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JUNE 17, 2010 7:39PM

Listen up! People have some important stories to tell

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I have found that a whole different life has been passing me by. I have worked for most of my adult life, but I have been unemployed for the past 13 months. In this time I have discovered that if you can slow down your life, not always rush through, you can meet the most interesting people. You just have to take the time to listen.

I have learned the most interesting things by listening to people. You have to have a bit of time sometimes, and sometimes that takes a little longer than you may have.  I have found most times it's worth it.

I went uptown (sounds impressive) to get a few things for our dinner tonight, when a big mountain of a man blocked out the sun and growled something at me in a big booming voice.  I stopped and craned my neck back to see a bear speaking at me. He smiled and repeated what he had said. I stopped, slowed down and started to listen.

First, he asked me why I had that Marine Corp sticker on my car. I told him that my son is a Marine. He smiled again and began firing questions at me like the bullets from a Marine's weapon.

Where is he?

What unit is he with?

When will he come home?

What will he do after that?

How much longer until he is done?

I answered each question, and then I noticed the license plate on his car right in front of us. He had plates that indicated he had been awarded a purple heart.

I tentatively asked him about it. He reluctantly told me he was in Vietnam and was shot (at least once) in 1967. I thanked him for his service, and he said one last thing to me.

"I hope he comes home, whole, I mean not crazy like me." 

I thanked him and moved on to the store. I came home and cried.  


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Wow. Scary. I wish your son comes home soon. I was off for eleven months unemployed and it was a watershed time for me. Like there was this whole other world out there I never knew about. I started working when i was 14 and never quit until I lost that job. You are so right. There's another world out there. peace
Thanks Bea.. I am getting by.
That is a very important story. "Thank you" is the best thing you can say to someone like that. I can imagine that you did cry. What a load you carry. Id like to say "Thank you" to you too.
This is the kind of listening I live for. Glad you found it. It is well worth the tears.
I've been pretty busy lately, haven't remembered how important those curb connections are. Thanks for the reminder.
Zanelle, thanks for the encouragement!
Next Please, my sister is much better at this than I am!
I'm touched too. A bittersweet encounter.

Good luck to your son.
Oh blu, I think it is better to feel it all than keep it inside. I know it hurts...r.