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APRIL 24, 2012 3:01PM

Letter To Baby

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Letter To Baby

We hope we understand what we feel that we must do
for your eyes have called to us that you are tired and you hurt
dear friend, companion, family member
there will be a hole which will not fill again
and we will miss your presence
for as long as we are here
and always, I said always hold you dear.

We found you outside Cooperstown
the runt and last to go,
we fell in love with who you were
and took you home; Upstate New York
then brought you way down south
for you were part of us;
we cared for you,
we spoiled too
and now it’s time to ease your pain
and set your spirit free;
you always were, you always are
our girl, we called Baby.

Blinddream  April 24th, 2012

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so sorry for your loss :(
We had to put my dear friend down today. Her organs were failing due to advanced diabetes. She sleeps in our yard and suffers no more.
Dearest John
I’m so sorry to learn of your loss.
No words are worthy during these moments of sadness.
thank you both. This has been a heavy day. The unconditional love of this little gal will be missed.
I love her face. Her expression kinda says it all, huh?
I know you will miss her.
I'm sorry.
Ahh so heavy but you did the right thing. Rest in peace.
Words can not express my sorrow for the loss of your sweet, loving family member. Pets make life better and teach us, really, the best way to live. When they depart, the absence is forever noticed. I am so sorry. (R)
Appriciate your kind words AJ, z and Michelle. Didn't think I'd take this as hard as I am. She was the sweetest of dog souls. I have fond memories to think back on over the years.

During the winter snows I'd have to shovel out a place for her to do her duty in Greenfield Center, NY and as spring approached and the snow melted from sight, she would walk the yard to make on the tiniest patch of snow like the grass was off limits. LOL Makes me laugh to this day.
A sweet tribute to your furry baby. Look at that face! No wonder you fell in love.