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DECEMBER 19, 2009 3:30PM

The Snowman Collection – Top 100 (#91 through #82)

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I'm going to take it up a notch. I decided to continue posting dialy but at ten items at a time. Here my following has dwindled to under ten people (thanks to the faithful stilll here) and I will return to my blog, Today's Snowman (not sure what happened here as I used to enjoy a following of sorts but my snowman blog, which sat static for a year and did nothing, somehow took off and now gets thousands of viewers a post).

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Picturetown Collection © 2007
One of the first ads to use a snowman. 1890s


Picturetown Collection © 2007

This guys runs on batteries–his nose lights up, he swivels, and air puffs a Styrofoam ball out of his top-hat. He does other things but I'll leave it at that.

Illustration by Frank Verbeck (1858-1933)
Picturetown Collection © 2007

From a time when snowmen could hold a political office.


Moscow, 2007


Picturetown Collection © 2007
This guy moves pretty fast after wound up with his hat going up and down.
Picturetown Collection © 2007

Huge (and heavy) plaster promotional statue for Oertels beer.


The Böögg
Zurich, Switzerland. For centuries every year the Swiss celebrate the festival of Sechseläuten to celebrate the arrival of spring by blowing up a snowman who on this day, is the evil symbol of winter. The parade lasts a few days and is the largest and most colorful of its kind in Europe with thousands of marchers, over 30 brass-bands, 50 horses, and one Böögg. The Böögg is always the grand marshal and a crucial part of the festivities since he is filled with dynamite. It’s a sacred ritual that dates back to the Middle Ages and remains one of the more interesting ways I can think of to usher in spring. Depending how long it takes for the Böögg to combust, determines what type of summer lies ahead.
Picturetown Collection © 2007
Snowman on Parade
Photo from the St. Paul Winter Sports Carnival in 1940, a time when snowmen really ruled the holidays.
Picturetown Collection © 2005
Vitruvian Snowman
Michelangelo actually made a snowman in 1494 and while many great artists made snowmen, I had no luck finding any evidence that the great Leonardo Da Vinci ever made one after years of searching. In disgust I took artistic liberty and made this silly illustration.
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snowman163_copy1260594674duotone+early110 tumbleweed-1
Yesterday I was quoted in a news item about the world's smallest snowman.

For more, there was a short interview with me discussing my writing and stuff on the wonderful writer's site Fictionaut.

To read about the start of the snowman project, there's an old post here on Open Salon that goes into that.







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Bob, another amazing set of images! The Moscow and Zurich scenes are unlike anything I have seen before relating to snowmen.
I love that Frank Verbeck illustration. And of course the Burning Snowman. Amazes me more hippies haven't caught on to that.
These are great! I especially love the Moscow one.
If these are what didn't make it into the book, I am starting to feel sorry that I don't have a copy. But this movement to put feet on snowmen has got to stop. That Swiss one has feet, doesn't it? No wonder they have to blow it up.
Very cool! Those Ruskie snowmen sure are ugly.
Delightful, delightful! xox
I like the Ortel's beerman (the bottle says Cheer Up!) and, of course, the Virtruvian Snowman!

Happy Holidays, Bob!
Well, I'm excited to see who stopped by and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Mumbletypeg, just to clarify...many of these didn't make the cut for the book but some ARE in the book (there are 160 images) including the burning snowman ad the Da Vinci guy. The best pictures I have not posted yet.
I like the Moscow photo and you have disabused me of the notion that the Swiss are always peaceful people.
Impressive!! Even an exploding snowman!
Glad you are getting lots of looks at your blogsite. You so deserve it.
This is tremendous! I never knew that there was so much culture about snowmen. Thanks for this, but if I never see a real one again, I'll be fine...brrrr.
I *love* the bears. Just love 'em. Happy Holidays, Bob!
The Boogg is fascinating........stand back!
Someday, I'd like to follow your lead and assemble a collections of pics of old abandoned houses. That'd be way cool.
Nothing like being in the Caribbean and looking at snowmen! Love this group of them.

Sorry you're having a difficult time with readers here...but anywhere you get them is a wonderful thing! I love my Eckstein app!
These are great!
The photo from Moscow--there's the army of snowmen I mentioned on an earlier installment!
And I love your Vitruvian Snowman!
LOL--needed that today!
That snowman parade is awesome, and the one of all the snowmen lining the street in Moscow - well, I'm surprised at the volume there, I must say. Incredible really.

Rated. Hey, there's an "Eckstein App"? How'd I miss that?