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DECEMBER 10, 2009 9:49AM

The Snowman Collection – Top 100 (#100)

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This winter I wanted to share my favorite snowmen from my personal stash of close to 1,000 antique collectibles, photographs and artwork. The entire collection was on display at the Albright Memorial Library in Scranton, Pennsylvania (and on television a couple of times). Each day I will post a countdown of the top 100 snowmen, some which I have weird backstories to tell as well.


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Picturetown Collection © 2009

I haven't published this wonderful photograph before because I, unfortunately, have no information on it–it was given to me by a stranger who knew I was researching the subject. It makes the cut if just as a demostration of snowman making in early America. My eye puts this around turn of the century but I welcome any feedback regarding it's age. #100.

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Bob, that's a nice vintage photo and my guess would put it in the same period as your guess and possibly as old as circa 1885. There are no utility poles present nor do I see any motor vehicles, etc.
Wow... it's a monolith with a head. It's amazing!
Made me very happy to see this photo, also a little nostalgic for a long-lost time I never knew.
That picture scares me for some reason!
I had to click on the photo to enlarge, as I had no idea why you would have posted it here. Silly me - couldn't see the forest for the trees, or the snowman for the people as it were.

Mind-boggling. The clothing certainly suggests late 1800's to early 1900's. Looks like a typical New England setting as well, if you ask me.

Thumbed, gawped over and chuckled at - a cartoonist's trifecta. :-D
1909-ish? Guess based on clothing styles very much like old photos I have of my grand parent's era. Great photo and the tallest smowman I've ever seen! Those kids must have had a hoot climbing up and piling on the snow (or is there a tall wooden ladder hidden behind the snowman? Endless possibilites! Love this, Bob!
I read your book to my grandson and his eyes get so big looking at all the wonderful photos!
I'm so happy. Since I have your book I can start a betting pool. It'll only be with my son, but I owe him some back allowance that I can maybe get back;)
That's one healthy snowman.
I have my own snowman story. Back in the 80's, rare Oklahoma snowfall. I decide to do a sculpture- Bedouin in snow...desert clever.
After finishing the highly detailed snowman, I realized it was 2 weeks before Christmas. I kicked the Bedouin's legs out from under him, twisted him to face east, ripped his head back to look upwards, repaired the changes and created a kneeling Wise Man. Traffic stopper..front page of the paper.
Gotta know your audience.
Arthur C. Clarke's inspiration for the monolith in 2001: A space odyssey
That's one hell of a snowman, Bob. Can't wait to see the others.
Thanks guys...this is neat and exciting for me. Paul, nice story. Next snowman is especially for you (you'll understand tomorrow).
Cool. I'll be looking for it.
I love old photos like this! And I love a good count down, can't wait to see the others you've chosen.
I wonder how long it took them to make the snowman. My guess is around 1890.
I am very excited about this project! Great photo. I would say early 20th Century. The house in back is probably 1860-70. the older woman in the R front of the snowman is wearing a head garment that looks like something from around 1860-70.
This is an incredible photo--a little spooky too! I'm excited to see all the others--I love snow and snowmen and I want to buy your book (I'm assuming I can get it on Amazon?).
Jesus! Who needs snowplows when you build snowmen that size?
Thanks, Gary and others for the observations. I'm going to move along quickly to the next wave of snowmen.

Yes, Karin, Amazon sells it. Thanks.