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November 14
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APRIL 28, 2012 8:59PM

The Republican or the War Criminal?

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Don’t worry, if you end up not voting for Obama, your home probably won’t be targeted for a drone attack. Is that what you’ve been afraid is going to happen if you don’t vote Democratic?

A legitimate fear but one of low probability.

After all, I doubt President Obama considers non-Democrats to be terrorists. Of course he could change his mind about that at any moment, and then he could legally kill all of you as you sit parked in your Barcaloungers, hypnotized by MSNBC’s corporate conservative Democratic propaganda machine.

The Republican Party is not under consideration here. Everyone should be aware by now that voting for them, unless you are extremely wealthy, is an exercise in self-abuse.

Let’s get down to it. Hey, Democrats, what’s in it for me? What have you done to get my vote? Do you even know what you have to do to get my vote? Have you been listening at all, or, are you too busy strategizing, trying to figure out a way to out Republican the Republicans? 

Here are some of the real issues. If the Democrats actually performed any positive work on any of them, some real liberal/progressives might consider voting for them.

1 - There are private United States citizens at large who have admitted ordering the torture of American prisoners. Under the law, the President of the United States must investigate then prosecute those involved with the torture of human beings under his jurisdiction. So far the Democrats have offered political excuses as to why they are above the law and have refused to either investigate or prosecute. They aren’t above the law. When the President decides to follow the law, do his job, and prosecute the torturers, real liberal/progressives might consider voting for him. It’s tough to vote for someone who possibly should be in jail.

2 - Remember Guantanamo? Way back when the Democrats were screaming about closing that particular cesspit. Now the happy Democratic electorate is screaming to reelect the man who keeps that torture hellhole open. (Didn’t Obama promise to close Guantanamo? What’s his excuse this time?)

3 - Recently President Obama signed a bill giving himself the unrestricted power of life and death over his fellow American citizens. I can’t imagine any liberal/progressive ever voting for someone who had done that. 

4 - Remember the Bush tax cuts? What you should actually remember are the Bush/Obama tax cuts. Mr. Obama signed the extension of those gifts to the wealthy. I can’t imagine any liberals/progressives voting for someone who signed an extension of such fiscally irresponsible give-aways to the rich. But you know why you’re voting for Obama. Right?

5 - How many drone attacks have there been? And in how many countries? Does anyone actually know? Do Obama supporters care? Who gave the American President the power of life and death over anyone in the world? Even the Pope gave that one up a few centuries ago.

6 - How many trillions of dollars will the for-profit insurance companies receive thanks to the provisions of the Obama health care system? Do you have any idea? How much more powerful will the insurance companies become? You don’t have a clue, do you? How many people will die without universal health care? Why did universal Medicare never come under discussion?

7 - Iraq? Afghanistan? I doubt many liberals/progressives voted for Obama to have a continuation of the Bush foreign policy. But guess what? Not a dime’s worth of difference there.

8 - How many zillions of dollars did Wall Street receive as the Democrats continued Bush policy regarding the rape of the American financial system?

9 - Any drones buzzing your neighborhood? Who has access to every keystroke you make on the internet?

10 - Remember rendition? Still around.

But the Republicans are worse!

Of course the Republicans are worse. The Republicans will beat you to a pulp four days a week. The Democrats will only slap you silly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Democrats think that things are better the way they are. They don’t want to be sold down river. They live in the best of all worlds and their master is extremely enlightened. 

Are all Democrats suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Has the present administration abused your sense of decency so much that you’ve finally given up and begun to love the criminals? Are you so tired of trying to keep a moral center that you’ve given up and you are now willing to support someone who goes against everything you fought against not that long ago?

Have you sold-out as much as the leadership of the Democratic Party has?

If you vote for a human rights violator, are you violating human rights yourself?

Do you think your only choice is a Republican or a possible war criminal?

The Democrats are no longer good enough to deserve your vote. You don’t have to vote for either a Republican or a Democrat. There are other parties.

Don’t compromise your moral standards by voting for the Democrats. If you do, you might as well be a Republican.

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If you vote for Obama, are you saying Americans who torture shouldn't be prosecuted? Or only prosecuted it it's politically convenient?
Has any polling organization ever asked about not prosecuting the torturers?
The most important consideration for me is, following the election, to be able to hold my head high and remind others that I voted for none of the above. If enough progressives follow my example, and, well, we’d need millions of not quite progressives too, we might then have a Green Party president. If not now then possibly several elections from now. And if we wind up with a Romney presidency, I’m sure to hate his Supreme Court appointments, tax policy and service cuts. But maybe a few more Bush-like administrations will wake people up to the folly of electing the current variety of Republican. And maybe one day someone will be elected who’ll shake off the pressures of the clandestine state and do things like closing Guantanamo, scrapping the drones, pulling out all troops now, socking it to not just the 1% but the 2, 3, 4 and 5% as well, and just ram a single payer health care system through Congress. Though such a president would have plenty of Senators and Congressmen on his or her side once the times were right for such a president to be elected. Until then even if progressives abandon Obama in sufficient numbers that Romney gets elected, my moral sanctity will be intact. That’s worth a lot. Of course I’m Canadian so this is an academic exercise for me.
S, IMHO there isn't a dime's worth of difference between Bob Dole and Barack Obama.
D, when the current choices of the major parties are entirely unacceptable, one must look to the future.
Dr. S, as always, thanks.
F, a vote for Obama is a vote for Obama. A vote for the Republicans is a vote for the Republicans. A vote for the Greens is a vote for the Greens. Pretty simple, isn't it? I understand how your partisan fervor wishes to distort reality. You have my deepest sympathy.
Let's see. If a vote for the Greens is a vote for the Republicans; if everyone voted Green, would a Republican be elected?
R, I'm not a big fan of Red/Blue state strategies. If Obama doesn't deserve your vote, it doesn't matter what state you're in.
R, I'm not a big fan of Red/Blue state strategies. If Obama doesn't deserve your vote, it doesn't matter what state you're in.
A. what has Obama done for me? Pretty much nothing. This is politics at its purest. If it looks like a Republican, and walks like a Republican, and quacks like a Republican, Obama is probably a Republican.
Any politician has to do something to deserve my vote. Obama has done less than nothing.
A, what has Obama done for me? Pretty much nothing. This is politics at its purest. If it looks like a Republican, and walks like a Republican, and quacks like a Republican, Obama is probably a Republican.
Any politician has to do something to deserve my vote. Obama has done less than nothing.
M, feel free to rate as many times as you want. We don't demand picture ID here.
L, can I rate your comment?
R, from what I'm reading you appear to think reelecting Obama is a good thing. Neither Obama nor the Republican candidate is a good thing for the American people. As for myself, until the Democrats decide they are not Republican light, they can lose every election from here to eternity.
R, I have no interest in blue/red strategy or trying to give Democratic Congressmen a way to get reelected. Anyone who supports Obama or the current Democratic Party is supporting human rights violations and probable war crimes. Tell that to your friends who are considering voting for the Dems.
Here's something constructive, vote Green.
I'm glad you are able to forsee the future and know which techniques will work to get rid of both the Dems and the GOP. There's no strategy involved with me. If you're voting for the Dems you are supporting War Criminals. Nothing fancy here.
R, obviously a misread on my part. I have no inerest in catering to Democrats who refuse to admit the obvious. Both parties are seriously guilty of supporting probable war criminals. More than trying to finesse with discussions of not helping the Republicans, I think it's better to remind them if they support Dems or Reps that they will fry in hell and their grandchildren will spit on their graves.
Rw, keep your priorities straight.
M, probable is pre-conviction. I think I left probable out of the headline.
B, at best a partial list. It only gets worse on a daily basis.