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August 30
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I have lost my lover who loved my boots. The psychic crossing guard, who spits and bangs on cars, warned me that he was selfish. I came to suspect that he was secretly funneling anonymous money to the Tea Party. He also hated museums. For now, I seem to attract adventures as a suburban housewife.Only you can determine which is fiction.


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DECEMBER 5, 2010 9:32PM

Big Bellies are Foreplay

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“If you want to just fuck me, go ahead. I’m just not in the mood to make this a big thing.” Boots rolled over to face her husband.

 “It’s not any good if you are not into it.” He looked crestfallen. Boots smiled and leaned toward him. She blew her warmth into his face.

“Just use me. I am your object.” Boots touched the hair on his chest. “I just have too much to do and morning is not my time.”

“Well that sucks because morning is the best time for me.” He whined.

 “I am not withholding my body…just my mind-do it and let’s get moving.” Boots said firmly.

“No I don’t want to anymore.”

 Later that morning at the gym, Boots found herself walking behind an older man with the largest love handles. He had just left the pool with two older women who walked in front of him. Boots watched as the water dripped down his back and into the towel that was wrapped around his waist. Boots started salivating at the sight of his back. It was all she could do to hold herself back from grabbing them. Boots found her teeth clenching. She wanted to nibble on his flesh. His roll of fat over his waist looked so tempting. She could almost feel the way the squishy skin would behave in her hand. She walked faster and closer. She was almost breathing on his wet back. Boots started to move her hand toward him.

 At lunch Boots sat in the Indian restaurant with her husband and son. A man with a very large pot belly moved with his grey haired wife and daughter to the booth in the glaring sunlight that Boots had rejected just two minutes ago.

“I see they are not picky about where they sit. Look at that man with the belly. Big bellies are just so appealing.” She said wistfully.

“They are unhealthy” her husband forcefully said

Throughout lunch Boots noticed the pot bellied man turning to look toward her. He would get up and adjust his big belly over his pants and give her a sideways glance. As Boots left the restaurant, Boots could see him staring at her through the window with an undisguised look of lust.

In the car, Boots turned to her husband and whispered “I’m ready now. Let’s get home.”




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Maybe you should hang out at an all you can eat buffet restaurant.

Have I seen you in Atlantic City?

This was an all you can eat Buffet...and Indian one. I am very particular about my bellies...they need to be big from eating and not drinking...inny belly buttons with lint and cream.
This makes me want to skip the gym tomorrow and just gorge on doughnuts all day.
The committee has reviewed your recent posting and is quite satisfied with your progress. Your writing style is becoming bolder and more driect, both evocative and provacative. One member of the committee who is somewhat "pot-bellied" got so agitated he had to recuse himself from our deliberations.
Well, now this is just depraved. Congratulations! ;)

While I do enjoy a hint of a belly on a woman, I just couldn't abide one on my own vain self. Perhaps you could direct me toward some women who enjoy non-six pack, flat, firm and furry bellies?