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July 15
born in Illinois. 5 year Navy veteran. Married for 26 years (not counting the first five when we just cohabited. 4 kids, 6 grandkids, 3 brothers 2 living, 2 sisters 1 living, a mother living, a father not living. 1 dog a labradoodle, and a current cat population of 2/6 (If you count feral kittens ) I've done a lot of jobs in my life, from shill at a carnival burlesque show to making medium caliber ammunition. I built inkjet printers, embedded computer boards, restored and repaired both cars, motorcycles and electronics. I read, write, and do arithmetic (albeit poorly) My wife claims that I have more useless knowledge than anyone on earth and resultingly no one will play trivial pursuit with me anymore. I do play pinohcle but due to my inability to cheat I don't win very often. Recently disabled I turned to Open Salon to re-engage my writing bug. Update add one cocker spaniel to the list and maybe just shoot me.


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MARCH 26, 2012 1:09PM

What does this Mean?

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"I've spent three years trying to get on social security disability "

I'd be happy to swear on penalties of perjury that you're totally disabled.
I am curious, what soes this have to do with the subject of my post?
At lest the next one tries to address the post,
 How sadly reconfirming it is to see just how mean spirited and nasty liberals can be. No surprise, but sad to see how fetid ideology can trump basic humanity. Go in peace.
Now this one is on topic, sort of, although it fails to touch on any point in it,
 There is more evil on the left period. Hate and contempt are alive and well and living in Utopia.
Clinton bombed Bosnia,Croatia and Iraq-as well as the Sudan. There was strong evidence he forced himself on Juanita Broderick and Catherine Whilley amongst others.

England confirmed WMD's as Did Sadaam himself.
When a madman says he has a gun,bullets and wants to use it on you do you ignore him? What if he has a history of using it on people?
Hussien ignored UN charters, if those are not enforced then, let us do away with that anti-american farce that pollutes prime Manhatten real estate. 
Yes Jay, he bombed all of those places as part of a legitimate NATO tasking.  We are a signatory so when certain requirements are met we are obliged by treaty to undertake those military actions.
Yes there was a good deal of circumstantial evidence, odd that despite all of the hoo raw no one was able to actually file a charge against him.  That in spite of the seven years and over $140,000,000.00 of tax money wasted in the witch hunt that was the sole province of republicans.  Even to the detriment of the nation they focused only on trying to "get" Bill Clinton, and they failed.
The U.N. displeases you?  I'm not surprised, a good fascist like yourself would be opposed to any organization that failed to bow to the U.S. in every action.   

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You can't hope to disturb the smug, Bob. They so enjoy pleasing themselves and their little choir that they have no interest in reckoning with anyone else. Reading Kim Gamble's post the other day about the poisonous Bufo Toad reminded me of Gordon.
I long ago gave up trying to make much sense out of anything that Mr. Osmond writes.
I can't think of an instance where Mr. Osmond ever showed compassion for anything past the end of his own nose.
Bob Matt's right Smug and Stupid are not teachable.

Bob, it's not worth losing sleep over. Some people are just simply ASSHOLES!
What Kenny said.
And keep doing what you're doing.
Some people are just plain evil....