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MAY 6, 2012 2:13PM

Brother Love's Show

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Meet the new hyper-hawk party




“Hot August night

And the leaves hangin' down

And the grass on the ground smellin' – sweet”




In the election of 2008, we sought to elect a candidate, not based upon merits (for he had virtually none of those), not based upon experience (for he had virtually none of that either), but on a single strand of hope that somehow an inept, inexperienced individual who came from nowhere could fulfill a litany of grandiose promises which he, like a traveling evangelist healing the lame, shouted from the pulpit.

“Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies

And everyone goes,

Everyone knows,

Brother Love's show

Room gets suddenly still and when you'd almost bet

You could hear yourself sweat - he walks in…..

Move up the road

To the outside of town

And the sound of that good gospel beat

Sits a ragged tent"

Who was this Brother Love of the Democratic Party? Where did he come from? Like that traveling evangelist, his tent was erected in the dark of night, seemingly to appear from nowhere; a grand and mystical entrance from above; a messenger to behold in the light of a wondrous dawn.

We flocked to the polls in hoards of the devastated, yet starry-eyed, hope-filled blind seeking his hands upon our heads; hearing his words so eloquently spoken, we bathed in his charm and basked in his revelations that he was our only hope, our link to salvation. Laying his hands upon our heads, he diverted our thoughts, giving us the security blanket we so desperately craved; we were charmed by the charisma of a man who was neither remotely qualified nor possessed even the most rudimentary skills required to heal us.

We handed over to Brother Love our trust, our absolute and unyielding devotion to the cause, the cause of healing our angst after decades of deprivation and utter hell.

“Take my hand in yours,
Walk with me this day
In my heart I know,
I will never stray

There’ll be no healing folks. There’ll be no salvation, for the thunder in his voice and lightning in his eyes is but a fiddle upon which he strummed our troubled souls while he passed the basket around, knowing full well his show was a sham built upon the hopes of the weary, preying upon those in dire need.

His strident, yet barren promises of healing our nation vanished like a gossamer dream. Even as we awoke, horrified that we were still blind, he continued his fire and brimstone brand of oration as though he was still in the tent, playing the part of Brother Love in his vacuum of rhetoric and make-believe, for that’s his credentials; it’s what he does best! It’s all he does! 

His modus operandi rapidly became clear as he quietly capitulated our hopes and our progressive ideals, selling them to Corporate America’s insurance, banks, and war machine in exchange for unprecedented power behind the pulpit within the Oval Office; the 20th Century throne.

In 2008, we simply hoped against hope to negate the decades of the Bush Dynasty and its doctrine which destroyed the personal liberties of America’s population and the sovereignty of all nations across the globe at alarming rates using extraordinarily effective shock doctrine tactics and blinding propaganda.   We sought to remove a fascist regime which successfully demolished what was once a beacon of hope, reverence, liberty and opportunity then rebuilt it with a land and government now viewed with contempt across the globe.

We did not replace a contemptible, mindless, heartless machine “The Dynasty” with a choice, we replaced it with what is now the norm, a candidate who was NOT a choice, but a LESSER EVIL. We eliminated the dogma of King George I and II, not with an idealistic change-maker such as the one Brother Love in his ever-present and eloquent, yet nauseatingly empty, rhetoric-filled oratories promised that he was, but with the new and masterful King of the Pulpit.

Rather than healing, a frightening phenomenon has occurred in this country in which the once domestic policy-minded, peace-seeking Democratic Party has donned the war paint of the GOP; they have utterly abandoned domestic issues while adopting the Republican ideology of war-mongering before all else. 

Our government is now finally united for the first time in many, many decades; united in the elitist’s agenda to dismantle the Constitution of the United States and dominate the world. We now have a single party government; you can call them Democrats or you can call them Republicans, but they are in fact singularly-focused, fascist bureaucrats serving the doctrine of elite preeminence and American domestic policy is a nuisance to this new paradigm, the albatross around the necks of those seeking global domination.

Even the buzz-cut, ultra-conservative, gung-ho officers of TheNational Defense University have recently voiced strong concern over Brother Love's disinterest in and even outright disdain for his military advisors’ advice.

Almost unbelievably, the officers including Admiral Michael Mullen, the most recent of previous Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, empathically and unanimously state that their recommendations to cut military spending by AT LEAST 20% and redirecting the funds towards “massive boosts to education” will almost certainly be ignored. Yes! You read that corrctly. The highest ranking, most respected military officers in the U.S. are recommending that we cut defense spending and funnel that money into education.

Unlike the Commander-in-Chief, his officers intelligently recognize that“repairing the domestic situation in the U.S. should be THE priority and they, again unlike their Chief, realize that "national security stems from domestic muscularity and weapons are a product of that, not a cause of domestic strength.”

Rather than removing tyranny, we instead have furthered the goals of the elite, creating an office within which holds power unlike anything the world has ever before seen and with that power, it holds the pre-established precedence, tacit approval and legal support to do anything, to anyone, anyplace, at anytime.

“Startin' soft and slow-ow,

Like a small earthquake

And when he lets go-o,

Half the valley shakes”

And Brother Love knows precisely where his lightning resides! 

Prior to 2004, the unmanned aircraft or “drones” were but spies in the skies aiding our illustrious war on terrorism, but during Brother Love’s salvation show, they have undergone a terrifying transformation and have amassed“impressive” kill rates, reaching a staggering death toll ranging between 1,785 to 2,771.

And, that death toll is highly suspect in its ostensible effectiveness in killing “terrorists,” or“insurgents.”

The Brookings Institute estimates that in fact, for every militant killed, there are 10 civilians killed, but they can do so without endangering American lives, so we quietly watch in awe, the new technology of death.

I will end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and withdraw American Forces.

As with ALLhis promises of anything of substance, Obama’s promised end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iraq remains heavily controlled by the U.S.

NPR commentator Ted Koppel recently visited Iraq on assignment for NBC's "Rock Center" with Brian Williams. His report aired last night. His conclusion: The United States is not leaving. The largest U.S. embassy in the world, two huge consulates and more than 16,000 officials and contractors will remain behind.”

The number of drone attacks in Afghanistan has increased by over 3000% from an average of 2.25 attacks per year to a whopping 68.5 attacks per year since Brother Love was elected. And the drone attacks are expanding beyond the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan; to Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and the Philippines. Drone attacks are not just killing people “known to be terrorists,” but are being used to kill many who are simply suspected as being terrorists.

The Guardian reports

In remarks on Monday, US counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan admitted for the first time that US drones have killed civilians. "It is exceedingly rare, but it has happened," he said.



With his sources in the intelligence community, Brennan no doubt has more information about the number and identity of individuals killed than do journalists and lawyers who, in the last year, have documented hundreds of what they call "civilian deaths". But the discrepancy between Brennan's view and theirs is not about the facts; it is about definitions. Brennan would call "terrorists" many of the people whom the journalists and lawyers would say are civilians.



"Terrorists", whom the Obama administration may go after with lethal force, are not just people linked to the 11 September 2001 attacks, or active members of al-Qaida. According to Brennan, most of them are already dead: "Al-Qaida has been left with just a handful of capable leaders and operatives."



Yet there are, according to Brennan, thousands of individuals the US can lawfully target in drone strikes. Under the hugely expansive definition he described Monday, the US can kill individuals across the globe. Brennan named potential targets not just in Pakistan and Yemen, but in Somalia, Nigeria and west Africa. The Obama "war on terror" may include groups like al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, which Brennan described as attempting to "destabilize regional governments", and Boko Haram, a group that "appears to be aligning itself" with al-Qaida and is "increasingly looking to attack western interests in Nigeria". Moreover, the US can kill not just leaders and operatives, but individuals who "possess unique operational skills that are being leveraged in a planned attack."



I will close Gitmo!

Need I say anything more on this subject?

Now! Can you remember the short, almost imperceptible snippet in the news a few months ago about using drones to “oversee the borders?”

The Intel HubBy Tim WattsFebruary 9, 2012

“Once again, another shocking story that threatens the personal privacy of US citizens has been kept from us by our politicians and the mainstream media.



Did you know that a bill, HR 658, the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, has just passed both the House and the Senate that authorizes the use of 30,000 spy drones over America? Like the anti-Posse Comitatus NDAA legislation that passed in November, this bill was not widely reported by the mainstream media.



Do not feel bad for not knowing about this, because, similar to the anti-Constitutional NDAA legislation, they purposefully tried to hide this from the American public. The corporate controlled mainstream media was once again complicit and was an integral accessory in this crime against “We the People.” The corporate mainstream media failed us all miserably once again.



Think about the enormity of this for a second… 30-THOUSAND drones flying overhead surveilling the US. If you divide that by 50 states, that is 600 drones per state! Most states don’t have even have one-third of that in counties, so 600 drones, or more per state is a bit overwhelming. And considering that some states are very small, such as Rhode Island and Connecticut, it won’t take that many to spy on those diminutive territories, leaving far more drones to cover the larger states.



This is an outrage, plain and simple. If you’re not pissed off about this, you’ve got shit for brains. There is no good reason why we should have 24/7 surveillance of American citizens. Of course the advocates for creating this intensified police state will proffer that this is needed “to fight terrorism,” but let’s examine that issue for just a moment.



We’ve only had two successful acts of terrorism in the US, both happening well over ten years ago. It’s not like we’re under a constant monthly or weekly barrage of terrorism, at least not from foreign threats. We’ve been terrorized by our politicians and our media plenty, far more than we have from foreign entities. That’s an undeniable fact. Again, just look at the record.



We had the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and then shortly after we had the anthrax attacks. As we look at both of those events, there is an incredible amount of evidence that points to a false flag operation, state sponsored terrorism by rogue factions within our own government, blamed on a foreign entity. See the NewsFocus reports on the 9/11 attacks and the anthrax attacks.



These plots succeeded solely because of US officials and their dereliction of duty, yet our Constitution and “We the People’ are the ones who have been made to suffer. The highly flawed 9/11 Commission admitted as much.

Senator Mark Dayton excoriated the Commission panel over bald faced lies in their report that attempted to cover up the numerous failures of protocol on that fateful day. Our top officials failed to do their jobs on 9/11, yet no one was demoted in rank and no one was prosecuted for their egregious ineptitude. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld all failed to act appropriately, and in fact, acted suspiciously outside the norm of their designated duties.



As far as the anthrax attacks go, they were actually tracked to a US military facility, at Ft. Detrick, Maryland. That’s right, the anthrax used in the attacks was made in a US Army lab. Once that story became public, they shifted their blame from foreign terrorists to designated patsies within the US defense structure. The story died immediately.



So, with all of this in mind, we have only had TWO “alleged” successful terrorist attacks in this country in eleven years time, and both were highly suspicious events that have been attributed to false flag attacks from rogue officials with the US government, yet for some reason, we keep passing law after law that rescinds our Constitution and Bill of Rights, to set up a virtual police state in the US.



Does this honestly make any sense to you?



For what it’s worth, we are actually fomenting terrorism with our highly bogus, bst War On Terror. We have formally invaded and brutally attacked three countries without provocation, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, plus we’re also bombing Pakistan and killing scores of innocent civilians there as well.



This reporter’s take is, TPTB are trying to escalate terrorism to justify their fascist takeover of the United States. They’re literally trying to piss off foreign entities to pick a fight. Again, they’re attempting to justify their assault on “We the People,” to establish a police state lockdown in America. This isn’t about fighting terrorism folks, it’s about keeping us under their heel, under a 24/7 watch.



Look at what’s happened in just the last few months… Congress passed the NDAA Act behind our backs, authorizing military use on US soil against American citizens. At the same time, President Obama has enacted the SIP, the Strategic Implementation Plan against domestic “extremism.”

If you speak out against the government for criminal activity, or for egregiously attacking our Constitution, you can legally be considered an extremist and a terrorist. Bad news for you, because now you can be hauled away and imprisoned for life, without a trial or your Habeas Corpus rights.



FEMA also has drawn up a new Contingency of Government plan that incorporates offensive military definitions and criteria that can be used against “We the People.” Add to this the fact that the FBI has enacted new absurd terrorism identifiers that make us all suspects. (Having more than seven days worth of food in your house makes you a terrorist suspect. Please see my three-part series on the NDAA legislation.)



What is most unusual about the vote for the new drones over America bill (HR 658) is it was very much a partisan vote, with Republicans being the primary supporters and Democrats staunchly voting against it. You can see the roll-call of votes below if you doubt this. The house vote was very close, with 223 yes votes and 196 no votes. Sadly there were 13 reps that decided not to vote on the bill.



The real curiosity is that the vote in the Senate was overwhelmingly in favor of the bill, with only 20 Senators voting no. Again, most of those voting no were Democrats. Still, how does the Senate vote highly in favor of such a horrific bill, when the House is nearly split down the middle? And once again, the partisanship absolutely baffles me.



I’m starting to think that maybe the research from the 2011 University College of London study is actually correct. They proffered that people tending to be conservatives have a much larger amygdala. Why does that matter?



According to the study, the larger the amygdala, the more susceptible the brain is to being scared. At face value that seems patently absurd to this reporter. Seriously, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but in light of the recent vote on HR 658, I’m seriously beginning to wonder.



To be fair, there were some Democrats involved in the passage of this bill, such as the regular corporate shills, like Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Carl Levin, but the support for HR 658 is far and away one-sided. That is disturbing to see. Again, it truly baffles this reporter, but I digress from the gist of this article.



If you think that having 30,000 drones over America is going to make us safer, you’ve been watching too much TV. How do these drones know who is traveling in a particular vehicle? How do they know if a sleeper cell has suddenly become active, or if a group has successfully infiltrated the country?


Would these drones have stopped the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing? Would they have stopped the 9/11 attacks? Would they have stopped the anthrax attacks? The answer to all three of these questions is a resolute NO, because US authorities were asleep at the wheel, or complicit in all three of those events.

So how will 30,000 drones over the US keep us safe from terrorism? Maybe a better question is, how might 30,000 drones be used to enforce a police state over American citizens. The latter is more chilling and offers far more possibilities for TPTB. This is quite disconcerting given the fact that during the latest census all of our homes were GPS’d.



The bill is worth $63.4 billion dollars, so it will be interesting to track the money on this one. Considering that we are in such a dire economic crisis, it is interesting that they deem it necessary to spend $63.4 BILLION dollars at this time.



Another disturbing thought, these drones can remain airborne for up to 50 hours at a time. What perils does this offer for air traffic safety, by adding 30-THOUSAND new aircraft to our skies? The FAA has nine months from the bill’s signing to submit a plan to safely allow access for the drones.



The fact that our corporate controlled mainstream media failed to report on this, as they failed to do with the NDAA legislation, ought to tell you that they are working with TPTB. No other conclusion can be made. They have been complicit and willing participants in these anti-Constitutional attacks on “We the People.”



This reporter advocates naming them as accessories to the crimes of state, for they are sharp enough to ferret out the real story, yet they refuse to do so.



One side note on HR 658… it also allows for GPS control and landing of aircraft. This is actually supposed to be the major impetus for the bill, with the drones as a secondary component. The GPS aspect is somewhat troubling because of the magnetic shifts that have been occurring on this planet.



The geomagnetic poles have undeniably been moving, so much so that airports have had to re-designate runway coordinates and adjust their GPS instrumentation. I would hope that with this in mind, they have implemented proper safeguards to account for this documented scientific anomaly.



In conclusion, it is very clear that a police state has descended upon America. If you doubt that, you have not been paying attention. The agenda for the New World Order has been furthered tremendously in the last decade since 9/11, and even more so in just the last year. NWO advocate Senator Jay Rockefeller said the bill is “the best news that the airline industry ever had. It will take us into a new era.”



You have to seriously ask yourself… with only TWO incidents of actual successful terrorist acts since 2000, why is our government moving recklessly with such EXTREME measures to counter a threat that does not present itself to us as on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis?

George W. Bush absurdly said after 9/11 that the terrorists hated us for our freedoms. It would appear to this reporter that it is the powers that be who truly hate our freedoms. Foreign terrorists did not take our freedoms away. Our politicians and government officials have done that, and they did it because Americans were too lazy to pay attention to what has been going on in their own country.



We are the most overly entertained society the world has ever known. There is a reason for that. If you keep watching the boob tube and continue to ignore what our elected servants are doing to us all, pretty soon you will be watching “Amerikan Idol”and “Goosestepping Mit Der Stars.”



What is happening in America today is far worse than Nazi Germany. Just because you still get to watch the idiot box and shop at Wal-Mart does not mean that you are free.


Time to wake up America. It’s time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country, while you still have the chance to do so.”

As it turns out, Brother Love is not our salvation, but rather a continuation of the hell he promised to resurrect us from. He has effectively united two once polar opposits, the Democrats and the Republicans to honor one cause and one cause only; world domination at the expense of the globe’s entire population, save the 1% of the extraordinarily wealthy.



He has passed his basket and taken the precious, hard-earned dreams of the world and handed them over to the very demons of the future, the ruling elite class of the planet Earth.



No! We have NOT replaced the authoritarian regime of the Bush Dynasty we have, perhaps unwittingly so, promoted the office of President of the United States to Benefactor of the Elite and Assassin of the not so. And we must be very, very worried, not just those “suspicious persons,” but ALL of us, for our very civil liberties and perhaps our very safety.

How long will it be before those drones are firing on“suspected terrorists” within U.S. cities, or Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.... killing far more than 10 civilians for every “suspect” (these countries are much more densely populated than are Iraq and Afghanistan), all at the whim of a now horrifically powerful RepubliCrat???

Be sure to pay your taxes, say your prayers and never, ever look up, for that just may be construed as very suspicious activity. Brother Love is watching, he’s a conman, a pathological liar and he’s packing some damned serious power and heat.

Everyone goes 

Everyone knows

Brother Love's show





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Glory!!!!! :rolleyes:

Write in Sanders/Warren in 2012 and vote Green when ever possible!
You may well deserve Republicans packing the Court til we're dead and our kids are dead but I sure as hell and my son sure as hell don't deserve that.
Amy - probably the best choice we have

Jonathan - uhmmm, OK ???
I'll vote for anyone who has a shot of stopping Republicans from ruining the Court for the balance of my lifetime and a good part of my son's, Bob, and if that means I must vote for the president as opposed to a better person. but one who has as much a shot as winning as my guppy, I'll vote for the president with all his blemishes.
This may be the most chilling and trauma inducing post I've ever read on OS, or anywhere else, for that matter. I am not one known to be a shrinking violet, but I am suddenly shrunken, shriveled and parched.

If this doesn't become an EP, than there should be no EPs.

If this doesn't awaken people, then nothing will.

I am humbled by the magnificence of Your presentation, and stand in awe, knowing that You are uniquely qualified to present this as You have.

I salute Your sense of duty and feel like a coward compared to the ferocity ofYour courage.

jonathan is an EXCEPTIONALLY "good German" - he's of the "chosen" people - pay him no mind.
@ Jonathan: got a little quote for you from Ben Franlin. =

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

I refuse to give up my essential liberties in exchange for a little temporary safety.
look, Amy, if You ain't chosen, like jonathan, he don't care what
You think or have to say.
Thank you Jonathan for the one truly sane comment in this thread. Glad you feel the way you do...I hope others get away from whatever is leading these people to jump off the cliff the way they seem so intent on doing.
1200 dead after drone attacks vs. over 4000 KIA and 30,000 wounded in Iraq and God only knows how many dead and wounded Iraqi's... body count still rising in Afghanistan, when the people we should be fighting live in the autonomous tribal regions of Pakistan, while Mitt Romney promises to "take decisive action in Iran."... hmmm??? Even without consideration of future nominees to the Supreme Court, I'm inclined to do the math and hope for the lesser of evils. But that's just me.
Knew the apisa COCKroach would soon crawl in with his sh*t-eating grin.

Gotta say one good thing about him - he's been unable to procreate.
Jonathan - OK. I understand now wat you were saying. I can certainly commiserate with you in your angst and the post is saying precisely what I think you feel. We have been robbed of choice for decades. CHOICE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SELECT FROM A NUMBER OF OPPORTUNITIES (I'm not yelling, I just don't know how to use html coding to make the statement stand out). Obama IS NOT a choice, he is an alternative and when we are pacified by alternatives, we forfeit our choices, along with our liberties. This isn’t about Democrats VS Republicans, it’s about TRUE democracy, the likes of which we haven’t seen in ages, either during the previous election, or in this election. We have become so bent on this two-party system of ours for so long that many can't see that it's nothing like real democracy.

Frank – We’re not jumping, we’re being shoved and it’s a hard landing at the bottom. You don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils, that’s not what democracy is about - choices

Jmac1949 - Sadly, Romney is no choice and Obama certainly is not, he has proven his inability, or unwillingness to accomplish ANYTHING of substance. From healthcare to securing true personal liberties, he’s an utter failure.
halle-hallelujah ... I heard somebody once who distilled the real issue with Barack Obama - that he used us all to get to the White House and then left us at the door, saying, "Be cool, I got this." I feel left out of my own candidate's time at the White House.

You make some good points.
nile - "Be cool, I got this"

Yep! And I think the big question is "just exactly what is it that he has"
Frank – We’re not jumping, we’re being shoved and it’s a hard landing at the bottom. You don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils, that’s not what democracy is about – choices

I do not see it as the lesser of two evils, Bob. Obama and Romney seem to be decent men doing a hellish job.

It is about choices as you note, but I conceive of it as choosing the better of the two for the agenda I champion.
Frank - I'll give you that for sure; outside politics, I'm sure they're probably both very decent indeed. But Obama and Romney, decent or not, volunteered to do a job and they CANNOT bullshit us by saying and doing things that don't add up, regardless of their agendas and regardless of how shitty the job is. They knew how shitty it was at the outset.

When you and I were working, had we given our employers a misleading agenda we would have been fired, either for incompetency or outright falsification of our application; our leaders are our employees and should be held to the same standard, if not a higher one and it’s crystal clear that Obama has not fulfilled his promises. Granted, politics should be about negotiation, but negotiation doesn’t mean capitulation at every turn and we simply don’t have another four years with which to incessantly capitulate.
You know domestic drones are hear to stay when they are incorporated into TV legal dramas. In a recent episode of Harry's Law, Harry shot down a police drone with her shotgun.

Thank you for your very kind remarks. I always appreciate the support and another open mind.
It REALLY was my pleasure and honor to read it, Bob.

I'm only disappointed that some to whom I PMed to come and read have not yet appeared.
Frank - I'll give you that for sure; outside politics…

But they have to work within the confines of politics. There is no choice in that matter for them….because the job comes as a function of politics.

The problem they face that most seem unwilling to face is that they must please a boss that almost is telling them…you must do X; and you must not do X. Their bosses are “We, the people”…and some of us was X…and others want not-X. Here in America it has gotten so extreme, that we have a significant number of people who say, “I will not allow x to exit”…and others who say, “I will not allow x not to exist.”

I understand that false promises are going to be made by both sides. I don’t kid myself that the promises are all going to be kept…or even that the individual will strive for all of them. I understand the limitations of what can and cannot be done.

I think it more likely that Barack Obama will, as a “for instance”, nominate judges and justices that will see the social safety network more favorably than the judges and justices that any Republican will nominate. Not that the Republican will be an evil person, but that the philosophy of the Republicans simply favor a side less likely to respond to my desires for the American direction.

Granted, politics should be about negotiation, but negotiation doesn’t mean capitulation at every turn and we simply don’t have another four years with which to incessantly capitulate.

Okay, I get you, Bob. Serious dilemma. But do you honestly think that working to defeat Obama will lead to something better?
"Okay, I get you, Bob. Serious dilemma. But do you honestly think that working to defeat Obama will lead to something better?"

If the perpetually smiling chimp asks such a question it is clear he hasn't even, read nor comprehended anything at all.
"There’ll be no healing folks."

Five simple words a third grader could understand.

The only way to be rid of him is to agree with him, so he can troll someone else's blog.
As any of you know, who read my comments, I listen. It is important to me to understand and to question. I do not yell.

I vote issues rather than party. However, like many of you I am sick of promises not kept and wars which achieve nothing but the killing of many on both sides. The starving will always reach out to the conquering armies and embrace them as heroes. And when the armies leave, they will most likely go back to their old ways. Real change comes from within.

In the name of justice Americans go to war and kill the good with the bad. We destroy entire countries, spend trillions of dollars rebuilding their infrastructure while our own is crumbling. We claim that our system is the best, while we cannot even successfully provide for your own re-turning and injured warriors. They entire thing is spiraling out of control. It matters not which new 'king' we elect..he or she will put on the garments of reign, bring their cronies to their side and begin their trek to extreme wealth and edifice building which pretend to be libraries. In fact they are like the pyramids in Egypt. Monuments to power.

No matter how we feel..not matter how much yelling goes on here on OS or have one vote. I have to agree that Bob has done an excellent job in this essay. He brings up a lot of relevant issues. is good to listen.
@Frank...please stop yelling.

My ideas about America are different than most. I question whether or not we are too large and too diverse to effectively accomplish what was intended when our government was established. We have become a nation of angry people playing tug of war...we are furiously accomplishing nothing. And no one is very happy.
We have little choice because in the end neither candidate can deliver. Promises mean nothing...and we each want a different gift.
Eloquent and well informed Bob, probably the best thing you have ever written that I have read and its not like you don’t have a resume with me either. Hell you have even partially written some of my posts.

“thousands of individuals the US can lawfully target in drone strikes”

This post may put you on the list!

Al-Qaida does not exist now nor has it ever existed. The Ben Ladens are close family friends of the Bush’s. The only planes that flew in the US the day after 9/11 were the planes evacuating the Ben Laden family out of here. If I am not mistaken al-Qaida means toilet in Arabic and that’s where they flushed the American dream. Heard some Iranian Mullah the other day laughing at his imbecile MSM interviewer. He flat out told him Osama was in DC. He probably died of kidney failure and was buried at the Crawford Ranch. The whole world knows these things that’s why I try to avoid commenting on current affairs especially “Foreign Policy.” The stupidity of the average American is unrivaled in the annuls of history since the world began. We smugly laugh at cavemen who we are told clubbed their woman over the head and worshiped their own camp fires. Well those cavemen never really existed. They are products of a dissemble campaign that has been in effect since at least the inception of the Bank of England and the first reading of Leviathan by the aristocracy. What does exist is Joe the Plumber but from where I sit he is dribbling his last 6 pack down the front of his shirt. Cheers Joe!

“The corporate mainstream media failed us all miserably once again”

If revolution ever really does come to America (I have given up hope of that) the first ones to lose their heads must be every last scoundrel in the MSM.

“Would these drones have stopped the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing? Would they have stopped the 9/11 attacks? Would they have stopped the anthrax attacks?”

They probably did exist. In fact they probably assisted in carrying those false flag operations out!

“TWO incidents of actual successful terrorist acts since 2000”

If you are referring to 9/11 Bob famed architect Richard Gage and renowned scientists Dr Steven Jones and Dr Niels Harrit would beg to differ, along with about two thousand other accredited Architect's, Engineers, and Scientists from all over the West who have risked their professional positions to sign the petition to reopen the shameful NIST cover up. The very fact that the MSM never mentions this should be proof enough for everybody in America as to what needs to be done now. Have another beer Joe, hey the Knicks won last night.
I'm voting for Cobra A!!

Cobra B smiles too much!!!


I know it won't happen in my lifetime, but we seriously need a viable third party, maybe even a fourth and fifth!! Here's how it stands in my eyes, we have Cobra A or Cobra B, which do you want to be bit by!!!

Yes, yes, vote for THE insert color here PARTY!!! Awesome, then what?

Hope your ranting and raving, and such will get others to vote for them in some hope that they'll win!!!???


At least if you vote for THE OTHER GUY, you can shake your head and say, "Ain't my fault the country is going shits town, I voted for THE OTHER GUY!!" ~nodding~

~wanders off~
Frank - I don't think we're ever going to agree on this matter, but that's OK, I'm old enough to know that everyone will not agree at all times, but I simply cannot fathom accepting less, just because less is the most available and the easiest to access. If the established choices are limited, create new choices.

They do NOT have to work within the confines of politics; there’s no such requirement. It is indeed the norm now, but it is not a requirement and believing this is tantamount to believing that the status quo is the only road to the future and that’s not an acceptable premise to base our future upon. There are alternatives outside mainstream politics, but as long as people continue to vote mainstream just because “that’s the way it is, or that’s what they give us to work with” we will never find our way out of this mess. The very concept of this nation is about removing the status quo from the equation, for if maintaining that status quo was the norm in the mid 18th century, there would be no United States and chances are we’d not be having this conversation. Hell, if people accepted the status quo, we’d still be living a caste life under fiefdoms ruled by lords and kingdoms ruled by monarchies; there would be no Magna Carta, no U.S. Constitution, no Emancipation Proclamation, etc, etc…..

If we continue to support the status quo, because it’s all we have in the process made available to us, our choices are going to be limited more every time we go to the polls and it won’t be long until there is but ONE choice, because we kept accepting the status quo.

YES! I FIRMLY believe that defeating Obama will lead to something better, but don’t misunderstand that statement, for just as I firmly believe that, I also believe that keeping Romney from the Oval Office will lead to something better. Our political system is in shambles, it is corrupt beyond unholy, it is subservient not to us, the people with whom the government is contracted, but to corporate America and until we break free of the perceived confines created by that system and oust them all, our own liberties will continue be capitulated, by the status quo in favor of the current ruling elite.

Imagine the message that would be sent if a vast majority simply decided to vote, say Green Party, or entirely Independent, or anything but the status quo. Even if for one short term of four years, that would so thoroughly shake the established system, they’d piss their pants.

Choices are limited only by the willingness of those who are making those choices to be limited.
More like Buddy Love.
Ande - My sentiments exactly. It's a bit like the massive school districts across the country; they're so large and encumbered with bureaucracy they can't provide the very thing they're developed to provide – education.

Jack – As always, good to see you and thank you very much for your visit and comments! Well, hell, I’m almost always on the wife’s list and she fires a few missiles at me damned near daily, so a drone with a couple won’t be much new there . You know. Sometimes I think the only way out of this shit would simply an end to it all. I’m certain Mother Earth and her animal kingdom would rejoice in that.

Tink – Cobras smile for one reason and one reason only. Hell. I’d vote for Goofy if his name was on the ballot against everyone else.

Bob, you did such a great job with this...

I always ponder the why of having two choices, basically between Godzilla or Jack the Ripper.....
I really like the Brother Love show though...fits Great!!
And in honor of all the acronyms used, here is one more piece of work Brother Love will surely sign:
FM 3-39.40 US Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual...

I am sure all the bloggers are on this list. I just hope the cells of all the OSer's are adjoining so we can keep on discussing the politics of this world....
And then just to prove your point perfectly, somebody else made a post today in which anyone who would vote for a third party vs. Obsma was called "myopic", "self serving", "infantile" and a "fool".

Reminds me of when that fundie McCain supporter blamed Hurricane Katrina on the homos. Same difference:same thinking:same people
Imagine the message that would be sent if a vast majority simply decided to vote, say Green Party, or entirely Independent, or anything but the status quo. Even if for one short term of four years, that would so thoroughly shake the established system, they’d piss their pants.

Imagine instead, Bob, the message that would be sent if a vast majority of people simply decided to love one another rather than have so much animosity…and everyone helped one another and stopped all the poverty and illiteracy…and all the kids had plenty of food and medical care so they could grow up to be fine citizens…and…well, you get the idea.

Just imagine!

Man, that would so thoroughly shake the established system, they’d piss their pants and probably shit them, too.

Just imagine!

Bob…part of the reason you are disenchanted with Barack Obama is because he was unwilling to dream with the fringe left…and decided to be reasonable rather than unreasonable…to be pragmatic and get what he could rather than go into a snit and settle for nothing rather than compromise.

The message you are sending…and which is being applauded by so many here…is exactly the wrong message we need at this time.

In any case, I think you are going to win this battle.

I think Obama is going to lose in November. I think there actually are scads of people just you and the others here who intend to do their level best to teach Obama a lesson and throw him out of office. I suspect the ideas outlined here are much, much more entrenched than most want to acknowledge.

Yup, I think you will get your wish. Obama will be out; the Republicans will own the Oval Office once again. And we will all see what that that tactical maneuver breeds.
@ Frank: Yup. And if that does happen NOBODY will be able to tell the difference. (cuz there IS none!)
I told You, Bob, the COCKroach would crawl back until You agree with him.

Now, in his typical sociopathic passive-aggressive manner he's telling You why You are disenchanted.

he IS the man who is NEVER wrong.

he's changed "professional liberal" for "fringe liberal," but he's still trying to take equal halves of horseshoe*t and apisa-bullsh*t and claim it's pate.

In the delusional bubble in which this tiny malevolent creature dwells, "reasonable" includes drone bombing weddings, women, and children (not to mention obliterating several key Constitutional rights) - small stuff lime posse comitatus, freedom of speech, rights of search and seizure amongst others).

"reasonable" is when the president's own lawyers advices him that bombing Libya would be illegal, and he goes right ahead and does it anyway.

frank is "reasonable." He'll agree to stop hectoring You if You'll agree to accept his DEAFinitions and as*wipe opinions.

This idiot even has more info than the potus.

bush admits in his book that he used torture, yet the moron contraDICKts the president and insists that america doesn't torture.

In his spare time, he runs around naked, with a red, white, and blue jockstrap draped upon the blob which rests above his neck, and believes himself to be the essence of haute couture.

Please agree with him, so he can troll Libby or someone else.

Your blog is too precious to allow apisa (sh*t) to spew his fetid seed upon it.
AND Amy, Your post before the COCKroach appeared, where You refer to "someone," is perfectly appropriate.

The thug's name shouldn't be used in front of children or idiots and fRANK appeared right on cue.
Mark - I think the problem may be confusion with progressive idealism and devotion to a cause/party/man (however one wants to view it).

This is in no way intended to be a slight against the religious, for what they do with faith is a personal matter and none of my business whatsoever, but these arguments in favor of Obama are very similar to the use of the intangible concept of faith as an argument in support of itself. Much in the same way, people utterly devoted to a party/man are using blind, undying devotion in support of that devotion. And that simply cannot realistically work.

I have no issue whatsoever with Obama the man and I, like many, hoped he would succeed. Likewise, I have no issue with Romney the man. But I don’t want either of them in the White House; Obama for his own lack of conviction (and I understand that presidents are not the end decision-makers, but with a Democrat Congress, one would think a Democrat president could lead well enough to accomplish some of his goals for the good of the people, rather than corporate America, yet he sold us out within the first few months with healthcare) and Romney simply because I don’t like Republican idealism.
Boko - have you seen this YouTube presentation of Buddy Love? Check it out, it's a riot You've gotta watch it to the very end to get the full impact.
"I have no issue whatsoever with Obama the man and I, like many, hoped he would succeed. Likewise, I have no issue with Romney the man. "

I sure do!

Neither one of them has enough ethical/moral spine to stand up for a damn thing. Between the two of them you got more waffles than IHOP!
Too funny Amy, too funny. No more "blue" berry syrup for me now :-)
[r] Thank you!!! Great job Boomer Bob!

The Dems had to destroy the Democratic Party (the old one) in order to SAVE it.

But really it was captured or ferociously seduced by the corporate overlords. 5 of which run the entire global media. Think of that. All you "lesser evil" mantra-sayers, who do you think has programmed you to say "lesser evil" for the zillionth time?

What is "greater" evil if "lesser" is gutting constitution, getting rid of due process, droning innocent people, waging your own wars, profound indifference to poverty infecting half the country at this point, 1 out of 5 kids at least goes to bed hungry but let's never talk about that, assassination based on political authority and the same crap intelligence that manufactured WMDs in Iraq? Tax protections on the rich? Slashing wages on the few jobs that are left in this country so working class is totally neutered and doomed. Lousy lose/lose trade deals. Privatization of schools and prisons for profit.

What evil is left for Romney to actually do at this point???? He gets to tweak more evil but the lion's share has been done by amiable and too cool for school lying Obama. Obama has done the heavy lifting of evil. Bush just got it started. Obama has done more than Bush or Cheney ever dreamed of in their evil little heats. Obama is doing a masterful job in MAJOR EVIL as his legions of apologists keep flapping their gums about lesser evilism and lets keep the country protected from the Romneys of the world??????

Obama is the American Judas. But all those blind and deaf disciples who seem to put their consciences in the deep freeze and defend him and his regime without really looking hard at what they are defending. I just don't get it, but it is horrifying. The heart of darkness just not of Obama but of the vast majority of citizenry.

best, libby
The big O has spent too much time trying not to become a one term president, protecting his legacy and the legacy of being the first African American president. As a result he has acted like a moderate Republican in many ways. Still, I think he is a far better choice for president on every level than the extraterrestrial.
Not my fault you're a bunch of suckers! Thank God there are still enough useful idiots out there who haven't woken up yet and still think I'm Jesus on a stick!
Libby - acceptance is simply the easier thing to do, but fascism and laziness are the perfect bed partners.

Escrito – Yes, indeed he has, but that’s not his worst offense. His big problem is that he, damned near immediately, sold us out to corporate America’s insurance industry (and shortly thereafter the other corporate entities with TARP). Within a few very short weeks, he began to compromise on what I and many others saw as the single most important issue of his campaign – healthcare. The only difference in our healthcare system now and that which existed before his election is that people will now buy insurance from private industry (corporate America), subsidized by the government. No single-payer program as he promised. No healthcare for all as he promised, but instead, a measure that will simply put more money into corporate insurance coffers. This coupled with his other very, very important, but broken promises for REAL PEOPLE/INDIDIVIDUALS do not make him a lesser evil, it makes him unelectable, but I can’t understand why everyone cannot see beyond the 2 mainstream parties. Romney is a bad choice, Obama is a bad choice, but that doesn’t mean there are no other choices. Get rid of mainstream politics entirely, one step at a time, starting with Obama. That will be our only hope for salvation.

Mr. President – Jesus on a stick and salvation, all wrapped nice and neat in a Captain America, er uhm Jesus lunchbox.
Wow it all rests with the size of your amygdala?
Algis - or perhaps the density :-)
well, in a few months,the world will end again, for anudder 4 yrs........sheeesh.....