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MAY 21, 2011 7:01PM

OS Weekly: Linda Love

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Good morrow OS friends. It is Saturday, May 21st, and here again is your friendly announcer. This week we are pleased to present an exclusive--the editorial stylings of Mr.Cranky Cuss. Oh, and should the world come to an end on this sunny Spring day, may you share this copy of the weekly in the otherworld.


D Art's Knucklehead (pop art)  seemed apt with all the talk of philandering this week. I get the feeling this man has had more than his share of  female attention. The lone, alpha male figure pairs well with...                       


Caroline Marie's crayon ladies from Staying Sane 101. On second thought, these women don't look like they would take any shit from square-head guy. Perhaps they will use and discard him once they've had their fill.


                                                         ~The Buzz~

This week was all about "Power and the Pecker Problem" as Nikki Stern so aptly put it. We pontificated and debated from every angle as one extra-marital shagging case after another hit the news. We teased about Arnold's secret son and Newt's multiple nuptials, but we also had to face the dark side when IMF chief DSK was accused of a brutal sexual assault. Oryoki Bowl took it personal in her piece, "Sex and humiliation, a biased view."   And from the male perspective? Brassawe cautions that we must carefully disassociate the  "head problem from the dick problem."    

There is one among us who has gone off the rails. Wishing you all the best, and please get some help.

Barbara Joanne was kind enough to provide a juicy oh-no-she-didn't article to rankle the masses. The lady is of the opinion that Mrs. Obama is no Mrs. Kennedy. Ya think? Her obtuse comparison is based largely on Mrs. Obama's lack of the "proper" artistic sensibility. How dare she invite the urban poet Common to the White House. To add insult to insult, Ms. Joanne even objects to the First Lady's efforts to highlight the problem of childhood obesity, describing her "hectoring campaign" as "tacky, rude, and graceless."  Thankfully many commenters took her to task, most notably Bill Beck who was particularly thorough in his point by point refutations. Joanne is not without her fans however.To the idea that the Obama girls would have the audicity to take ballet, Gordon Osmond opined, "The Obama butts are too big for ballet. It's a matter of line, not race." Oh no he didn't. 


                            ~ Featured Blog of the Week~


                                                      Linda Seccaspina                             


In the world of show business people often speak about the line between art and commerce. Some say you must define your goals at the outset. Are you to be an actor or a movie star, a true artist or an entertainer? Oddly enough, this dichotomy can also be applied to the OS writer. Though we may be somewhat isolated,  it's still all about show business. Most of us long to be on center stage and hold the spotlight as long as possible.  Linda Seccaspina does that...on the regular.

Who among us has not asked ourselves at one point or another, shall I be the activist/serious writer this time, or the entertainer? Most of us seek a balance. Some of us are lucky if we can come up with two or three good ideas/week and we feel lucky if the ratings ticker hits the double digits. Many of us seek the fleeting glory of the occasional EP. In my view  Linda's status surpasses the vaunted EP/cover spot. She owns real estate on the East Coast (top rated feed), and not just any digs--a Manhattan apartment with park views and a house in the Hamptons to boot.

So what's it all about, the Linda factor?  She is both the true artist and the show-stopping entertainer. Linda writes engaging, delicious, up-lifting, funny, poignant, peace-loving prose, count 'em, six days a week. She is a stalwart in a mercurial OS world. Just as I can turn on "Morning Joe" to see what's going on in the world, I can also stop by Linda's place and read about her fascinating adventures on a daily basis--The Tayles of Emileeeeee Mcpheeeee. Oh, and eat your heart out Joe, she even writes on Sundays.

Linda's OS career began just over a year ago with an unadorned post on March 19th, 2010, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Ottawa, with nary a comment or rating. By the time the earth completed it's orbit around the sun once again she had reached the height of popularity with her Live Royal Wedding blog  on April 29th,  which has garnered 327 comments to date. Add to that, 27 Editor's Picks...and counting. Yep, by any measure, Linda Seccaspina is an unqualified success.

So what can I say that's new? Linda has been profiled, interviewed and honored before. We all know she is a liberal love bug who gives out free huggggggggs...the kind of babe who exudes warmth and acceptance. I have not had the privilege of meeting her, but I'd bet my house she's the same person in person. We are convinced she must have special powers. How else could she be everywhere at once? We can find her in the pews at every wedding or funeral, and at the hospital when the baby is born or the elderly parent expires. Somehow she is always one of the first to comment...always available to answer a PM when you're in crisis or in need of a friend.

In her brilliant series, "Horses With No Names", she was able to connect  with the forgotten souls in her community. Linda gives these strangers a voice and then shares that voice with us. The latest in the series, about a gypsy teen mom and her dog,  is one of her best, but then how can you choose favorites with such a prolific writer. Remember The Pink Frying Pan that Cooks Nothing but Hope?  That's who Linda is to me, ever hopeful-- the night light in a darkened room.

So go on with your bad self Ms. Linda, carry on cooking up your own brand of goodies and we will be there to partake. I think I can speak for the whole gang here...we love you Linda.

May the world keep turning, and may we all live to read you again.



                                 What was Emily thinking?

It's not everyday that you can get a first person narrative such as this, an intimate encounter with a Governator. This was a major miss Ms. Emily. 


              Keka My Date With Ahnuld (The Governator and Me)



                                    ~Miscellaneous Cool~


                              Monsieur Chariot A life in pictures (pt 1)


                                                   The dapper young MC .    



                            Alysa Salzberg My Parisian Year


                             Ann Nichols The Rapture Man


                                     Brassawe  I'm Cleva




                               ~The State of the Union~


                                        Rebecca Sarwate

                              America's healthcare system is still broken.




                                           America's Coming Rent Crisis



                                         Old New Lefty

                                       Are the Rebublicans Melting?



                            ~OS Wednesday Fiction Club~


Alysa Salzberg has taken the baton from Rita Bourland. The former Fiction Friday-- remodeled, revamped, and removed to Wednesday to allow for a weekend between the prompt and posting day. If you would like to participate, they don't discriminate, here's how you may partake: 

Plan A: Do your own thing.  Write on any topic, in any style you want.

Plan B: (Inspired by a comment from Susie Lindau): Write a story from an animal's perspective.

On Tuesday night (I know some of you like to post early), I will publish a post entitled "Fiction Wednesday Stories for May 25, 2011" .  If you write a story, please post a comment with the title of your story, a link to it, etc. at the end of this weekly post.  This way, we'll have a complete, self-generated list of stories for each week, all in one place. 

                                          ~ The Weekly Funnies~


                                                    Gerald Anderson

                                    How getting an EP changed my life


                                                       Con Chapman

      Grammer Police Brutality Charge in Subject-Verb Disagreement


~In the News~

 robert Robert Cook

 Newt Gingrich has been Trumped 

catherinef Catherine Forsythe

Microsoft spends 8.5 billion for Skype

The Ultimate Spoiler: Knowing your own probable longevity

traveler The Traveler

Obama gives Netanyahu an opportunity

Kathy Kathy Riordan

Who is Jon Huntsman and Why Should We Care?

 ajAJ Calhoun

 McCain's Purple Heart



                                 Who gave good comment?


tink Tinkerertink69 on Cranky Cuss'--

 Even I can't be cranky at this.

"Yeah, a friend of mine posted it in Facebook. Gawd, so wonderful, but what would have made it Awesome Viral if she said NO, YOU SEEM TO HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS AND WELL, YOU SEEM TO BE HIDEOUS TOO, OUR KIDS WOULD PROBABLY END UP LOOKING LIKE YOU, AND GET TEASED AT SCHOOL AND END UP KILLING EVERYONE. NO, I DON'T THINK SO!!"

 ftmwFrom the Midwest on Ann Nichols'--

Coming Un-"Glee"'d

To Ann's assertion--"It is my firm belief that no one in America who really needs to be “schooled” in these areas is watching “Glee” on Tuesday nights . . ."

FTM replied--"I couldn't disagree with you more. As a former educator, I witnessed first hand the bullying that goes on in schools, and not just against gay kids or those perceived to be gay. Trust me, those who are bullied are watching this show and garnering strength from it. Many kids "aren't there" yet and education and repetition just goes together. I'm also sure many educators are watching it, too."

matt Matt Paust on Beth Dugan's--

Taxi and the real me collide

"Beth, for the longest while as I read along in this fine piece I was composing in my head a comment that would somewhere include me asking you out. Ummmm...funny, isn't it."
cathy Just Cathy on Linda Seccaspina's--
 "Old is as old does...and that sounds pretty doggone old.
Finally taking advantage of some senior know, the ones that begin at 50 (ish)! Ticks me off that many don't kick in till 65! Being the tender age of "the new 40" (ish), hah! I am loath to admit all the bennies that come with this new decade.

As for this Saturday's visit, I hope to God that Jesus really does come down here and answer some long awaited questions!

Like, what's up with the "burning bush?!
Throwing the tablets of the 10 Commandments off that mountain? The point?
Parting of the Red Sea? I could swear it was blue.
Turning water into wine! High time he taught someone else to do that!
Telling Peter to build "his" church on a rock? Look what happened since then!
Telling his followers to eat the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Wouldn't that be a felony these days?
Forging Mary Magdelen of all her sins...let's not go there.

No disrespect intended, no sireee! Just some questions I'd like answered...including, how to take things "on faith??"

And, if the world and humanity are going to "hell in a hand basket in two days...why on earth do we care so much about Arnold's "love child?"

Wasn't JC, in fact, the first historic love child to achieve such acclaim as to his miraculous conception and perfect love for all mankind?

The latter being the crux of the matter. If He could impart the knowledge onto us of how we can find perfect love for all mankind, would we be talking about "The Rapture?"

What the world needs now is a good dose of "Divine Inspiration."

(sometimes well raised, good Catholic girls, become silly and a wee bit cynical at times. "In God, we trust." How about that?)"

 ~Cranky's take~


There are days when the technical issues of OS make me scream. If it were just an occasional occurrence, I’d tolerate it as the price to pay for reading so many interesting writers. But it’s every single damn day. I can’t remember the last day I didn’t have trouble getting into and around OS, but I’m pretty sure the Democrats were still the majority in the House of Representatives.

There’s a running joke among my OS email pals: it’s 3:00 pm, so OS must be down. When I do finally get on, OS is so slow that I could read War and Peace in the time it takes to post a comment. OK, that’s an exaggeration, since War and Peace is 1,200 pages; maybe Anna Karenina, which is only 800.

The continual trouble suppresses readership. I used to make it a point to find new bloggers, encourage them and try to welcome them into the fold. I don’t do that anymore. The site is down so often that I just concentrate my limited reading time on friends and a few old reliables. I’m sure many others are doing the same. That’s a shame.

Recently, one of my favorites, who hadn’t posted anything here since the end of 2010, tried to post about the Alabama tornado damage. She told me it took forever to get in, forever to upload text, forever to upload the video and when she tried to edit, the site crashed. When she finally published, the first commenter told her it took over 20 minutes and three attempts to post a comment. She got disgusted and deleted the post entirely.

The worst part is that nobody in management ever communicates to us about it. If they told us, “Look, we feel bad about the problem, but we’re financially constrained,” I’d understand. But they tell us less than Arnold told Maria about his love child. They act like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, thinking, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Well, I’m ready to go post a comment. This will give me a chance to read Les Miserables.
                 From Edward R. Murrow and the staff at OS Weekly
                                            "Good day and good luck."
                 Editor-In-Chief~ The Bluestocking Babe

Editor's note: If you are a regular subscriber, you might have noticed a something different--the blurbless featurettes. The blurbs were tragically lost in one of many OS crashing incidents I endured while producing the Weekly. Your faithful EIC is at fault for writing copy directly into OS without a back-up on word. I did not have the heart to go back and rewrite.  

   So, I beg your indulgence for an experiment of sorts--interactive blurbing. If you can come up with 2-3 sentences to describe/review one of the featurettes, put it in the comment thread and I will add my favorites to The Weekly in real time. Bring your A game please, we do have our rep to protect.



                                     ~  Contributors~

       Thanks for you comment submissions and artwork


                                       Monsieur Chariot
                                       L in the Southest
                                      Linda Seccaspina
                                        Caroline Marie
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        OS Weekly 4- Read Nikki Stern, Because I Say So!


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Friends, I thank you for reading the Weekly. It had been mostly a pleasure to produce until the daily technical issues started wearin' down my mojo. This will be the last issue for a least until the site is more stable.

If you haven't seen Brassawe's video, "I'm Cleva" so so immediately. That's an order. Also, please participate in the blurb game. Blurbing was my favorite part of writing the Weekly so the loss was particularly painful. So...cheer me up and play along.
Ah, thanks for the catch-up and the shout out. As I am actually working a lot more these days, I have less time to catch the falling stars in the feed column, and just have to luck out between free time, OS cooperativity and that which catches my gaze (as searching is like reading all of Tolstoy's work...). Great post yourself, on the Sofitel.
At least Beth had the grace to favorite me after that clumsy mash note.

Terrific job, as usual, Babe.
BSB, thanks! This must have been so much work!

- then there was "Biology and Monogamy" [ by bluestocking_babe], which still has me pondering.
BSB, thanks! This must have been so much work!

- then there was "Biology and Monogamy" [ by bluestocking_babe], which still has me pondering.
Oh, and duh, Linda is a league of her own- certainly deserves all the accolades she is getting. I am glad she posts here anyway. Even better when we giggle out on FB.
Can always count on Bluestocking Babe to deliver an interesting vision of the week's activity on OS; must be difficult with so much great material to choose from. Still, your selections reflect a fine radar for quality.

And then, there is also the little picture-bio of my diabolical Victorian childhood, which was (rightfully) ignored by the editors. Thanking you from the dank, fetid cellar of my tiny heart for the kind acknowledgment!
Fabulous Blue!! You hit the mark once again!! Linda does deserve credit! Yesterday she posted twice!! Does that girl go or what????
Thanks for plugging the Wednesday fiction group. There are definitely some out there that don't know of the change. I better start writing one for this week!!!!
Brassawe got me thinking we should start blogging Friday night video lip sincing!! I would stop in to see what OSers come up with..
Beth Mann did a great one of Eminem's Eight Mile!
Maybe OS will run better this summer with more people out and about enjoying the sunshine -
Typo alert - lip syncing!~!
I began to read this and good thing I was sitting on the couch. I thank you my love, and it brought tears to my eyes. I agree with Cranky's piece too. This technical stuff is like going through a bad divorce. We cannot lose the OS children, our family. But things are really sucking and family is leaving.

I come here to write and read but mostly for the fellowship. Some people know I have been fighting an ongoing infection and one evening I was as low as you can get and I read Brassawe's post,"I'm Cleva!".

I could not stop laughing and figured everyone else could use a smile and flogged and emailed the heck out of it until there was barely a word left.

I do that with a lot of pieces that make my emotions flow and this is what this place is to me. It has become my home and you are all my family. See Caroline Marie's picture of our family.:)

In thanking you again I must repeat what others have said,
"I' m not really Linda simply a bunch of bloggers from China!"

Thank you again
Another completely amazing look at the week, great job. Well deserved tribute to our dear Linda. She is always there with something wonderful to read and think about and comments that soften the heart and the Huggggggggggsssss! - Divine. I cannot remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did at Brassawe's video "I'm Cleva." - A must see for all.
rated with love
Nice Babe, just couldnt do it this week with the log times.. I know, weak that I am.. thanks for this ..
PS thanks for the D-art..
Grand Slam again, Babe. After that Cleva post of Brassawe's, I'm feeling a serious crush coming on. Sure hope La Mexicana is not the jealous type!

As for OS and its endless difficulties, there is rumor of a writers' strike afoot.

What a labor of love this is. I agree with everything and everyone you've spoken about. I often wondered how Linda could actually be "everywhere". Perhaps she really is a "bunch of bloggers from China"
This is like finding some treasures I missed during the week. Thanks :)
That one! That one over there. Doncha see her? The one wearing the blue stockings . . . . Don't stare.
Special thanks to Cranky Cuss. Love you Linda!

I've have to go do this Karaoke contest thing now...back to to chat later.
Back in the US, Entertainment Weekly was my favorite publication about things that interest me - now OS Weekly has come and filled the void! I think this was such a great issue, and I love your informative and splendid spotlight of Linda! Thanks for helping spread the word about the OS Wednesday Fiction Club, too! I know the technical difficulties are awful (it took me longer to post my piece about the Paris automat, than it did to write it!), but I hope you won't let that get you down -(sung to the tune of "Money for Nothing"): "I want my OS Weekly !"
Thanks for the very kind mention, bb.
Thanks for including me, BSB.
Wow! This must have taken so much time, especially considering the state of Open Salon. Thank you, BSB. A great way to catch up on what I missed and nice to see familiar faces in the review. Linda - she's in a league of her own and everyone's sweetheart.
Great job, as always! And thanks so much for explaining about the OS Wednesday Fiction Club!
Thanks again for a breezy, informative roundup. I know it takes a lot of work.
That Linda is a good egg!!

A little cracked, but that's how I like my eggs! I mean friends!! :D

I just realized I had a bad link. It's fixed now, but f you tried to go to Barbara Joanne's apologies.

I won the Karaoke contest tonight. Next week I will compete in the semi-finals. Top prize is $1500 and the competition is fierce! Fingers crossed.
Great job as always BB. I hope this isn't the last issue.
How about a video from the Karaoke contest?
great job and thank you for sharing my bee-yoo-tee-full artwork.

OS family portrait, hee hee
Really your publish is actually excellent and that i be thankful. It’s tough to sort the great in the bad sometimes, however i think you’ve nailed it. You are writing perfectly that is amazing. I truly astounded by your publish Regards tevta jobs