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JUNE 20, 2011 11:14AM

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

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I want to apologize for the errors in memory that plague my tribute piece to Clarence Clemons.  Most of you know that in many cases I write strictly by memory so there is always the chance for an error to occur.  Factually speaking, there was never an intent to post those errors for effect or otherwise.  It was strictly the combination of weed and time that scrambled them.  

When I write about my personal past I do check somewhat to make sure that errors in my mind are not repeated when possible.  In many cases that is impossible or I'm just to lazy to do it.  Mea culpa.

When an astute reader sees these errors and corrects them for me I try to be gracious since I do not seek to mislead people, mea culpa.

I will try to do a better job of it in the future.  Mea maxima culpa. 


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Bobbot; We do the best we can and you always do.
Nothing but love and hugs
Honorable post. Too bad other OSers dig their heels in when it becomes obvious that their position is weak or has been successfully refuted.

You could type forever, and not make as many mistakes as me. I can edit something 20 times and still miss something.
Bob, I read the post in question and your errors do not take away from the spirit of the piece....a tribute to a great musician. I can not tell you the number of times I have read errors or downright untruths passed off as fact in blogs here and elsewhere. You, however, are one of the few people who have admitted error and apologized for them, even when an apology was not needed. You deserve kudos for that action alone. You, sir are an honorable man and my hat's off to you.
Oh, must be joking! People write lies about other people all the time here and it is taken as're fine...very fine...xox
The fact that you wrote a tribute to him is what matters!
Bob, Torman and I both commented at almost the same I Torman and is he me? xox
Well Robin, from my own experience I can say that I'd have to see you being Torman with my own eyes since I am not exactly a stranger to either of you.
Whatever those errors in memory might have been, they got by me, so I'm cool. No harm, no foul. It was the thought that counted.