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Bob Eckstein
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February 27
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Snowman expert, author of The History of the Snowman and cartoonist for the New Yorker, Reader's Digest, Wall Street Journal and others. Twitter; snowmanexpert


AUGUST 14, 2010 9:31PM

It's the Gorton's Fisherman

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What have I been up to? Please allow me to share my snapshots from my recent pow-wow at Gorton's corporate office on my way home from Bar Harbor, Maine.


Gorton's marketing were nice enough to give me twenty minutes to talk fish-sticks. I gave them my spiel how they could sponsor my snowman book in exchange for my ideas on incorporating seafood with dance music.

gorton sign

That's a cesspool truck under the huge Gorton's sign at their corporate headquarters.


In the corner of the large board meeting we used for my presentation was The Gorton's fisherman made from Leggo. When I was losing them, I just glanced his way for confidence. Trust the Gorton's fisherman.

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LOL I love their beer battered fish.

Someone's got some serious Lego talent.
Snowmen in a fishing boat wouldn't get cold in the North Atlantic.
Bob, best of luck with your Snowman endeavors! I agree with Steve's comment about the talent that made the Gorton's fisherman, too!
'Get A Load of This'! Boy, that just about says it all doesn't it?
You do realize I hope, that Slade Gorton, was a shit-ass politician out of Washington state for too many years.

No snow-man, he. He was called, "Skellator," by the liberal media there, and they were being kind. He was a nasty dick of the first order........
It inspired confidence in me as well...Thanks Bob and good luck!
The way you casually insert "at's a cesspool truck under the huge Gorton's sign at their corporate headquarters." into this post -- I love a man who isn't afraid to be subtle with his humor.
Thanks everyone for the comments–they cheered me up as have been on radical sabbatical trying to write my second book. Funny stuff and it's good to see the familiar faces still here.
I may have to reuse one of those pictures, bub.