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DECEMBER 22, 2009 2:09PM

Snowman Collection, Top 100 (The Far East, #60–#46)

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This winter I want to share my favorite snowmen from my personal stash of over 1,000 antique collectibles, photographs and artwork.
The collection was on display at the Albright Memorial Library in Scranton, PA (and on TV a couple of times).
Little change in plans as a long business trip to London will be separating me from my collection from now until February. So instead we will get through all top one hundred snowmen by Christmas! Here are fourteen from the Far East...

Click on image to enlarge.

I have a lot of Asian snowmen images to choose from and went over ten in this post. It could have easily been 100...

The story of Asain snowmen continues as I still have unfinished business with my research into 6th century Northern China.

This print is about 3 feet big.

This toy is about three inches tall.


Very rare (and expensive) ivory good luck charm. This style of snowman making I go into ad nauseam in my book.  

Ideally, I wish I had more time to tell stories of how I obtained these items but I realized after a few posts that the stories were a bit long, maybe too long for what I had time for (with my new frantic schedule) and too long that maybe it would take something away from just enjoying the images. 

The past two weeks I unexpectedly found myself talking about these images to local papers and even I'm getting sick of myself talking about them so thought it best to be silent. (Except for this explanation.)


Repeating this image just becaue it belongs in the Asian group.


Postcard. Removing snow from roof.

Ad for an insurance company?

Candles are placed in the bellies of Japanese snowmen.
 This is an image many of you may have seen as it's been circulating the internet. I don't own it and it was emailed to me many years ago. I wanted it in my book but glad now that I didn't include it as it turned out to be a too common a picture.
 All items Picturetown Collection © 2007 and not to be reprinted without permission.

For past installments click image





Friday I was quoted in a news item about the world's smallest snowman.

For more, there was a short interview with me discussing my writing and stuff on the wonderful writer's site Fictionaut.

To read about the start of the snowman project, there's an old post here on Open Salon that goes into that.









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I LOVE the sea of snowmen!!!

Best ever!
I love how so many of these snowmen are so perfectly round. They are pleasing to the eye. And that sea of snowmen is great!
Have been starved for snow this season for some reason. Thanks for feeding that. Simply amazing,unique,and whimsical.
When you finish with the images, Bob, if you have time I'd love it if you would share with us the most tried-and-true methods of snowman construction.
When I was a kid, we used to make snow dinosaurs. Well, my older brothers did - the rest of us would "help" by collecting up the snow for them to mold.

I loved the Japanese snowmen with the candles in their bellies. :-D
I'm beginning to understand your obsession with snowmen. I never noticed before how many variations there are and I certainly never thought they made snowmen in old Japan. Wonderful pictures.
Bob, the snowman pulling the snowchild is especially cute!