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MARCH 17, 2009 7:55PM

Who is to blame if a new study reveals teens blame Rihanna?

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Bitch Slaps sketch

A new study by the Boston Public Health Commission reveals that almost half of Boston teens think that Rihanna is to blame for alleged assault "involving" Chris Brown. Where do kids get this thinking?


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Blaming the victim is a whole hell of a lot easier than addressing the problem, isn't it? There's your answer.
I was watching a film called "Bully" a couple of nights ago, one where the "bully" kid bitch slaps his female and male friends, constantly.
One of the rap songs playing in the car in one scene is saying " please bitch please, please bitch please."

Cuuulassssy! And yes, some wonder why...
Rated for Reality
Hmm, where do we begin? We could discuss the human need to find a scapegoat, or a simple explanation which will allow people to feel as if "that couldn't happen to me". We could discuss the myriad ways in which our culture condones violence in general, and violence toward women in particular. We could talk about the reasons why women are blamed when they are raped. We could talk how people confuse causal responsibility with moral responsibility. In fact, I may just have to write my own post as a response to your question!
"Bully" is a good movie by Larry Clark, a kind of sick pedo filmmaker anyways. Yes I agree with Kind of Blue about all the issues that need to be addressed. It just angers me that these teens do not know about domestic violence and female empowerment in general.
Shameful. Just means that grownups have a whole lot of educating to do.
Well you have to think about this. Is this the first time? She has already demonstrated a willingness to drop this loser. She is obviously not to blame for the first time this happened, but what would it take for this rocket scientist to realize he's a flaming asshole and head for the door? She should have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.
I meant unwillingness to drop him.
Actually 52 percent said they thought the media was treating HIM unfairly. Our culture is fucked. When you start making heroes of thugs you can't expect children to have normal values. Adult society has legitimized all kinds of things by promoting songs about drugs, violence, crime and prostitution. When the ideal occupation for a high schooler is a pimp, our future is in trouble. And they used to complain about punk and heavy metal. Yes, but 3rd grader teachers weren't using it for background music.
Larry Clark is a pedophile? I'd like to see some proof of that. It's not a term that should be thrown around lightly.
sad....thanks for posting this. a full grown person who I work with came into the lunchroom one day when people were discussing Rianna and his big question was "what did she do?" (to instigate the fight). It took about three people to explain to him why posing the question in so many words....sigh...begs the question.
Sick. I wonder where these teens are - inner city/poor public schools/unfortunate homes?

Love the box, but especially the disclaimer!
This study is disturbing. Are these the same kids that are posting the pictures on Facebook? Sorry, but I couldn't resist this. I'm thinking this is more media influenced than by parents. But maybe this is just wishful thinking.
Chris Brown's attorney is spinning that Rihanna struck first. Kids who idolize Chris Brown may be more likely to grab onto anything in order to acquit their hero.

Not that it's okay for women to hit men, but there are other options than punching back hard enough to send someone to the hospital.
Oprah is NOT going to like this, Bob.
Not. One. Bit.
This is really depressing. As a veteran of the feminist movement, the 1970s incarnation, I'm horrified at the way feminism got distorted and rejected. It seems that women coming of age in the 1990s and beyond bought into the anti-feminist screed that old-school feminism meant turning women into ugly man-haters. The backlash against that false caricature has left us with way too many young women who aren't able or willing to stand up for themselves in relationships (serious or casual).
Hey! Bob is back. Lucky for us he's a lover, not a fighter. I mean, that's what I've heard...
Yo, Ri-Ri! Life sucks, and then you die!

If you're lucky.
Jimgalt, I am avid film buff, I have seen most, not all of his films "Kids" to "Bully" and some parts of "Wussup Rockers" and a lot of his scenes include young, some even very young as in "Kids" where they are mentioned to be 12 or 13 having vivid sex scenes. Larry Clark is a director who has been known to use very controversial material in his films. I KNOW what I am talking about
kids will be kids they mimic what they see