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APRIL 25, 2012 7:01AM

An Empty Hole

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An Empty Hole

How blue the day
when departures change life’s stage;
actors for a time
within the fishbowl of our lives,
when suddenly their part is cut
and that which remains
is but an empty hole.

We long for them
until the longing moves us
further through time
and away from the pain of loss.

So it shall be
as it always has
when the time comes for us
to speak our final line
and we are mourned
for a length of time.

Each hole never fills
and we visit the edge
but there’s living to do;
there’s still living to do.

Blinddream 04/2012

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Yes, how blue the day. This is the thread I am on, too, Dream..that of loss by Death, the process, and if not where I fit in it, at least making a portal to re-emerge. Lovely piece, deeply felt. R.
Indeed - there is still so much living to do. R
Death only separates us from those we love for a short while. It is life that can separate us from those we love forever.
It's so hard to understand...somebody seems everywhere in our thoughts and nowhere to be found at first.
Seems life's a process of passing through holes from conception to completion. The aperture and shutter. [r]
and we visit the edge
but there’s living to do;

Brave words. I hope I can live up to them. A very inspirational, moving work, man.
I feel this as well and so I mulch and the circle continues.
thanks all...I'm digging myself out of the grieving process through magic of word structures. That I write something a few can identify with tells me I'm alright. ;)
I feel your blues, Blinddream.
There is still living to do, but each time we visit the edge our wisdom grows - at least I hope so. R