Bill Maher

Bill Maher
New York, New York, usa
January 20
Born in NYC and raised in Jersey, Bill Maher began his stand-up career emceeing at Catch a Rising Star in New York City – a job that propelled him to guest spots on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman. In 1989 he debuted on HBO in a One-Night Stand; that CableACE winner was followed by a 1992 “Command Performance” ONS. Maher and HBO Downtown Productions launched Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central in 1993; it moved to ABC from 1997-2002, during which time Maher built a reputation as a host willing to push the late-night envelope. In 1995 he starred in his first HBO Comedy Hour: Bill Maher: Stuff That Struck Me Funny; other HBO solo specials (8 total) include 1997’s The Golden Goose Special; 2000’s Be More Cynical, 2003’s Victory Begins at Home, 2005’s I’m Swiss, and 2007’s The Decider. He’s been on several Comic Relief shows, the latest being Comic Relief 2006. In fall 2008, he also starred in Religulous, a documentary on religion directed by Larry Charles. Maher is also a successful author whose recent New Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer was a New York Times best-seller. He also authored When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden: What Government Should Be Telling Us to Help Fight the War on Terrorism, Does Anybody Have a Problem with That? Politically Incorrect’s Greatest Hits, and True Story.


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MARCH 27, 2009 1:34PM

Test Tube Maybe

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New Rule: Stop being so squeamish about human cloning …Check out Real Time with Bill Maher live Fridays at 10PM ET/PT – Only On HBO.

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Big Ears! LOL!

I say we clone some fresh minted Bernie Madoffs - about a hundred thousand of them. Maybe that's why he's still alive. Black ops is trying to figure out his DNA. Then, when we know we have a working prototype, the CIA can parachute all hundred thousand of them into upper Mongolia.

Perhaps with any luck, in 20 years, when the U.S. debt clock begins to warp time, the Madoff virus will be bankrupting China and we can then reclaim the mantel on global hegemony and the title of grand high exaulted mystic super power.

Yeah, cloning! I like that idea. Give me two Bernie Madoffs and a few Robert Allen Stanfords to boot.
Did a double take on seeing this here....
Is this promotional or real?
Bio written by someone else?Hmmmmm.........

I have taken refuge here and been welcomed so why not others...... most welcome I am sure.
Cloning doesn't bother me as much as chimeras. The only advantage we have over panthers is intelligence. It's better not to share somethings. Like survival advantages with natural born killers.
Actually I would be all for cloning if they would clone Salma Hayek and mail me a version.