SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 7:06AM

after a read from:`Kate Bishop.

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Sweet, sweet is the greeting of the eyes,

And sweet is the voice in its greeting,

When adieus have grown old and goodbyes

Fade away where old Time is retreating.


Warm the nerve of a welcoming hand,

And earnest a kiss on the brow,

When we meet over sea and o'er land

Where furrows are new to the plough. 

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a catch in the throat here--quite lovely to read this morning
scupper. thanks for the feedback.
I may be back after a farmer market.
I love the exchanges. It's mingling virtue.
Tomorrow is the new Fresh Farm Market.
Fresh Farm Market. by thee White House.
It's a new Farm Table. It will be by the VA.
What are You planting, scupper?
Your hand is in thee Good Earth.
Monkeying Around The Roses.-
Banana skins, being rich in sulphur, phosphates, magnesium, calcium, and other fertilizing elements, are great for rose gardens. Put them just below the surface, near the rose bush. This should work especially well with climbing roses! (I don't know who wrote it)
"I love the exchanges. It's a mingling virtue." Beautiful words. Thanks for these thoughts this morning.
Thanks Arthur, I truly enjoyed this.
Thanks for kindness. They smell like Marigolds.
Sheep cheese. I'd hate to milk the poor sheep teats.
I'm celebrating one whole day of not reading the blogs.
The First Lady hugged my Granddaughter yesterday.
I might have gone way too far with Michele Obama.
I was touched when Michele kissed and hugged.
Michele accepted a Marigold lei and a bouquet.
You know that's a no no. Who knows what else?
I said:`I loved you. It was impulse. I'm very shy.
Michelle Obama hugs my dear daughter-in-law!
Michelle O. shook my dirty farm hand two times.
I love very easy. Wow. Love's always appropriate.
There was a new Farmer Market on Vermont Ave.
The Farm Market is next to DC's Veterans Offices.
It was a happy day. I felt like a bulldog in the tutu.
Michele Obama is warm, gracious, and:`I love her.
I love people here too, but a no squeeze you much.
I best shut up. I'll punctuate one complete sentence.
I hold no contempt for the wonderful folk I met there.
Parking cost 25- cents for 8- minutes! Tuna cost $6.00!
Coffee with chocolate and caramel cost $4.60! Beer $6.00!
I don't have any idea about catering the DC prostitution rings!
I met folks from the American Bar Ass., ACLU, Latino NAACP!
VA! Etc., The best advice is to shush up! I mean me button lips!
It's too bewildering. War goes on and on! People eat from cans!
Then, Ya get free treats at fine eating establishment. Very plush!
I was glad I did not view any brawls over the yummy main meals.
My fellow peer farmers had to tell me my zipper was not zipped?
I mean:`After I went to Starbucks and carried a 8- month around.
I hid from the gabby conversation, of course, by hauling a toddler.
I'll try to process the many great verbal-exchanges and the images.
Wow. What can I say? (Rated).