SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 11:25AM

The Return of the sexual priestess? huh? kind-of-blue?

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I don't know about the latest masturbation theories of ducks, geese, poodles, and human beings. I guess 'theoretically' it may be possible to me married to a quack with a paid staff from Monsanto and use children, flowers, and green grass?


Toxic dump!

Nasty cracker!

Parrot ate baloney?

Maybe we need to go to India and sit along a polluted river and pray to pro?

The bloated dead goats? 

One thing is certain? huh?

We are together gazing into the phenomena here @ Open Salon too learn.

Maybe we scream:`

What in tarnation?

We can yodel @ OS!

Ahoy! Ah! Enlighten!

Amy? You be lovable? 

Ya a Tantric  goddess?

Ya will laps dance too? 

Ya will be obscure too?

Ya a high brow disguise!

Ya teach ancient Tao too?

Ya gonna help enlighten?

We sit at Ya feet and web.

Welcome Congratulation. 

You can be a New Divinity.

This is clear as any pure bell.

A sound of true refreshment. 

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The triumphant return of the good doctor. Bleh.
doctor my eyes! did i masturbate too long?
The imagery for the dr. is mighty disturbing, Sir Arthur, but might funny! Well done.
Get out of my head, Arthur. It's getting crowded in here. ;-D

Thank you for saying it so eloquently.
no know English. no know what you says, but the rhyme look nice me enjoy at your space :) rtd for you
It is rather close to lunch to consider the prospect of a Dr.Amy lap dance. She could write about them as well I suppose.
Had to go check the tires - I swore I heard a hissing. Must have been the gasbag.
This, I hope, will be my last thought ref:`The Amy MD ex-spurt Post.
I don't want any Lawyers irked at The American Bar Association Drip.
They hang out with Archer Daniel Fodder CEOs and eat chubby snail.
I read:`the yin/yang has a magnetic internal yang/yin pole that tickle.
It's hard to describe. It's a biological miracle. But, it's natural goo normal.
I read females get wet?
Males get a chubby tho?
It's a conjoining Nature!
No try to be magnetize?
I mean:`Stuck at a pole!
It's some silly Gurdjieff?
Forget complex formula?
Some Yoganda said:`Smile!
There is something within us.
Let's all be inwardly smiling.
Say:`"Awake Ya body cells!"
Ya/me can be sensated too!
Ya no need to be jacking ass!
Who knows how to put this?
I'd rather sit in barley grass!
Autumn is the season for rest.
We can watch leaves float too.
The leaf has a brief sadness too.
The leaf will come back in Spring.
The best naps are on warm fall days.
Serious. Go walking the woods to nap.
The doze in the autumn leaves is nirvana.
I mean:`When Ya wake up You feel blessed.
Nap in a woods on warm Indian summer days.
apologies. I followed Hour Glass Figure. Thanks for rating this. Michelle Obama and her qualified staff will love you too. huh?
I thought I remembered the First Day Of Kindergarden class.
There was this nice women who soothed my distraught mood.
She could smile and brighten me up. She could hick cup burp.
She could do calculus. She share her peanut butter sandwich.
I always asked her if I could cut off her crust and eat lunch too.
I loved somebody in kindergarden. I fall in love like a stink bug!
She even let me watch her eat mint jelly. Mint jelly is green bean!
Add some butter to jelly beans, lima, bread crumbs, and be hush!
hourglass figure. Thanks. I turned this buggy-gadget off and then saw the :`Stop/Go electric light ;0' blink:`It's okay. Just go on and on, but cautiously, and continur to proceed:`orange hue golden marigold Hi-Ya-Gold-Sunshine, and Marigolds in the bright orange Light is wow wow.
I knew I could I trust.
Pay allegiance to beauty.
You know I worried a bit.
You must have discerned.
A heart can ache and open.
A heart can-can open:`Love.
Ya no need carry dictionary.
No mammoth words convey.
I turned this contraption off.
Then, I came back to be calm.
O my ah! I guess I'll go get gas.
At gas pumps folk moan/groan.
People can sense theft, lies, huh!
Let's complain in unison and Be!
At the BP gas station Ya can leek!
Ya Not need to write dirty words!
Stop for milk and crumby cookies!
I pop corks of dry honey moonwine.
That's a sip of some great sweet milk.
I'm not liking the whine. I am no bugs?

I thought of bugged Bugs Bunny rabbits!
Poor bunny. They get deodorized to eat!
I'm feeding off inner nutriment essence!
Thanks everybody Ay wild gourmet day!

Let's no worry about chubby thigh today?
A college provost ask:`AMA go naked too?
By the way:`I'll aim to live to be sexy too?
No way!
I mean 60!
I sway dizzy?
I hope not yet!
I'll serve mild tea?
Raison's varieties?
Sophisticated sips?
Some semi-dry-sip?
Ya know what I say!
You really crack me up!
Bob Eckstein. I shall not tell ant white lies.
From shaggy locks to include all cartoonist:`
I will add Ya to my list of White House Friends.
You crack me UPS and so does Tom Tomorrow!
I love all OSs folk (Donnely etc.,) who scribbles!
I'll compile my:`Friendly White House Real Folk!
I'll e- male my daily brief thoughts to Michelle O.!
She loves Open Salon as much as thee daily EP Os!
Wild day.
Get tutu!
okay. Oy!
mary grafitt wrote:`
"Could be. Anything is possibility."
I hope it is okay to do a heart bow.
Mnemonic ~ in a spell bee. dumb.
I mean that:` I'm no perfectionist.
You sure seem to hear:`An Ya em.
I'll explain why I am amazed amaze.
Ya tell farmers why a be no @ there?

Will Ya please tell farmers I'm hungry?
To show up a sore blister and no work.
It will be another dinner with grin chins!
I was supposed to help and I'm doomed!
Luckily they think I'm way-beyond-help!
I told them:`feed the lame and give wine!
chocolate milk, Hereford cows, a gurney!
Who's Pooped!
Ya half conked?
Come to a sofa?
apologies mary G.
I understand you.
You hints. a Boar?
Pawn weed whacker.
But good lame goat!
Goats can be pat too!
okay. get a couch goat!
Great idea. thanks mary.
another typo. not Boar. but, Boer.
Pawn the broke weed whacker for a Boer.
Goats make nice house partner if Bored?
Boer goat smell great in bed and on a suffa'!
Chuck-There's no such thing!
Arthur- so much nonsense happening here, is clearly not the distraction I wanted or needed. Sell me your soul, brother, make me believe!
Amy the Tantric Goddess - yes! (Someone needs to do a nice graphic - or are our imaginations enough?)
this Amy
is a sad
who yearns
to be
a smiling
in big plumes
and fancy
Yep. The emerging one coming to Be,
and needing to read Ya - Robin Sneed,
Myriad, shaggylocks - and many more.
Amy will be Amy MD - and war in tutu.
Amy may picket Dole - and prune juice.
Pineapple? Pugnacious chemist client?
Archer Daniel Middling - and all greed?
CEOs who wear half-boxer - half jocks?
Ya know? A One with unmatched socks?
And Amy MD will pass into oblivion too!
Test. I was knocked-off the 'Arthur James' blog.
That's frustrating. I can't remember a password.
I'll test the 'away from home' blog and conk outs.
Good Night.
updo a hair style?
go hop in hay sack?
dream pleasant stuff.
snore with cats or goats.
no sleep with porcupine.
porcupines are real slow.
They waddle and prick Ya!
How do you turn a serious topic into a funloving piece of poetry? (Albeit, with serious overtones.)
Nice verbiage Arthur, as always.

I'm done with it now though.
patricia k
the many compassionate comments that are spread/disbursed through the reads @ Open Salon give wise counsel. Oh, prudence!
Papricia K.
If you continue to post and mentor people like:`20- year young:`
Your Friend is:`


My 5 1/2 year young has the exact same-same beautiful name, spelled:`


You must pronounce her name with a strong accent on the "a" or Annabella will correct Patricia K. Say:`Anna bell A! Say softly the:`

if youth are gonna fill 'our' britches?
if women are gonna fill the 'C- cups?
So what?
learn to brawl!
brawl fairly too.
never ever give up.
You will know shame.
You will be diminished.
You will need to say bye~
and the Muse will say bye bah.
it's sad to be interior impoverished.
You will never sell Ya flannel shirt, huh?
I'd barter that flannel shirt for celeriac root.
Celeriac Root is a large swollen turnip like treat.
It's a great winter keeper. Eat raw in soups, or cook.
The fine eatery in DC, near Dupont Circle, at NORA's?
She makes a mashed potato treat. hi? White House chef.
Nora cooks turnips to mash then. She adds herb spices.
Well. Wild day's indeed, patricia k
I'm happy You never sold shoo sole
You may walk around with beer feet
bear feet without shoes mean:`Bare.
if Ya bare in Missouri Ya feel:`Misery.
You inspire. It's smog? No. It's Feast.
The Place can be what we make/want.
a rotten board?
a fine linen table?
good smorgasbord!
It's a buffet. variety!
salads with red herb!
wine vinegar, cheese!
goat milk. chocolates!
no pump the cow 'tale'
Mennonites up!
or Amish down!
'um corny jokes.
love community.
patricia k? behave?
You always behave!
no Chocolate kisses.
no Hereford moos.
Cows are Red and whites. Beef cow serve bloody sir loin?

Open Salon can be a snack at the White House?
Open Salon post serve gourmet hors d' oeuvres.
Within these words, there is wisdom
I'm checking in. My urine is clean?
I'll visit Freaky PhD and Spin Doc?
Freaky Troll serves arugula salad?

Apple and Arugula with old Gouda.
Swine flue, avian fleas, a blue hue.
Bees, lice, and various insects sip,
Golden Rod, asters, ... lame goat.

Never mind. I'm gonna hit a sack.
Spin Doc? I love old fashion ways.
Blood pressure taken the old way.
a brain can go into a batter slump.
Ya a bulldog, rottweiler, snoozer,
buttered bagel, Chi Chi, a darling?
Optometrist Podiatrist Masseuse?
Bulldog spouse?
This is getting non wisdom. Thanks.
I'll check-in tomorrow with Bullfrog.
I've did my 2- plus, and more insults.
This makes no-bit of common dense.
If I was wise I'd shut up and go snore.
thanks for feedback.
a wild and busy day!
You in my thoughts.
All of Ya. ponderous.
Ah! a busy day indeed.
Good night.
I went to sleep a snoring man
and I awoke a goat.
Masturbation,as you well know, nature boy,
is what some God did to start creation once
upon a time..

in Egypt i think...

Then Greece came along &
we got to thinking about things too much

then Heidegger said go back back to the pre-
socratics and so we did and now we got
earth air fire water

and ether...

Os is getting way way ethereal..
what would einstien say if he knew the luminiferous ether
wasnt a myth but was
a real thing,

and measurable too...and relativistic,
you ask? sure...

what in tarnation is incarnation?
it is blissfully
swaying music of
spheres upon spheres upon spheres...

leibniz was right, cept the monads got some windows...

newton won that fight...

too bad...

what if we bring back leibniz to
learn his quantum fizz-icks?

James M. Emmerling.
Even when I wonders:`
What in tarnation Ya say?
You still make me so- smile.
We read and assimilate charm.
You embrace the fury and night.
You disburse the mystery virtues.
You never run off in fearful flights.
You wander off to embrace:`Beauty.
Beauty is truth.
Truth is beauty.
Take care Ya'all.
Passion is inside.
It's deeply tucked.
No feel any alarm.
You know Beauty.
A beauty of a night.
Thanks James M.E..
A thought Ya derive.
It is great to read you again, even when I have to do it three times.
Welcome from whence you came!!
And now Arthur James our gentle
natureboy saviour of sorts is gone...his visage is refused to us...

and the blankface man is back...
yet i know him
for i too have
a blankface for the world...

i tried a nice smily face
and they tromped all over it smashed it into frown lines

and so now: an indifferent holy-blase fase...

"blase"..look it up in yr 50 dictionaries...
it is worldweary yet sated full and now empty and
ready to take on the cosmos and learn the rules of karma

and reap the whirlwind..whooosh the
winds run up & down yr cabindoor and you pace
and you think and you write and

yr face

and : will it be back,
wonder the maidens lined up outside yr cabin door,
pretty maids all in a row...

yes it will it will be the face of the man who
know s the face he had

Huh? I am so confused. This site was hacked.
I forgot my password and can't read e- mails.
If someone sends me a message, I'm doomed.
I feel like the clacked sheep with two sore ears.
To clack wool:`That's when they clipped ears.
Each owner had a special CLACK to earmarks.
Fiddlers cut different 'cuts' to name the sheep.
The sheep bore the distinctive owner's earmark.
Ya don't know who's sheep Ya found? See earmark.
Well. I don't know how to find my lost-bog password.
Thanks for kind words. I don't use this bog anymore.
To the clacker from the slacker:
slack is the natural condition of everything
before anticipation
or memory

pulls it taught
in the autonomic nervous system.

God fucking bless America, my father,
and the para
sympathetic nervous system.

and mom too. jim
look out for whores!!

like, me..

ha, yl see.

loopy=360 lbs of italian sausage
with a voice of the ages
and no writing acumen



he respects u,
i am afraid to tell u..

oh boy.good luck,

(keep under yr Hat old man)

I should have hit Jack Demsey in the snout,
ate off the big ear of the woman in the pew?
In Sunday School, I looked for jesu in pew?
A women in front of me smelled of pet food!
She sang so loud and claimed she knew JME.
I could not see a preacher grunt as E. Gantry.
She was the talkative women with a headset.
Quack humped daily. Psychotic human duck.
She was the messiah? James M.E. merry me?
She took James M. Emmerling up in the tree.
Love wrens smooch and toot via all eternity.
James M.Emmerling nibbles ears in the pew.
James . Emmerling. You make me wish I was running the Sunday Marine Marathon with you. We'd be stopped off at the Tabernacle looking for Moses's wife to help get us lazy males out of distressful debt. In this current period of economic upheaval and evil warmongers who love the TV"s Beck and Rush - we need to run off with the poor woman?
When quacks sell Listerine mouth wash,
how good garlic breath is as aphrodisiac.
Alternative medicine ruins the AMA quack.
Truth told - pharmacies would close shops.
There's a cure for itchy ears? Bite 'um off.
Sing in a moose lodge:`Lennon's Imagine.
Bob Dylan's:`Beyond the Verizon i-pod.
run in a Armed Force Marathon backward?
if James M. Emmerling understands folk?


We may collapse running ten clicks in a Soth East Asian jungle, a urban jungle anywhere, and James may sing military cadence march songs? So what? He sings soprano so low Ya think he has gotten stuck on the Pot?
Once off? He keeps running around the piano player in the 7th- Day Jehoofa?
He gallop!
He proposes!
Mommy right!
No take money!
Women make men collapse?
Some (not all), love finances.
Then, gasping for ice cream?
J. M. Emmerling do collapse.
No debt. He happy. He free!
I like Ya metaphor. O sanity!
a motif in religion. O Sacred!
I saying:`There are no word!
To try to convey:`Ya go silly!
This comes to my thoughts:`

THE MASK. - by William Butler Yates.

'Put off that mask of burning gold
With emerald eyes.'
'O no, my dear, you make so bold
To find if hearts be wild and wise,
And yet not cold.'

'I would but find what's there to find,
Love or deceit.'
'It was the mask engaged your mind,
And after set your heart to beat,
Not what's behind.'

'But lest you are my enemy,
I must enquire.'
'O no, my dear, let all that be;
What matter, so there is but fire
in you, in me?'

I love that on Open Salon we get insights.
By sounding off together with a banterer,
a riddle we pondered in the past is clearer.
It was a wild day again. Everything is at hand.
Life is right there in front, knocking at a heart.
And as James M. Emmerling disclosed:`Open.
If You, James M.E. ETC., ever are in town? Hey Ya!
There really is:`Pole Cat Holler Road. It a gravel.
It's a mountain road that looks off toward a sky.
There is the lake below and poison oak and ivy.
I've a Life Time supply tin of Bee Balm salve.
Share with dates ho have scaly alligator skin.
Fungus nose, scratched up legs, runny nose.
Google Bee Balm.
Bee Balm may cure love's pains? Heart sores?
Bad breath? Stinky armpits? MD's Bad blogs?
be kind.
no eat Bee Balm
No eat Osage Orange.
Osage Orange is sticky.
You say? Hop in a sack?
I wish I was with a woman!
James E. Emmerling, Hay!
The Mennonite preacher is likable. The community emphasis is essential. His wife can fix tractors, bake pumpkin muffins, and She hangs your underwear to dry-out on the clothes line on sunny days. I'll ask he pleasant preacher to Save a few well mannered good strong hearted Mennonite women for Ya? I'll say:`James M.E. needs help?
Save someone
Visit local pubs
massage parlors
the funeral parlors
the organic milk parlors
Good day and good night.
ja, james e needs help...
not brainmatter shrinkage with tongue of tempting priestess of
psychobabble, nor pharmaceutical fantasy cure, but a tender touch
on maybe say
the cheek
where groweth a beard of boo hoo.

tomorrow will be a betterday...
maybe the sun will come out.
today it is gray.
my mood is a darker shade of gray
than the day. but hey, i'm ok,
yre ok, she is ok,
and so let us pray
we will stay

confined safely in our xmas boxes
til our innerchildren
open em
some day

xmas party, pj's,pointsettas,
kittie cats? pink socks for the gals. lotsa perfume in their
over the fire.


aka jme
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is going on?
time is fluid here, arthur, on yr blog. It seems like it was just
october, now it is september,
and it is the 21st, the last day of summer...

another summer gone
Hi, Arthur.
Just Hi.
Hi to you.
hi ni. Oops.
no smack me.
yes smack me.
You no hyena.
My sites hack.
sunshine breaks through
after much pain and dark
morn, joy break through
Hi harpie. Bless you too.
Gorelockness. You wrote five times:`
"what rolling sed." thanks? Ya can say:`
"what rolling sed." say it: 1,000 times:`

If it's worth saying once, say it:`
a 10,000 X's! Folk may hear it:`
I recall 'it' may take repetition:`
that there is a reptilians brain:`
a day may grow dark and colds:`
a 'eon' was thee thousand eons:`
Eon was an indefinite eon time:`
Who 'sed' and said it respectfully?

At night I remember her well ...
And I talk to my pillow again ...
Pillow, say something! okay ...
I'm burning up with sad love ...
O good night. O no bugs to bite.
art james, i am onto you...

you write things that flash across the screen and are
then lost to us...

such as that thing earlier today

what a crime you commit!
James M. Emmerling. huh? okay.

Doc MD Amy just deleted me again.
boo hoot Ya scare crow in straw hat.

Today on the latest AMA propaganda.
I am not a doctor or an ornithologist.
Congrats! E.P.?
What is new?
O mammy.
be real.
My family member is a respected physician.
I'll email this around to concerned citizens.
Ya turn coughs into medical big duck bills.
This was from Nov 17th. The yesterday's -- Editor Pick.

I'm not a women. I am a little boy.
You seem like a paid syndicated ploy.
I'm not Jewish. I am glad for honesty.

Children may assume fakes are ploys!
I hope you get a turtleneck to hide chin!
Does Barrack Obama seek your prostrate?
I mean:`Ya counsel when you give exams?
Does Michelle Obama seek your counsel?
Do schnauzer pups need radiation death?
Is radiation a # one AMA malpractice gig?
I read radiation is a # '1' medical quackery!

You agree?
Email who?
White House?
Sam Kass, huh?
okay - forward!
P.S. personally,
I hate getting deleted.
I'm not quite sure how you do it, but you do have a way of linking the unlinkable and thinking the unthinkable. rated.
Please Arthur
pass me some
of that fine ale
brewed by
frequently masturbating
belgian monks
that I know you
have always
on hand.
Ablonde. You know me. If we ever meet?
How can I identify you? Sipping a `Leffe?
Belgium bier do bubble. Pour properly.
You sure are feisty. You'd be fun to sip.
You have to pour Leffe biers perfectly.
I sip a few. Listen to Alfa Blonde tune.
What wild days we all share. Good Ale!
Note. If I get a PM email I can't read it.
This blog got hacked by one 'dizzy' nun.
If a nun come over to Art James? Yea!
I am almost afraid to comment? Wow!
I can still read PMs on the otter blog.
Stop over? I give Ya my holy flannel.
I love soft flannel shirts and sheets.
I hope your lover don't read a blog.
Fun. We learning something, huh.
It is wise?
Maybe to simply slip under the wool?
Wool blankets are itchy. Ya love bugs?
Ya make me giggle. Ya softy and tough.
Ya know, I mean no lust is permissible.
But, I love gentle wiggle waggle or burp.
Inspired and chilly
I am wearing soft
plaid flannel
for Art
sipping a beer
that tickles
my nose
me t0
Who deleted Salon's blogger named`
She's nice.
Why delete?
I'll ask`gin.

Ask editor?
He no speak?
I was just checking my poled up emails.
I saw this:
I never get notices @ Art James blog.
Aware of the suffering created my strong views,
fanaticism, intolerance, and we can then anticipate:
vain theory
inner cell
hell can Be
sad alienation
I hold no fixed
doctrines and
prefer happy
Be careful ay
I respond to my
own email that
Salon sent to me
Thank You. okay.
Thanks for email.
I go buy four tires.
No gulp 'Fat Tire'
Sip wine in thimble.
Be sober minded.
Drink for Ya belly.
Tickle Belly Button.
Practice Belly Dance.
Goofy . . .
I was @ Other Salon.
Never Vainly Google.
I Got Curious. F.B..
I still No view F.B..
I forget I blog here.
I Googled Farm News.