B.

However, I thought I ought to promote a classic rock tune with a sufficiently Black theme:


What? You expected Christmas music? Not before December 1, please!

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Brian, Christmas music has been playing in stores here since the beginning of November. Now it is 30% off sales...
CF: say it ain't so!well, actually, I know it's so, but that doesn't mean I can't pretend.
we are about to go out..
its all about teh dvds hahah
rated with hugs
Excellent choice - and how about "Black Friday" by Steely Dan?

I would change the second verse to read like this:

"When Black Friday comes I'm gonna dig myself a hole
Gonna lay down in it while others go to the mall"

I'm sitting this one out. Gonna take the kids to the movies instead.
Andy- not familiar with the tune. why don't you post it.
Brian, if stores were as smart as you, they'd play more music like this. Love it!
Sally: Can you just imagine the urge to spend listening to a whole set of Mick?
Here's some concert footage of the song - personally, I prefer the studio version:
Very cool! Shopping music for sure!
Eve: Almost as cool as shaq's free throw shooting.