Bill Maher

Bill Maher
New York, New York, usa
January 20
Born in NYC and raised in Jersey, Bill Maher began his stand-up career emceeing at Catch a Rising Star in New York City – a job that propelled him to guest spots on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman. In 1989 he debuted on HBO in a One-Night Stand; that CableACE winner was followed by a 1992 “Command Performance” ONS. Maher and HBO Downtown Productions launched Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central in 1993; it moved to ABC from 1997-2002, during which time Maher built a reputation as a host willing to push the late-night envelope. In 1995 he starred in his first HBO Comedy Hour: Bill Maher: Stuff That Struck Me Funny; other HBO solo specials (8 total) include 1997’s The Golden Goose Special; 2000’s Be More Cynical, 2003’s Victory Begins at Home, 2005’s I’m Swiss, and 2007’s The Decider. He’s been on several Comic Relief shows, the latest being Comic Relief 2006. In fall 2008, he also starred in Religulous, a documentary on religion directed by Larry Charles. Maher is also a successful author whose recent New Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer was a New York Times best-seller. He also authored When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden: What Government Should Be Telling Us to Help Fight the War on Terrorism, Does Anybody Have a Problem with That? Politically Incorrect’s Greatest Hits, and True Story.


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APRIL 29, 2009 3:19PM

Statutory Tape

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From now on, Duct tape must be called what it really is…Check out Real Time with Bill Maher live Fridays at 10PM ET/PT – Only On HBO.



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Bill Mayer. I can't get the HBO.
Thee local channel is too fuzzy.
I missed You at Foggy Bottom.
No worry. I'll never tell a secret.
You can buy me two dark Ginness?
I'll buy You one glass of Flax Seed.
hi bill maher, congratulations on having the balls to post a blog here in cyberspace.
I was pretty amazed to see your blog here.
I will never forget your comments shortly after 9/11.. talking about how the terrorists were "brave" and not "cowards".
yeah patriotic americans everywhere choked on their extra large french fries. how could you say such a thing?
its called "speaking truth to power" and it can get you killed. just ask Socrates.
"politically incorrect".. heh heh yep.

I have something for you that I think you should look into .. at least as explosive as your 9/11 opinion.
in a word, "nanothermite". try googling it. or see my blog.
maybe you could do a whole show on it????
I assure you, the country will have an even bigger psychic meltdown than it did in ~2002 with your comments at that time. it will look like childs play in comparison.
"nanothermite" is just waiting for a Drudge type character to ignite it. hoping you could be the Chosen One. wink
Hi Bill Maher assistant - tell him the May 1st show was really good.
Bill, you're show is getting a little dull. Ever thought about Bill's Stupid Animal Tricks? Works for Dave.
And I've been using duct tape for ducts all these years, like a fool. Like a fool!
New Rules, well, it rules...
Dang it, I've been using duct tape for years and even have it in my car. Clearly, I've been discovered.
Bill, your New Rules segment on greed and Gordon Gekko was on point and brilliant. I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for a great show.
Bill, I know you read my recent post about you being bitter that you're not getting covers and weren't that happy. I'm glad that didn't stop you from posting.
And I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me at midnight your time to ask my advice about how to get Kerry's notice again. You're ok in my book, ;)
Hey, even you have ads on your ad, er, blog! It makes me feel more like you're one of us. And leave Lea alone; hasn't she done enough for you already?
Hey, have'nt i seen yu sumware b4. Just want to say this, use your voice, we really need you now to screw your courage to the sticking place. ifn u no watt i meen.
I worked in a theatre for years where it's called gaffers tape. No one understood when I went into the hardware store and asked for gaffer's tape. AHH! Now I get it!
video is so slow to load, should've put it on youtube.
I am writing from Greece...I do not know you..Are you really on TV?And if so...where do you buy write?And do not consider ugly comments..You know...if you do good...jealousy follows...Well done...
But then, we mightn't have the freedom of calling it shoe tape or sofa arm tape, or temporary muffler attachment tape. It's all in the interpretation, I guess.
All of us on OS are wondering if you are the you you claim to be here. Nice avatar choice, if not.
But if so, bravo, bro', on your very fine show. -R- for good humor
Very nice article. thanx for sharing.

Gregor S.
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Dear Lea,
Bill hasn't posted since April 29th.
Dear Bill,
Why haven't you posted since April 29th? We are all busy, but it only takes a very few minutes to take the time to make us think you give a crap about the readers/bloggers at O/S.

We know you are on HBO on Friday night; Live at 10pm ET, 9pm central...and after the live show - on the web in "overtime", we even know that if we miss the "live" show, we can catch it in the next time slot on HBO, however it won't be live then, right? Or if we are busy Friday night, "Real Time" is on HBO a few more times before the next "Live" show.

If you are basically using O/S as advertising space, well you're not alone, but we sort of expect more from you. These video clips aren't really blogging.

Here's a new rule for you. If you are going to be on O/S, you need to blog. Why? Because we know you are a writer.

I say this with love,
Everything you post is good. Love you, love your show.
Someday you will get hip to how Dach here on OS and all those anti-vacc folks are effing anti-science nutjobs.
I don't want HBO and I don't want stupid adverts from someone on It's hard enough for keep spammers from posting in my blog, let alone having someone like you hyping your TV show here.

Come on, Bill. This makes you look silly. And pisses me off.
Love the show. My wife rails about you being sexist and arrogant. Yeah...your a guy (and say many of the things guys think) and you admit to being arrogant. I don't see the problem. As I have said numerous times..."but he's not wrong..."

Gobless...keep up the work. Your show still is one of the most intellectually stimulating, unflinchingly honest and downright hilarious shows on TV.

Rock on.

PS Next time Brightbart hints that you didn't write your book...smack him in the head. We know you wanted to...
I am very glad that you are on OS since I just canceled HBO -- since you were the only show we watched. My husband thinks that you're worth the $15/month -- I'm sure you are ... but ... we need to save for retirement because we're old. Love you (most of the time).