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DECEMBER 17, 2009 9:49AM

The Snowman Collection – Top 100 (#93)

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 This winter I want to share my favorite snowmen from my personal stash of over 1,000 antique collectibles, photographs and artwork. The collection was on display at the Albright Memorial Library in Scranton, PA (and on TV a couple of times). Each day I will post a countdown of the top 100 snowmen, along with a backstory or two.

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Picturetown Collection © 2005

Early Photograph of a Snowman
The snowman, like a frozen Forrest Gump, always seemed to be in front of the camera at the forefront of advancements and it was no different for photography. One of the earliest photos was of a snowman, shot around in the 1840s by a young Welsh woman, Mary Dillwyn, a pioneer in the field and one of the first to use photography as an art form. The photo here was much later, 1902, but a wonderful example of early American snowman (and a lot clearer to see). #93.

For more, today there's a short interview with me discussing my writing and stuff on the wonderful writer's site Fictionaut.

To read about the start of the snowman project, there's an old post here on Open Salon that goes into that.







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Bob, this photo looks similar in age to some old stereographic photos I have from the early part of the 20th century. I have the old viewer from that era and will print your photo out on the laser printer in an enlarged size and see how it looks in stereo. Thanks for another fascinating piece of snowman history!
Wonderful image....would love t see it in the viewer.
the way the photografer composed the scene is wonderful.
The dog on the sled...
This is really cool, Bob. I like these daily glimspes. Keep them coming.
Lovely old photograph, Bob. Thanks for the cheerful post!
Vintage snowman!
Love it!
My favorite so far. This is like an advent calendar, only better.
I love these old photos. They tell a story. :-D

Catching up on some missed posts. Sorry I missed them, but glad I can now "serialize" them. I have a feeling I'll be smiling hugely by day's end, thanks to you.
Beautiful image. Snowmen really are timeless.