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December 31
I'd rather be judged on the basis of my posts than anything written in my bio. It's put down and gathered as a record of my experience and a response to what I see as the important issues in the world today. I don't pretend it's anything other than subjective. The purpose is to analyze, interpret, express opinions, challenge the status quo, open a few doors, and entertain. I heartily welcome ratings, comments and dialogue. That's what makes this media unique and valuable. It also keeps me honest and encouraged since I'm not getting paid. Take a risk and say something; it feels better. A "conversation" is essential for the growth of the individual and the collective. I have faith it extends beyond the confines of what is said here. "For it is necessary for awake people to be awake, or a breaking line may discourge us back to sleep, the signals we give--yes, no or maybe--should be clear: the darkness around us is deep." From A RITUAL TO READ TO EACH OTHER by William Stafford


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MAY 2, 2012 6:53PM

Club Med at My Age

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You walk into the bay filled with giggling bathers splashing water at one another.

It's a nice day, like in the brochure, the sun shines, the club packed with fresh guests and lots of rum.

Why are they all congregated here?  Why not go where nobody can see them?  Where they can be alone to enjoy the sea and air?

You see the beautiful young man you once were, but he turns his back to you walking ashore.  Will you ever be him again?

What has been taken from you?  Who took it and why?

You're not ready to take the trip up the river, but you're free to leave the bay.  The island has plenty of secluded spots where you can lie in the sand under the palm trees, watching them sway and ponder.

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I liked your poetry Ben Sen. Your words painted a visual that took me there. I loved this, "you can lie in the sand under the palm trees, watching them sway and ponder." To ponder is gift. Thank you.
Who took it, and why? That's always the question, isn't it? Very nice, Ben. I'm looking for those secluded spots myself!
I was at a Club Med in Cancun with a friend--not by choice, but a trip got screwed up and the travel agent re-located us to Club Med. It was an experience, but don't think I'd repeat it.
At Club Med in Martinique only because my then-husband won the trip for two from a car dealership in Nashua, New Hampshire. Sitting near woman in topless bathing suit who's chatting with him. (I've never even owned a two-piece swimsuit.) Beginning of end...later I found the swaying palm trees.
Good question. "Why are they all congregated?" I like to be by the waves and ponder what became of that young me who liked to congregate.