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DECEMBER 8, 2010 1:23PM

The Dual Faces of America

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Australia Blames US, Not Assange

Australia's foreign minister has said the US is to blame for the release of thousands of diplomatic cables on Wikileaks, not its Australian founder, Julian Assange.”

Now there’s a novel idea.

Mr Rudd, the former prime minister who was replaced by Julia Gillard in June, added: "I think there are real questions to be asked about the adequacy of [the US] security systems and the level of access that people have had to that material.

"The core responsibility, and therefore legal liability, goes to those individuals responsible for that initial unauthorised release."

Perhaps taking it a step further would be appropriate. This entire fiasco is indeed the fault of the corrupt government officials of the United States and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the poor quality of security in the system.

Yet, we are already traveling down the blame road, the CYA so typical of our government when they’re caught with their pants down and their hands wrapped around their peckers. “It’s not my fault! Someone forgot to zip my pants for me.”

And you know what the sad thing about all this is? So many people are going to, once again, fall in line and organize, promote and cheer a witch hunt for that person who failed to zip the corrupt government official’s pants for him, completely ignoring the clear and obvious truth, the fact that the government officials are the traitors, not a foreign national who, by definition, cannot commit treason. Assange is but one more in a long line of those who failed to zip some government official’s pants and is in line for the fight of his life, maybe even the fight FOR his life.

The dual faces of America


This disclosure is not just an attack on America's foreign policy interests. It is an attack on the international community," Clinton said, following talks in Washington with Turkey's foreign minister.

We are taking aggressive steps to hold responsible those who stole this information and to prevent future disclosures, she added.”

Barrack Obama should be demanding Hillary Clinton’s resignation, not blaming Assange. Clinton is the moron with the penchant for seeing the rest of the world through hegemonic lenses so thick she can’t walk while wearing them, for looking down her ample nose at the world’s leaders and population as if they are nothing more than Michael Vick’s dogs, pitting them, one against the other. Clinton’s lies, treachery, narcissism and manipulations are what should be in question here, NOT the fact that someone discovered her and NOT attacking the “neutrality of the Net.”

Releasing Clinton upon the world is nothing short of a double case of Porcine Stress Syndrome

two headed pig 

Barack Obama should be taking the lead on this and for once, upholding the morality we Americans seem to think we own. But guess what, Obama will do what he does best; compromise. He’ll continue what he always does best; compromise our universal health care in favor of the mega-rich insurance corporations, compromise to allow a two-year tax cut for the wealthy in order to gain a one-year continuation of unemployment benefits, etc….


I’m tired of compromising. America has compromised her own people, the world and her integrity; all this while the elite puppet masters manipulate you and me in the interest of worldwide control.

I’ve grown tired of being manipulated; have you?


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We are all just links on a giant "chain of fools." Cue Aretha Franklin.
Ah, there are many things for ze powerful to worry about these days, no? There was a time when things were simpler, when ze rich and ze powerful could be assured of never being bothered with such trifles. But then, ze monarchy had its downside...mostly for the peazants.
“Barrack Obama should be demanding Hillary Clinton’s resignation”. When exactly should he do this Bob before or after he finishes waxing her car?

Don’t think that this time it will just be easy for them Bob support for Assange is snowballing on both the left and the right even Glen Beck appears to now be weighing in on the side of Assange with his ridicule of the charges last night. This from the Daily News the twenty first century’s answer to Pravda: “ WikiLeaks has done more to expose the dirty secrets of governments and corporations around the world than all those huge media companies. Hackers on every continent have responded to repression against the group by continuing to post its documents. This is becoming the first worldwide grass-roots rebellion on the Internet.
Read more:”

Thank you Bob on behalf of myself and all the rest of the American people who are not too stupid to see their government has been hijacked by the multi-National corporations. Your little part in this grass root rebellion is appreciated!
Bob, tired is not strong enough a word. Disgusted. Fed-up. Disappointed. I need a dictionary to find it. Something better break soon or we the poor of this country will change it.
I am hoping for an insurrection led by Scanner to get this whole thing under control.
rated for provocative
Absolutely awesome post. One of your best.
Willie - chain, chain, chain :-)

Pierre - Yes and ze zhits are killing ze vorld

RW - I worry about the same thing. Exposing dragons tends to get your ass burned.

Jac - after he finishes waxing her what??? :-) I jsut read where Assange supporters are now attacking Master Card's Webpage Hooyah!!!

Scanner - I'm pissed, infuriated, enraged, agitated and ready to fight. This shit has gone on long enough.

RP - I think there are a lot of OSers ready to do jsut that.
Doc - thank you. I always appreciate your visits.
The solution is the World Court - bring him and the previous motley crew and try them all for crimes against humanity.

Dear friend, your tags explain the entire politicial system the world over. ;)

Mark - I agree, but the "rule of law" is a bit lop-sided. The rich make the rules and we live by their laws :-)

Tink - doesn't it? I honestly feel like we've reverted t the 50s and 60s again. Time to revisit 1971.
"O" is starting to look awfully much like a certain Little Dutch Boy. Is his finger big enough, do ya think?
I think it is, but he has it up his ass to plug all the bullshit
Your hatred of Hillary Clinton clouds what might have otherwise been an interesting piece. I wonder, do you compare men to pigs, or is that dubious honour reserved for women? not rated
Emma. DAMN you got me cold; what can I say? But I'm not a woman hater, really, I'm a pig hater. Why else would I compare a pig to Hillary? What worse could I possibly compare an innocent pig to?

Where's the pork? Or are you simply pissed off that life came along?

Great job. My only quibble with you here would be the kind treatment that you give Obama compared to Hillary. Obama's her boss. She was only doing what he wants her to do. It's not Hillary per se. It's the US government and its Standard Operating Procedures.
I don't know whether you saw any of Assange's writing about his intentions, but he stated openly that one of his goals was to provoke a strong reaction from the corrupt power elites -- that their reaction itself was his goal. Leaks often contain little in the way of smoking guns (some, yes, but mostly the info suggests patterns and underlying assumptions, something that is often not "high concept" enough for strong rhetorical impact)...but a deranged, fascistic response? Now THERE'S a smoking gun for ya. I've watched public sentiment turn increasingly pro-WL as the PEs got more and more openly rabid, intimidating, and abusive.

Heh, as for Anonymous and Operation Payback -- it's certainly all pretty delicious, but I don't think (barring further info coming in) that Assange is actually in tight with the Anonymous crowd. Pretty different aesthetics between the two. I think Anonymous just picked it up because it hit some of their hot buttons: (a) lots of emotional impact and (b) Internet freedom. Anonymous are mostly pranksters (though some of them pranks can be pretty WHOA). As in, other than the denial-of-service attacks, maybe some month MasterCard statements will go out with the printed assertion "yes I liek mudkipz" or something like that. Which I fully acknowledge would make the world a better place, even if that is not the intent.