Dowell, Illinois, US
July 15
born in Illinois. 5 year Navy veteran. Married for 26 years (not counting the first five when we just cohabited. 4 kids, 6 grandkids, 3 brothers 2 living, 2 sisters 1 living, a mother living, a father not living. 1 dog a labradoodle, and a current cat population of 2/6 (If you count feral kittens ) I've done a lot of jobs in my life, from shill at a carnival burlesque show to making medium caliber ammunition. I built inkjet printers, embedded computer boards, restored and repaired both cars, motorcycles and electronics. I read, write, and do arithmetic (albeit poorly) My wife claims that I have more useless knowledge than anyone on earth and resultingly no one will play trivial pursuit with me anymore. I do play pinohcle but due to my inability to cheat I don't win very often. Recently disabled I turned to Open Salon to re-engage my writing bug. Update add one cocker spaniel to the list and maybe just shoot me.


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APRIL 27, 2012 11:17AM

Vegetable Soup

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chopped and sliced


'til dark falls


freedom for the true evil rises 


pithy entrails

roast slowly

as I wait for the soup to be done


soup fills a need

my belly

my mind reels


Am I death?

Am I death? 


Too many questions

too much dark

too much to think or feel




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soybeans, wheat, corn, pullets, heifers, sows, hogs

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We feel with you. We are all death. "Too many questions / too much dark / too much to think or feel", your mind is losing centrifugal regulation. You are in a "primal scream". You need soup for your mind!
I am a terrible advice-giver. But I do care. If you are up against that black wall, have you tried preemptively leaping to the other side: imagine you ARE dead. What still matters? Can you focus on what still matters? Praying couldn't hurt...
Plath meets Frost, with a dash of Browning. Good soup. Then again, I personally suck at poetry so my opinion probably counts for a little less than a grain of salt.
As I struggled to think of a comment my eyes drifted down to Doug's and I can't imagine coming up with anything better. Hang in there, friend.
Sometimes there are no words, this is one of those times.
I like your writing, but I don't think I like this recipe.....
We can all hope the bright light dead ahead is the sun coming out and not the head light of the oncoming freight train Bob.

The darkness time is just before the dawn of a new day.

Looking ahead and moving on can be tough...

Now I'm hungry!! ~Wanders off for some soup~